MASQUERADES (Lucciola's Lyrical Challenge)

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Submission to Lucciola's Lyrical Challenge. Based on Lady Antebellum's song " I Need You Now " Carlena is still in love with Travis. Travis is dating her best friend Kelli. Carlena is dating Jesse who is best friends with Travis. Four friends find out just how strong their friendships are, in this heart twisting game of masquerades. When masks are off. A secret will be revealed.

Submitted: January 06, 2010

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Submitted: January 06, 2010





Short Story By Angellynn

Four friends. A masquerade Party, and one big secret. When masks are off, a secret will be revealed. Who will survive this heart twisting game of masquerades?

Carlena lay still sleeping off her hangover. Jesse had dressed and left to pick up their costumes for the annual Masquerade Party at Ceasar Palace in Atlantic City. It was New Years Eve, and they had been waiting for this moment all year. Jesse stopped by Travis and Kelli's room to pick him up. " Is Kelli still out too? " He laughed, peering in their room.

Kelli began to move a little. " Its not funny guys," throwing a pillow in their direction. " Could you please keep it quiet! " She managed to moan through her pounding head. " What time is it? " Looking up with her eyes squinched in pain.

Travis checked his watch. " A quarter after one," he told her with a smile on his face.

" Oh no! " She sat up quickly. " Ouch! " Her head was about to explode. " We have to get our hair and nails done." She cried. " Where is Carlena? "

" She's still in bed too, Travis told her. " Good luck getting her up," he laughed closing the door behind them.

Kelli quickly showered and dressed. She knew how long it would take Carlena to get ready, and with a hangover, even longer. She ran to her room. " Carlena! " She anxously shook her. " Get up! " We have lots to do before the party."

Carlena stretched and yawned, " owwww! My head! " She cried sitting up. " How much did we drink last night? " She asked looking at the half empty bottle of Jack Daniels.

" Too much! " Kelli told her, knowing exactly how she felt. " Now shrug it off and get dressed." She frowned, helping her out of bed. " We have to hurry. The party is at eight." Shoving her into the bathroom.

The warm shower felt so good gently hitting Carlena's body. Her head began to feel much better, as she dried her long black hair. She put on her make-up. Her big green eyes were extremely red. She grabbed the bottle of visine hoping it would clear it up. She quickly dressed and the girls left for their appointment at the hair stylest.

Meanwhile the guys picked up the costumes had their hair done, and managed to make it back to their rooms in less than two hours. They turned on the television set to catch the pre-season football game.

After four hours Carlena and Kelli returned. They walked in to find the guys passed out on the bed. " Look at them! " They laughed.

The guys woke to find two of the most beautiful women in the world standing next to them. Jesse grabbed Carlena to pull her to him.

" Oh no you dont! " She protested. " I just got my hair done! " Slipping from his arms. She glanced over at Travis who had a jealous look on his face. She changed the mood by asking the guys if they wanted to go somewhere to eat.

Kelli broke in and suggested she and Travis go back to their room to rest up before the party. She was aware of the karma between them. She had known it for some time now. The way they look at one another. It wasn't hard to tell they had feelings for each other.

The crazy part about it was, she didn't really care. It was no secret to the guys and her, but it was for Carlena. It was likethey blocked it fromtheir mind.They knew their relationship was pretty serious in high school.They also knew why they had broke up. Although they were allbest friends, Travis had made a big mistake. He tookhis and Carlena'srelationship for granted.

Travis had sex with Kelli before she became friends with Carlena. The secret was, Carlena didn't know. Kelli felt so guilty about not telling her best friend about it, and wanted to badly. But Jesse and Travis made her sware not to ever tell. All these years, Kelli had held the secret in. And now when she sees the way they look at one another, She regrets never having done it. She wished her relationship with Travis was as romantic as theirs was back then.

The whole thing is so confusing, and mind boggling. Jesse knew about it because Travis got drunk one night and let it slip. Jesse also wanted to tell her, but only out of greed. He wanted Carlena all to himself. He knew if he told, Carlena would never forgive any of them. So they kept the secret over the years. They cherished Carlena's friendship. She was a kind and caring person. The best friend anyone could ever hope for.

It was nearly time for the masquerade party. Carlena and Kelli went down to the ball room to make final arrangements with hotel management.

Kelli couldn't hold the secret in any longer. She had to tell Carlena about her and Travis. It wasn't fair to keep it from her. It wasn't then and it is'nt now.. Especially knowing how she felt about him. She was in love with him. They all knew it. Kelli loved her with all her heart, and she knew in time Carlena would forgive her. It would be up to Carlena to forgive them. It was a chance she had to take.

After checking on table arrangements, Kelli sat Carlena down and with tears in her eyes, she began to tell Carlena the secret they had all held from her.

" Whats wrong Kelli? " Carlena looked at her concerned. " Did you and Travis have a fight? "

" I wish it were that simple," Her voice was broken. Kelli's lower lip began to tremble, as she told Carlena about their secret. She told her about everything. How it started and when it happened. She wanted to die at that very moment.

Carlena sat there dumbfounded. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. Her eyes began to fill with hurtful tears. " Why? " She asked with pain in her voice.

Kelli tried to hold her, but Carlena shoved her away. " Why now! " She screamed. Her voice echoed throughout the room and down the hall. Travis and Jesse were at the other end and came running in.

They could tell by their expressions and tears, Kelli had told their secret. Carlena looked up. Her face held an expression of horror. They couldn't look her in the eye. They held their head towards the floor in guilt.

Carlena shook her head in disgust, and ran out of the room. She got to her room and locked the door.

Jesse ran after her. He tried deperately to get her to answer the door. After fifteen minutes he broke down and cried. He sat there for hours leaned against the wall in tears. Carlena begged him to go away and leave her alone. " How could they do this to me? " She asked herself over and over again.

She lay across the bed and cried. Picture perfect memories scattered across the floor, of her and her friends. Each one held a special place in her heart. Was she willing to give up her friendship over a bad mistake? Was her relationship with them strong enough? So many questions was running through her mind. She kept thinking about what Kelli told her about Travis. How he loved her so much. How he wanted to die for what he had done. He was truly heart broken over it, and sincerely regreted it. He was too scared to tell her. He didn't want to lose his friendship with her, or her love. He cherished her love deeply.

She was all alone and needed Travis. She needed his arms around her. She needed him now, to tell her everything will be alright.

Carlena had drank several shots of the bottle of Jack. She loved Travis with all her heart. She always had. Reaching for the phone, because she couldn't fight it anymore. She wanted to be with Travis. She couldn't be mad at him. Her love for him was too strong

She began to feel the effects of the whiskey, as she held a picture of all of them dressed in ther masquerade costumes. She smiled. Carlena's heart was too kind to let this mistake ruin their friendship.

She put on her little black dress and went to the party. When she walked in, she found Jesse dancing with Kelli. She looked around the room. " Where are you Travis? " She asked desperately to herself. Then suddenly through the crowd of dancers, Travis took off his mask. He had a sorrowful look on his face. She could tell he was truly sorry for everything. She could tell they all were.

She gave Travis a slight sexy grin, and fell into his arms. He kissed her tenderly, and told her how much he loved her, and that he was so sorry. Kelli and Jesse smiled at one another as they watched their two best friends fall in love all over again.

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