Prevailing Battle. Good VS Evil

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The end of days. Armageddon. A final battle between good and evil forces. The conflict of angels and demons. Who will prevail?

Submitted: January 18, 2014

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Submitted: January 18, 2014



Prevailing Battle. Good VS Evil.

A fleshless hand reaches through the ash and blood, a hand that once reached for help, now points the way to the battle field.

The land is barren, and all life has long been destroyed. The only beings left are the beasts of evil, and the heavenly angles. Each with a fire in their soul to claim victory. Standing watch over their armies, Satan and God guides them to battle. The earth shook causing the skies to rumble down upon them. Unsteady on their feet, some took to the air in a bloody rain of crimson pours.

The battle raged on, as the angels fell. Gods heart grew weary, as he watched them fall to their demise. Satan stood and sneered as one by one Gods angels would succumb to their death.

 God knew the strength of his army, he brought in more angels, those of air, land, and sea. 

He commanded them to battle the demons. Satan grew angry, as his army was much smaller than Gods.

Broken wings, now featherless, served as weapons against the evil demons. With each jab, a demon falls to his death.

Darkness began to consume the earth, and the only light that shown was the glow from the angels. 

God stamped his rod upon the blood soaked earth, as he commanded his angels to fall in. Satan gave his army of demons the command to take his enemy down. The demons rushed God, but still he demanded his angels to stay put.

One by one the demons were destroyed. When the last one had fallen, the look of amazement fell on all their faces. Even Satan was confused at what had happened. God wasn't there, but stood silently behind him. The demons killed one another, an act of revenge for the deaths of his angels.

The battle was over for the army of evil, and now Satan must pay his due. One touch from Gods Holy hand sent him to his knees. He pleaded with God for forgiveness, but God only turned his head. He grabbed and snatched the key to the pit from round Satan's neck.

"It's time for you to go home." He demanded him."Gather your army and flee to Hell for all eternity."

The angels glorified their master as they ascended to the heavens. Victors of the battle against evil.

A battle where good prevails.

The earth bloomed with life once again, a world where humans began to grow and flourish the earth. A new world. A place that God created, and guides them with love and faith. The day of Armageddon is over, how long? God only knows.


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