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Submission to Fauex'es Horror/Fantasy Challenge. I was given the Character name Al, a spirit that steals unborn babies from pregnant women and their livers. I must add drowning in the story.

Submitted: March 30, 2010

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Submitted: March 30, 2010




This is a story about a doctor who spent too much time in his work. Dr. Alvin Sharp, a womans doctor, avoided the complaints of his pregnant and overly worrisome wife. Alvin's wife vowed to get even with her husband after he failed to save their child. She placed a curse upon him, causing his spirit ( AL) to destroy what he had taken from her. Because he questioned her pain, she gave the spiritAL a most gruesome appetite...

Dr. Alvin Sharp, an obstetricianist for a womens free clinic in the lower Manhatten area of New York. Was a whistle as you work type of guy.

Alvin was a wonderful doctor and the clinic was lucky to have him. He had just finished a twelve hour shift, and had delivered six babies that day. He was exhausted and couldn't wait to get home, take a hot shower and just relax.

Barely making it through the emergency doors to the parking lot, a nurse yelled to him. ' Your wife is on the phone, Dr. Sharp."

" Drats! " He whispered under his breath. " What could be wrong this time? "

It was the third call this shift. His wife was the biggest worry wort. " Whats up honey! " He asked tiredly into the phone.

" I'm sorry dear." She whispered knowing how frustrated he was. " I am having really bad stomach pains." She told him moaning over the phone.

" I was just about to leave and come home." He told his worried wife. " I'll be there in fifteen minutes. Just lie down and relax." He instructed her, and hung up the phone.

But it took Alvin longer than usualto get home, because he had stopped for a few minutes to talk to a group of hookers standing on the corner of their block. He glanced at his watch, said his goodbyes and hurried home.

When he got there, his wife was lying on the coach. Just as he had instructed her to do. As he walked over to her, he noticed she was laying in a pool of blood. It scared him, so he shook her. She wouldn't answer him. He checked her pulse, it was very shallow and weak.

Alvin picked her up and carried her to the kitchen, placing a white sheet across it , then laid her down. She had lost quite a bit of blood, and Alvin was worried about the baby. Nervously he checked her, and then put a large pot of water on to boil.

After examing her, he knew he had to perform an emergency C-Section on his wife. He prayed it wasn't too late. He cleansed the area, and reached into his medical bag for the tools needed for the procedure. The water was ready and cooled. He wrapped the area with the sterile sheets and began to cut his wifes lower abdomen. He cut a four inch incision and gently reached in and pulled the baby out.

It was so tiny and undeveloped, but Alvin had to try and save it. Through the sheer and fragile skin a weak heart slowly beat. he could see the baby was desperately trying to survive. The baby was fighting for air, and Alvin found himself fighting for air too. It was killing him to see his son suffer this way.

After twenty minutes of constant attemps to save him, the baby died. Al broke down beating the floor harshly with his fists.Then he heard his wife moan in pain. He jumped up and went to his wifes side.He thought his wife was dead, ' Honey! I'm here, talk to me sweety." He cried in sorrow.

Alvin put his face closer to hers, as she whispered. " Do you still think I'm a worry wort? Are you happy now. Now that you have killed your family. I will come back and haunt you, you son of a bitch. You did this to us, and I will never forgive you for it." At that , Alvins wife died.

He was almost sure he saw his wifes spirit slide between the walls, he was almost sure she meant what she said, and it worried him. All the times his wife complained, and he didn't believe her. But for some strange reason he believed her this time.

Three weeks after his family's death. Alvin recieved the coroners report. It indicated the baby had drowned from his wifes hemorrhaging, and it also indicated and was confirmed, that his wife had liver cancer. A most painful kind of cancer.

That only made Alvin feel more stupid. Stupid for not believing his wife. For accusing her of being a worry wort. He felt ashamed and depressed.

Three months hadpast and he hadn't been to the womens clinic. The clinic had tried to reach him hundreds of times, finally giving up on him ever returning. He closed himself up in the empty house alone. He would drink himself to sleep each night, only to wake to the horror he had created.

He sat alone and thought about ending his life. He thought about it long and hard. A bottle of sleeping pills lay next to a half empty bottle of whiskey. He hadn't showered in weeks or changed his clothes. He slowly closed his blood shot eyes.

A strange mist began to seep from the cracks in the wall and began to float toward him. He never moved a muscle, as AL slowly entered through Alvins nose. He awoke rubbing it, and suddenly let out a sneeze. His body felt strange, and his vision seemed different. He knew he had passed out at home, so why was he standing at the clinic door?

His mind had to be playing tricks on him. The nurse on duty saw him and smiled as she unlocked the door. " What a pleasant surprise Dr. Sharp. It is so good to see you." She told the baffled doctor. ' Are you alright? " She asked him, as he walked inside.

" Yes, i think so." He told her not quite sure. ' Am i suppose to be on duty tonight?" He asked bewildered.

" We haven't heard from you for quite some time, but you can take over if you like. There are three to be delivered tonight." The nurse smiled. " Let me tell the doctor on duty." As she left Al there to come to his senses.

He put on his lab coat, and noticed his name tag said Dr. AL Sharp. He thought how strange it seemed, but just brushedi t off as a mistake,and checked the expected mothers charts. Mrs. Davenport was nine centimeters, and almost ready for delivery. AL washed up and headed for the delivery room.

But as quickly as he blinked, he was standing in another room. A pregnant woman lay sleeping with her back to him. Alvin could feel AL inside him. It consumed him. He felt the urge to take the womans unborn baby,and that he did. He ripped the womans stomach open and took the child.

The expected mother didn't have time to scream, as ALs hunger drove Alvinto take the womans liver as well. He stood there with the baby in one hand and the liver in the other.

He began to open his eyes. He grabbed the bottle of whiskey and began to drink, when he noticed he was covered in blood. He had a fowl taste in his mouth as he reached in and pulled out a piece of liver.

He jumped to his feet and ran to the bathroom. He looked into the mirror, and gasped as the spirit Al sneered back at him. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed the bath tub was filled with red water, and blood was everywhere. He slowly pulled back the shower curtain to discover the bathtub was filled with fetus'es. He fell to the floor unable to comprehend what had happened.

He lay there parallized in fear. He remembered what his dying wife had said, and now he understands how she must have felt as she lay there waiting for him that tragic day. Alvin watched as a strange white mist escape his nose and disappear into the wall.

The End

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