The Lady In Red- Revised

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The last thing Serena suspected was to be haunted by the lady in red. She missed her friend Denise deeply. Is it possible to miss someone so much, that even in death these blood sisters could never be seperated. Unable to determine afterlife and reality, Serena is faced with the lady in red. But who is this ghost, and what does she really want?

Submitted: May 11, 2011

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Submitted: May 11, 2011




Charleston was a small town. Serena sat on a hill overlooking the age old stuctured buildings wondering if she will ever escape its hold on her.

Serena thinks about her friend Denise, the only friend she had in the whole world. Denisedied in Madison Pond last year, and Serena missed her very much. Serena thought about the wonderful times she and Denise had in that very pond. and she began to cry,

' Oh Denise, my friend. How I miss you so."

The church bells began to chime, you could feel them ringing all through the little town. Serena listened, as they sounded out an age old song. A song Serena has listened to for twentyone years.

Suddenly a breeze brings her back to reality. She felt an eerie coldness in the air as her long blonde hair whipped across her face as if someone had slapped her. Serena wasn't sure if it was the cold of her skin that made it hurt so much, or the fact that maybe something really did slap her. The past few months had been hard on her, she was still mourning the loss of her best friend and lately shehad been seeing and hearing strange things...

Serena began to feel a chilly like breath on the back of her neck. The hairs on it began to stand up as did Serena. Grabbing her neck, she swings around and sees a lady dressed in a red satin evening gown holding a bouquet of red roses. The woman waswalking off into the distance.

Serena yelled, " Who are you?"

But the lady kept onwalking, then she disappeared into the landscape.

Serena was shaking and so scared. This sort of thing has happened to her several times, she couldn`t understand why she was having these feelings and seeing this lady. Confused and terrified,she started to run towardshome. Serena's parents died many years ago, and shewas raised by her grandparents. They too have passed on. When her grandparents died, Serena continued to live in their home. She raced to the securityof her bed, and broke down in tears.

" I miss you Denise," Serena cried. " Why did you have to die?"

Serena soon falls asleep and begins to dream about her friendDenise. She and Denise were swimming in Madison Pond. They were laughing and having a wonderful time. Denise liked to jump from a rope that hung from an old oak tree, which stood proudly on the bank. Serena watched as Denise began to jump. Suddenly there appeared a boulder just berneath the water where Denise was to land.

Serena screamed, " Stop! " But it was too late, Denise hit the bigrock and her body was broken in two. Serena fought the chilly water trying to get to her, but it didn't do any good. It was like Serena was swimming in place. She wasn't getting anywhere, by the time Serena reached Denise it was too late, she was gone.

Serena came back to her sense's. She realized shewas soak and wet. She jumped off the bed, and noticed the whole bed was drenched. Serena couldn`t understand why. It was pouring rain outside, but the roof was`nt leaking. Serena looked closely at her hand, herscar was larger and a brighter shade of red, just like it was when she caused it

Serena and Denise agreed to become blood sisters when they were in the sixth grade. They each cut their hands and bonded them together, mixing their blood.

' Sisters forever," Denise smiled.

" Forever," Serena laughed.

Serena was totally confused now, and more scared than she had ever been. Something strange was going on, and Serena wanted to know why these strange things were happening.,She wondered if it had something to do with the lady in red.

She decided to go to the library and find some books on hauntings and ghosts. Serena believed the lady in red was a lost soul searching for iits place in time. Lost within the darkness of lonliness. If the lady in red wanted to hurt Serena, she would have already. Serena wasn't scared anymore, she just wanted to find out what the lady in red wanted from her. Serena had been at the library for several hours when she comes across an article on ghost hauntings. She begins to read them. The articles stated ghost who haunt someone are usually trying to find their destination. They are lost in an unknown world, and they're scared of being alone, alone in the darkness...

Serena was getting really interested in this ghost stuff. She believed now that she is being haunted by this lady in red. But who is she? Serena wanted to find out.

Serena was feeling the coldness again. She was aware now that it was the ghost who keeps haunting her.

Serena whispered," Who are you? I know you are there. I can feel you."

Serenas hand started to hurt. She noticed blood on the book she was reading. She looked at the old scare and it was bleeding.shestarts to cry,

' It's you Denise, Isn't it?" Serena waited andsighed.." I know it's you, I can feel it."

Serena stood very still, and began searchingfor anything that would tell her the lady in red was present. Suddenly books started flying off shelves. The librarian ran out the door and so did everyone else, everyone except Serena. She just stood there watching as the books flew past her head.

" I`m not scared of you, you know." Serena yelled.

Suddenly the books stopped flying and it grew quiet. The only sound you could hear were people outside still upset at the incident. They were confused and scared. One man yelled," I think it was a tremor." But how could that be? Florida doesn't have earthquakes. People were running around and screaming. Finally the police show up. Theystood in the doorway with their guns drawn. " Drop the weapon miss! "They yelled.

" Weapon? " Serena replied in shock.

Serena looked at herself, she was covered in blood and holding her grandpa's gun. She carried the hand gun for protection. She was confused, and she didn't know what to do. The officers shouted again. " Drop the weapon! "

Serena turned toward them still holding the gun, they opened fire on her as she fell lifelessly to the floor. They walked over to Serena and kicked the gun out of reach. The officers kneeled beside the bullet torn body of Serena. With her dying breath, she gasped and said, " Look at my hand, It's bleeding."

The officers looked at Serenas hand, all they saw was a small scar that was almost faded away. They looked back at Serena. " We see it miss," as Serena closed her cloudedeyes.

When Serena opened her eyes, she and Denise were sitting on a hill overlooking the small town of Charelston. The church bells chimed through the streets in a peaceful and serene song.

Denise took Serena's hand that held the fadedscar.

She smiled happily." Sisters forever? "

" Forever!"Serena laughed contently.



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