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Adam Richards is a psychic detective. His job is locating and finding missing persons. Adam specializes in abduction cases. His special powers had located over fifty missing persons. His ability to visualize, from a personal item, gives him insight to details. Adams powers are put to the test, when a little girl named Mary Anne, possessed the same abilities. Will her mental telepathy be strong enough to reach Adam? Or will Mary Anne be another unsolved abduction, hidden deep in a filing cabinet somewhere?

Submitted: January 08, 2010

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Submitted: January 08, 2010





Adam Richards, a detective for the Los Angeles Police Department, sat idle behind a cluttered desk. A middle aged divorcee with psychic powers. He had been working with the police department for fifteen years. His decision to become a detective, putting it before his family, had cost him his marriage. He didn't regret it, though. His daughter Jenny, meant the world to him, and even though his marriage died. His relationship with his daughter was strong. She knew how much he loved her.

His wife just couldn't share him with his passion for his job. Barbara was a loving wife and a good mother. She just had a hard time accepting him for what he was, and what his abilities would do to their child. She didn't understand Adam. So she chose to divorce him, and try to build a newlife for her and Jenny. Adam was ok with her decision, he had to be.

A female officer walked into his office, and handed him a folder. By the look on her face, it wasn't good news. Adam opened it and looked up at her. " Another child? " He frowned.

" Mary Anne Connors." She told him in a sad tone.

A picture of a little girl was attached. She was seven years old, blonde hair and brown eyes. " She looks like a depressed child," he thought out loud. " Thank you, Shelly. That will be all. "

As Adam read the information on Mary Anne, he began to have a bad feeling. He placed his hand over her photo. He suddenly found himself visualizing a little girl strapped to a bed post. A strong feeling of fear consumed him. The vision was quite clear. He gripped the photo tightly in his hand. The girl in the vision, matched the photo he was holding.

It was Mary Anne alright. The vision faded, and Adam was exhausted from the powerful force that tugged at his mind. He continued to read Mary Anne's background information. Her family lived in Burbank, a two hour drive from Los Angeles.

He had never felt a force that strong, that terrifing. Adam had to talk to her parents immediately. He dialed their number, and told them he would be arriving within three hours. They agreed to meet with him.

It was aexhausting drive, but he finally made it to their home. It was very large, and quite beautiful. " Victorian," Adam thought. He rang the door bell. A tall well dressed man answered. " Adam Richards, the Connors are expecting me."

" Yes sir! Please! Come in." The man asked him politely.

The man led Adam to a large library. The library was filled withall sorts oflegal books. " Must be a lawyers home." Adam thought out loud.

" You are correct." A deep voice came from behind him. Adam turned to find a man and woman standing there. By the look on their faces, he assumed them to be Mary Annes parents. Their faces looked sad and weary.

Adam walked over and shook their hand. " Please," the woman offered, leading him to a chair. Adam didn't waste any time asking them questions.

" Tell me everything about your daughter. Where she goes to school? Her friends. Where she was, and what she was doing the last time you saw her."

The Connors told Adam everything. From the morning she woke, to the abduction. They gave him her friends names and addresses. The name of her school, and everyone she came into contact with that day.

Adam jotted all the information down on his note pad. " You say she attends ballet classes? " He asked curiously.

" Yes." They agreed. " She takes classes at Karens Dance School.

" For how long? " Adam asked.

" Three years, is that important? "

" Maybe! " Adam told them suspiciously.

Adam wanted to take a look in Mary Annes room. Mrs. Connors led him up a long flight of stairs. At the end of the hall, a door with her name on it caused him to hesitate. That feeling came over him again. It was much stronger this time. He stood there frozen. He began to have visions. Mary Anne was crying. Her eyes grew big, as if someone was scaring her. She was trying to yell for help. Suddenly a shadow fell upon her.

Mrs. Connor was shocked at the way Adam was acting. She ran to her husband. They watched in fear as Adam recieve Mary Annes telepathic message. The vision grew stronger and stronger. She began to speak through Adam.

" Mommy! Daddy! Help me! Please! " She cried over and over. Her words were broken, but clear enough to send Adam a message. " Barber's! " She screamed.

Her parents broke down in tears. " Mary Anne! " They cried, watching Adam.

Suddenly Adam falls to the floor. He blacked out. The Connors ran to him. Mr. Connors slapped his face trying to wake him. Then Adam opened his eyes.

He sat up, his breathing slowed. He got to his feet. " Do you want to tell me something about your daughter? " He asked, knowing they were holding back vital information.

The Connors asked Adam to sit down. They explained their Mary Anne was telepathic. She was born with it. Over the years her powers had become a big problem. At first, the doctors thought her to be bipolar. But her powers and her visions grew. It was so overwhelming for her parents. It caused too many problems, so they hid it.

" What did she mean by Barbers? " Adam ask them trying to make sense of the whole thing.

" Barbers? " They thought. " We dont know." They told him. " Do you think it has something to do with her abduction? "

" Maybe! " Adam said taking a drink of water. " She was trying to tell me something."

The force of Mary Annes powers were strong. Stronger than anything he had ever experienced. Her fear was strong. Strong enough to reach Adam. " Where are you, Mary Anne? " He thought to himself. Wherever she was. She was in danger. Adam could feel her fear. He could feel her pain.

Adam told Mary Annes parents he would get to the bottom of this. One way or the other, he would find her. He left and headed back to his office. He had to find out what she meant by Barbers. If it took him all night, he would find out something.

After Adam arrived at his office. There was a stack of files on his desk. He shoved them to the side. He was only interested in Mary Annes case right now. He reached in his pocket and pulled out the photo he took off her wall. He grabbed his magnifing glass and looked it over. He wanted to know who the man in the photo was.

He examined the mans tattoo. It shouldn't be too hard to find out where he got it from. It looked like a jail house tattoo. If the man was locked up here in Los Angeles. He could find out who he was and why he was there.

Adam worked through the night. He glanced at the clock, it was five thirty. Shelly would soon be coming to work. She is good at running down ex-cons. If he can be found, Shelly is the one to do it.

The next day went by slowly. Adam hadn't had another encounter with Mary Anne all day. The Connors called several times, wanting to know if he had found out anything. Then Shelly surprised him with some good news.

" I got a lead on the man in the picture. He just got out of prison. Two weeks ago. His name is James Barbers."

Adam couldn't believe it. Thats what the little girl was trying to tell him. Her abducters name is Barbers. It has to be the man in the photo.

" Thats about how long Mary Anne has been missing," He told her.

" Get this! He was charged with sexual misconduct, Shelly sadly smiled.

" Let me guess," Adam smiled back. " It was a minor, a little girl. "

" You guessed it." She told him, laying the report on his desk.

Adam went over the report. He memorized the cons address, grabed his jacket, and ran to his car. He got on his cell phone and called the Connors. He didn't want to get their hopes up, but they needed to know what was going on. He told them he was checking this guy James Barbers out. To stay close to a phone. He hung up, and drove to the cons address.

It was a run down part of town. Abandoned buildings, sprayed with gang signs, and graffito covered the walls. Adam drove slowly till he found the address he was looking for.

There were hoodlums gathered around the front of the building. Adam kept driving. He didn't want anyone alerting his prospect. If they did, he would never find him. He drove around the corner, and parked in a alleyway. He exited his car and ran on foot behind the cons building.

He looked around. There was a fire escape that led up to the third floor. James's room was on the third floor. Adam grabbed it and pulled himself up. He made it to the the third floor, but the door was stuck. He tried a window. It opened. Adam squeezed through, and quickly ran towards the cons room.

He held his ear to the door. He could hear a television playing. Adam slowly pulled out his fourty five. Taking his foot, he kicked the door in. " Police! " He yelled, pointing his gun at the con. The man took off running to the back of the apartment. " Stop! " Adam yelled after him. Trapped, the man gave up and raised his hands.

Adam took out his cuffs, bound him and read him his rights. He checked the cons tattoo. It matched the one in the photo. He placed James in his car and took him to the police station.

An investigater questioned James. After thirteen hours, he finally broke. Adam was so exhausted, and thrilled the con finally gave in. He told Adam exactly where Mary Anne was, and that she was alive.

Adam jumped in his car to the location James Barber had described. It was a run down shack on the edge of town. " Please let her be alright! " Adam begged God. Sirens and flashing lights could be heard and seen for miles. There were several police vehicles and Mary Annes parents swarming the building. Adam jestered for them to wait outside.

He took four deputies inside with him. The shack was filthy and rat infested. The police spread out and searched for Mary Anne. In a tiny room at the back of the shack, Adam could hear moaning. He walked closer to it. He slowly opened the door.

Strapped to a bed post was a little blonde haired girl. He could barely reconize her. She was bruised and battered. She had been sexually abused, but she was alive. Adam untied her. She was weak and fearful. He picked Mary Anne up in his arms. His eyes were full of tears. Her pain was his pain. Her fear had been his fear.

She weeped with joy as he handed her to her parents. No ones eyes were dry as they watched Mary Anne reunited with her family. It was an emotional moment.

Adam walked to his car. He suddenly had a feeling to be with his family. Mary Anne looked towards Adam, as he got in his car. ' Thank you! " Mary Anne smile. She didn't have to say a word. Adam could read her mind.

Adam gave up his work as a psychic detective. It was too emotional for him. He now lives happily with his exwife and daughter, and every once in a while, Mary Anne would come into his mind. Not a fearful little girl. But a happy little girl. Just to say hello.


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