MOVIE MADNESS ( Lacie Alliss'es Booksie Challenge )

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Jessica Lambert loved movies. A sequel to Deadly Envisions was premering the up coming weekend. She was so excited about going. But something terrible was about to happen. Was It real? Or was it just another one of her Visions.

Submitted: December 22, 2009

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Submitted: December 22, 2009




Jessice Lambert had a problem. A big problem. She was telepathic. Her life was very difficult. Being able to predict her life before she has had a chance to even live it, had caused so much chaos in her past. It wasn't easy to live a life, where her future was predicted in her dreams, as well as her visions. She grew to deal with it as best she could. Her dreams and her visions were growing stronger and stronger each day.

Jessica's boyfriend Mark Wheathers, had asked her for a date. They planned to see the movie, " Deadly Envisions."

It was about two young lovers, she and Marks age. The movie took place in a theater. Jessica could relate to the movie, because the actress potrayed a girl with the same telepathic powers as she. Jessica had been waiting a long time to see the movie. She was excited when Mark finally decided to take her.

Mark picked her up and they eagerly drove to TinselTown, a local movie theater. They hoped the tickets weren't sold out. They rushed up to the ticket stand. Luck have it, they still had a few tickets left. They grabbed the tickets and rushed inside.

Mark decided to grab popcorn and drinks later. He wanted to find good seats. There were about fifty people scattered around. Mark and Jessica found two pretty good seats.

" I'm going for the refreshments," he told Jessica. " Be right back."

Jessica relaxed in her seat, as the movie began to start. " Hes going to miss the first part," she thought, watching the screen.

She envisioned it was she and Mark playing the parts. The scene where they had just entered the movie was playing. In the movie the theater was much like the one she and Mark were in. The actor had also gone for refreshments, leaving the actress alone.

Jessica looked around. She had a chill run up her spine. Everyone in the theater were positioned exactly as the charaters in the movie. Over to her left, a few rows up. A couple were kissing. The screen revealed seconds later a couple kissing. The movie had never premered here before, and it was scaring the heck out of her.

She kept watching the screen intensely. The actor was returning to his seat. Suddenly he dropped his popcorn. Jessica had a strange feeling come over her. It was different from all her other feelings. It seemed more intense.

She was too scared to look behind her, but she knew Mark was behind her. She glanced over her shoulder, to find him picking up popcorn.

She quickly turned back towards the movie screen. The actor managed to make it back to his seat, next to the actress. seconds later, Mark sits down next to her. " Whats going on! " She thought, as Mark explained the accident with the popcorn.

She knew her visions were getting stronger, but this was really frightening her. She didn't know wheather to tell Mark about it or not. She was afraid he might think she was crazy. " Am I crazy? " She asked herself.

Mark put his arm around her, and moved in closer. They shared the Coke. The actors were doing the same thing they were, or was she and Mark doing the same thing they were. It was all so confusing.

Jessica wanted to leave. She became very sick to her stomach. " Can we leave? " She hesitantly asked Mark. " I'm not feeling well," She told him holding her stomach.

" Are you ok? " He asked concerned.

" I'm just a little sick," she lied. She was really scared as hell. The whole thing was too much for her. It wasn't possible for this to be happening. No one has seen the movie. It was her visions playing tricks on her. She knew she had to go. She knew somethng bad was about to happen.

Jessica never looked up at the screen again.

Mark dropped her off at home. She could tell he was upset about their date. He told her on the way home, he was going back to catch the second premere. He had waited a long time to see the movie. He asked her if it would be alright. She didn't want him to go back. But she didn't want to tell him why.

She went to bed, with so many unanswered questions running through her mind. She found it difficult to fall asleep, but she finally did.

She dreamed she saw Mark sitting in the theater with his arm around a girl. The girl wasn't her. She tossed and turned as she watched the replay in her mind. Everything in her dream, happened exactly as it did when they were there.

Suddenly a man stood up and walked towards the front of the theater. He pulled out a large gun. Everyone started screaming. Behind them, at the exit doors, were several more men, with more guns. " This is a robbery! " He yelled. The theater became silent, except for a few sobs. " Now! " The man ordered. " My friends will be taking your money, and jewelry. So be quiet, and everone may leave here alive." He smiled.

Jessica watched as Mark reached into his pocket. He handed the man his money, he seemed so scared. She started to cry, as she knew something horrible was about to happen. The robbers took the last of their valuables. Just when thet thought the men were going to leave, they opened fire.

Shells bounced from one end of the theater to the other. People were dropping to their death. Jessica tried desperately to wake up, but it was no use. She tossed and turned in bed. It was her worst nightmare ever.

After the blasts stopped, and the men ran from the theater, Jessica saw Mark lying in the isle. He was covered in blood. His date lay lifeless over the seat. It was horrific. Every single person was slaughtered. It reminded her of the movie Deadly Invisions. Only different some how.

Jessica was finally able to open her eyes. She jumped out of bed, and quickly drove to TensilTown. When she pulled up, there was yellow ribbon taped across the building. She slowly walked over to it. The ribbon had caution written on it, along with the words crime scene. She was frightened. Was Mark really dead. She hurried back to her car, and sped off to the police station.

She realized if only she had stayed for whole movie, she could have alerted someone of what had happened. She felt responsible for the deaths of all those people, and Mark. She cried all the way over.

The car barely came to a stop, as she jumped out and ran in terrified. She had to convince the police that she was telepathic, and could have stopped the men before their attack.

She told them the whole story, about what she saw in the theater, and about her dream.

The police looked at her confused, and informed her that nothing like that had happened. They had a strange look on their faces.

Suddenly Jessica wakes up. She rubbed her eyes, and looked around the room. She was sitting in her bed. " Whats happening to me? " She yelled confused. She got dressed and drove to the theater. She pulled up, and noticed there were no yellow ribbons. The theater was locked up tight.

She saw a notice hanging on the door. She jumped out and ran over to read it. It said sold out. More tickets available tomorrow. She thought for a minute, " If there were no tickets last night. That means Mark never got to see the movie, and if he didn't see the movie, that means he is'nt dead. Suddenly her cell phone rings. It was Mark.

She was relieved to hear his voice. " Hi, Jess. Sorry about last night." He apologised.

" Thats ok," She told him so happy he was ok.

" You want to catch a movie tonight? " His voice seemed apologetic.

Jessica didn't hesitate to offer another suggestion. " How about we pick up a movie, and watch it at my house," she offered.

We really dont get to spend much time together. and besides the movie wasn't that good anyway."

" Thats a great idea," Mark told her excited. " If she only knew how happy she has made me," he thought with a big smile on his face.

But Jessica did know. She hung up the phone with a big smile on her face. She knew. She envisioned it.


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