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Submission to Candy Rocks Contest. I chose the cat, the wolf, and the park bench.
Candy Anderson was a secretive, and mysterious girl. Rock Harris was a loyal and compassionate police officer whom worked for New York City Police Department. Rocks job was to keep peace in Central Park. Candy spent a lot of time in the park. Find out what happens when a secretive girl and a loyal guy by chance meet.

Submitted: July 10, 2010

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Submitted: July 10, 2010




It was a beautiful day. The beginning of summer. The trees and flowers were in full bloom and Central Park was booming with activities.

Candy Anderson sat alone on a park bench eating her light lunch of strawberry yogurt, as she did every day for the last three years. It was her place to unwind from her chaotic job in Central Towers, where she worked as a secretary.

Most days she didn't eat at all. She would just watch the people enjoying their lives. Always remembering to bring bread or crackers for the pigeons that begged for handouts.

It was a peaceful place, a place where she could leave her troubles behind, if only for an hour. It helped her to catch her breath before having to go back and face her unbearable boss.

It was friday, just four more hours and she would have two days off away from a job she hated so much.

Candy continued to pitch crumbled crackers to the hungry birds, when suddenly the pigeons were frightned by the clapping of a horses hoofs approaching.

The sudden whisps of their wings caused her hair to mess, whipping it through the air. She brushed the locks from her eyes to notice a tall, dark, and very good looking man sitting upon the horse. He was in a uniform, which she assumed was a patrol officer. He wasn't the usual officer that patroled the park.

" Good afternoon," he smiled. ' Sorry to have frightened you."

Mesmerized by his deep green eyes, Candy was at a lose for words. She glanced at his name tag, " Rocky Harris."

" What happened to the other patrol officer?" She finally managed to ask.

The officer dismounted his horse, and stood face to face with Candy. " God! " She thought to herself. " Not only does he look amazing, but he smells amazing too."

He reached out his hand, " My name is Rocky, Rocky Harris. But my friends call me Rock." He smiled that wonderful smile again.

Candy nervously took it, " My name is Candy Anderson." She laughed. " I must look a mess." She told him brushing her long blonde hair back from her face.

" Not at all!" He told the blushing beauty. " You look fine. I'm new here," he openly told her. The other officer has retired."

" I see." Candy smiled, delighted.

Rock got back on his horse, " maybe I'll see you around." Throwing her another smile.

" Maybe! " Candy blushed.

Rock wanted to ask her if she worked, or lived in the area, but he didn't want to seem too forward. He galloped away leaving Candy there sitting on the park bench. " Oh no! " She gasped. " I'm late! "

She rushed through the park and across the busy street, to get to the office before Mr. Adams could notice she was late.

Luckily he hadn't made it back from lunch. He was a stern and serious boss. Always on Candy's ass about something. She wanted desperately to find another job, but it was so hard to find a decent paying one. Especially in the business district of New York

Though she lived alone. It was stressful to keep her bills paid, and though she made pretty good money, she found it hard to live the way she wanted to. She liked nice things. But in order to keep those nice things, she had to put up with her hateful boss.

It was nearly five o-clock. Candy finished up her typing and filing, when Mr. Adams approached her desk. He handed her her check, " I'm sorry to have to inform you Miss Anderson," handing her an envelope. " I have to let you go." He told the shocked secretary. " It's not your job perfomance. It's just that sales are down, and I cant afford to keep you on." His voice seemed sincere. " You will find six months wages, and references. I'm terribly sorry! "

Candy was mortified. What will she do? It was her worst nightmare. She packed a small box with her personal belongings, and drifted dazed through the park toward home.

Getting layed off wasn't enough. It had begun to rain. She became drenched, and still in shock, when Rock noticed her walking with the soaked box. He knew something terrible had happened, as he raced across the park infull galloptoward her.

When he reached her, she hadn't noticed he was there. Her mind was deep in thought. He jumped from his horse, " Candy!" He gasped out of breath. " What happened? "

She looked at Rock dazed, and at a lose for words. " Come on, we have to get you out of the rain before you catch your death."

Rock called headquarters, to have someone take care of his horse, as he walked Candy to where his car was parked. The box she was carring had fallen to pieces, leaving her belongings to fall from her hands. Rock reached down to pick them up and noticed a picture of a woman. He put Candy in his car, and grabbed a blanket from the trunk to cover her shaking body.

" There!" He told her, brushing her wet hair from her face. " Are you alright?"

Candy's lips trembled, she tried to tell him what had happened.

" Its ok, You warm up first. I'm going to take you to my place, and fix you some hot cocoa. That is , if thats alright with you?" He added.

Candy didn't say a word, as they drove from the garage to Rocks house.

When they arrived, Rock helped her inside and sat her on the sofa. " I'll just be in the next room." He told the quiet and dazed Candy. " If you need me, just yell."

Rock hurried and put a kettle of water on to boil, and went back to check on Candy. When he got there, he noticed she had fallen asleep. He covered her, and began to look at the picture that was in the soaked box she was carring.

The woman in the picture looked a lot like Candy. Rock assumed it was her mother, or maybe a sister or something.

He watched her as she slept, wondering what had happened to cause her to act this way. But judging by the items in the box, he realized she must have been fired. Why else would she be walking in the rain? He sat in the chair across from her, and it wasn't long before he fell asleep as well.

An hour had passed, when Candy began to wake up. She looked around the room, still a little dazed from the shock of losing her job. It was a quaint little room, with pictures of horses and a German Shephard. It was then she noticed Rock asleep in the chair. She smiled as she watched his chest slowly rise, and fall. He was so goodlooking. She couldn't understand why he wasn't married, or had a girlfriend or something. ' Or did he!" She thought.

There was no sign of a woman living here. It appeared to be the home of a single guy. At least she hoped he was single." God please let him be single!"

Rock began to wake, as Candy walked in from the kitchen holding two mugs of cocoa.

" I see you're still alive," he smiled taking the cocoa from Candy's hand.

" I'm sorry if I troubled you," she frowned, as she sat next to Rock who was blowing on the steaming cocoa.

Rock smiled and ask her what had happened. After she explained what her boss had done, she went on to tell Rock about the picture.

She looked at it sadly, " This is my mother. She passed away last year." She sighed, as a single tear escaped her eyes.

Rock could feel her sadness, as his eyes began to swell in sorrow. He could also see that she was extremely vunerable, and in need of compassion.

He sat his mug down and slowly eased closer to her. Candy looked deep into his green eyes, as he looked deep into her blue eyes, and allowed him to hold her. Her tears were pouring now, as she opened up to him.

It felt good to be in his arms, as he passionately began to kiss her neck. Rock could feel the passion, as he gently kissed her pink lips.

They spent the entire night talking and laughing. Candy had forgotten her troubles, at least for a little while. Rock told her she could apply for a job as a police officer. Of course the pay wasn't as good as her last job. But at least they could spend more time together.

Rock and Candy continued to meet at Central Park at that very bench. Two years later Candy became Mrs. Rocky Wayne Harris, and she enjoys her job as a Central Park patrol officer. And when five o-clock rolls around. She enjoys playing with little Rocky Jr. In Central Park.


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