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A town infested with little creatures. Carl Chisholmn was determined to rid them. But what is the real infestation?

Submitted: November 16, 2009

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Submitted: November 16, 2009




(Hotrod198's Supernatural Challenge)


It was a quarter to eleven. Carl Chisholmn clocked in, and started up the run down patrol truck. Carl had worked for animal control for twenty years. He was one of two patrol officers, that was brave enough to patrol the streets of Ashville.

Ashville was a small secluded town outside Harrisonburg. The population dropped drastically over the past three years.

The town was infested with little creatures, Skreechers they called them. The creatures so far... Hadn't really caused any problems. But with pets disappearing, the towns people were getting concerned, and frightened.

Used to be rats were a big problem. The towns people believe the skreechers have been feeding on them. But now that the rats are scarce, what will they plan to do for food?

Carl hadn't picked up a stray in over a year, and the pound was empty. He knew what was going on. The creatures were feeding on strays, and pets too.

As he drove through the empty streets, he caught a glimpse of something moving in the rear of the alley. Carl got excited. He wanted so badly to catch one of the little boogers. He wanted to know where they come from, and why they were here. Not to mention...He wanted to see what one looked like.

The Skreechers were taking his job, and that troubled him. If the animal shelter closed. He would lose his job. He had to catch one.

Carl quietly opened the door, and grabbed his lasso. He made his way towards the alley. Peering around the corner, he listened. He looked from one end of the alley to the other.

Suddenly he sees movement behind a worn mattress leaned against the wall. He waited and watched. His heart was pounding rapidly, and he began to sweat. A bead rolled off his forehead and into his eye. It burned, and blinded him.

Wiping his painful eye, his good eye caught site of it. He slipped back behind the corner, and watched the little creature.

It was eating something. In a low Skreech, it called to several other creatures. One by one, they appeared from the walls. They savagely ripped the animal apart. It was a large dog. Carl stood there, unable to move. He had never seen anything like it.

The creatures had pointed ears, sharp teeth, and they were so ugly. Carl felt the urge to sneeze. " No! " He thought, " not now! "

Too late.." AHHH CHOOOO! " It loudly echoed through the alley.

The Skreechers turned, and saw Carl running towards them with his lasso pole. One after the other they entered the wall, and disappeared. Except for one. He had a bone from the dog in his mouth. He wasn't about to let go of it.

Apparently the bone couldn't go through walls, which gave Carl the opportunity to capture him.

Carl extends the pole and slips the noose around the creatures neck. " Your one ugly SOB! " Carl told him.

It was like the thing understood what he had said, becauseit took offense, and began to fight, and bite the pole. It was all Carl could do to control it. Finally reaching the truck, he managed to get the creature in the cage.

Catching his breath, Carl heard moans and groans from the other Skreechers. They were aware one of their own had been captured. He jumps in his truck and heads back to the pound.

The Skreecher was banging against the sides of the cage, and trying to bite its way free. Carl makes it to the pound. He jumped out and ran inside.

When he got inside, there was no one there. " Wheres everybody at? " He yelled. Carl searched the entire pound. But nothing.

Suddenly he heard something in the back, where the stray animals were kept. He quietly opened the door, and peered in.

His eyes grew wide when he saw two Skreechers holding lasso poles. The cages were filled with towns people. They were screaming in fear.

Carl couldn't believe what he was seeing. Scared to death, he tiptoed back to his truck. When he reached for the truck door, something tapped him on the back.

He turned to find himself face to face with the leader of the creatures. He was upset that Carl had captured his son, his young son. He stood there with Carls lasso in his hand.

Apparently he was out this night teaching his son to hunt food. With his son being so young, and not very bright. The young creature wasn't aware his mortalmeal wouldn't go through the wall.

The Skreecher slipped the lasso around Carls neck, and led him to a cage. He kicked and bit the rope trying to get free.

Carl and all the towns people were screaming, and skreeching in their cages. The leader of the creatures, looked at Carl, and said. " Your one ugly SOB! "



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