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People say the house has long been vacant. Some say it is haunted. Haunted by a family who was murdered there over 50 years ago. Some say their ghost still walks the halls... The Upper Room is sure to give you goose bumps. Do you dare walk with me through this chilling story. Find out what really happened over 50 years ago... Story based on picture #10 of Cierras Haunted Halloween Challenge.

Submitted: October 21, 2009

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Submitted: October 21, 2009





October 31st, 1959

Angel Shepherd was getting ready for her first Halloween party. She had just turned sixteen, and was finally old enough to date. She was so excited, her mom hadn't saw her that happy in a long time. Angels costume was a dead bride.

" Mom! " She yelled from the attic. " Help me with this, will you? "

" You look great! " Her mom smiled.

" I'm a bloody bride mom," Angel told her rolling her eyes.

" Bloody bride or not, your still beautiful."

Angels mom finished helping her with her costume, when suddenly a loud bang came from down stairs. Angel looked at her mom and whispered, " What was that? "

" I dont know," her mom whispered back. " Stay up here, I'll check it out." Quietly walking towards the living area.

When Angels mom reached the end of the hall that adjoined the livingroom, she noticed the front door was lying on the floor. She peered around the corner and saw her husband lying face down with a knife in his back.

Unable to move, she was frozen with fear. She caught her breath and turned to tiptoe back to the attic where her frightened daughter was waiting.

" Whats going on mom? " Angel asked in tears. " Whats happening ?"

" Be quiet child! " Her mom begged. " Quickly now! Hide in the closet." Her words were broken and frightful.

Angel did what she was told and knew something was terribly wrong. She squeezed tightly in the corner of the cluttered closet, and closed the door tightly. She was shaking so hard andher heart was pounding out of her chest.

Angel wasn't able to tell how long she was in the closet, and could hear her mom screaming down stairs. She didn't know wheather to stay put, or find out what was happening to her.

Suddenly she hears the attic door open. She listened intensely. " Who could it be? " She thought.

Angel wasn't aware the hem of her costume was caught between the closet door. The intruder was coming closer. She could hear him breathing. She held her mouth tightly, as not to make a sound. Suddenly the door flew open.

Angel began to scream, and fight him off. The intruder grabbed her by the hair and dragged her from her hiding place.

Her screams could be heard for miles, butthe oldhousewas miles from nowhere. After the intruder had his way with her, he slashed her throat and threw her out the window. Angel didn't die at first, but lay broken and bleeding on the cold damp ground. Her tiny body shattered, bruised and abused.

The fake blood on her costume blended with the real blood covering her wedding gown. As she took her last breath, she vowed to revenge her familys death. No one would be safe. No one who entered the house, would leave alive.

October 31st, 2009

It was an unusual cold and wet Halloween this year. Christine Chambers turned 16 today, and was so excited about moving into their new house.The house had been on the market for quite alot of years, and her dad was excited about fixing it up. The house was creepy, but that was what was so great about it. Christine loved the eerie old house.

" The moving truck is here dad! " She yelled from the attic.

Opening the attic window, Christine looked out over the leaf covered grounds. It was beautiful, and the leaves in their multi-coloured display, covered the property in a brilliant blanket of Autumns arrival.

Christine was so indulged in the scenery, she hadn't noticed the shadow standing behind her. Her dad was talking to moving men, and taking pictures of different parts of the house. " Smile! " He yelled up to Christine.

" Dad! I'm a mess." She frowned, closing the window.

The attic was dreary and dusty. A single bed sat in the corner next to the window. Christine knew this had been a girls room at one time. She tried to open the closet door, but it was stuck. " Dad! Would you come help me please? "

While her dad worked on the closet door, Christine noticed a picture of a girl wearing a bloody wedding gown. " This must have been her room. " She thought, as she looked at the other pictures sticking from the mirror. " Dad, do you know anything about the people who lived here? "

" A little, why do you ask? "

" Just curious! " Putting the pictures back in their place.

Finally getting the closet door open, Christines dad returned to taking his pictures. As she approached the closet, a strong gust of wind froze her in place. She stood there as the closet door slammed shut. " What the heck! " She thought, shivering with fear.

Goose bumps covered he body, as she reached for the closet door. She shook all over, as she turned the knob. Flinging the door open, She jumped back!

The closet had a horrid odor, that nearly took Christines breath away. Hanging on the rail was the bloody wedding gown she saw in the picture. Christine gets the picture and compares it to the one hanging in the closet. The blood that stained the dress, was more than the dress in the picture.

" Interesting " She thought.

Christine was a curious sort, and this is just the thing to catch her attention. She wanted to find out more about the old house, more so she wanted to find out what had happened to the girl in the picture.


It was getting dark, and Christines dad had left to have the pictures developed. Christine hadn't made any friends here yet, so it was going to be a crappy birthday. Being so far from town, she was sure there would be no trick-or-treaters. Not that anyone would knock on their door anyway.

She placed a bowl of candy next to the door anyway just in case.

While she was in the kitchen, she heard the door bell. " Who could that be? " She thought, laying the knife on the cutting board. Christine peered out the door window, but no one was there. ' Thats strange! " She told herself walking back to the kitchen.

Looking on the cutting board, the tomato was on the floor, and the knife was gone. Now she was getting scared. She ran to the phone and call her dad, but the line was dead. Suddenly the room became very cold. Christine could see her breath, as her heart began to skip a beat. " Whose there? " She shivered with fright.

Christine huddled in the corner, too scared to move, as she watched the candy in the bowl elevate in mid air. Each piece sticking to the wall, as the letters began to form into words.Someone or something was trying to tell her something.

Her eyes were glued to the wall as she read what it had said. " GET OUT! "

" Who are you! " Christine dared to ask. " What do you want? "

" GET OUT NOW!" The words formed.

Christine was petrified. Then just as quickly as the air grew cold, it was back to normal. Her dad came home, and the candy on the wall fell to the floor.

" What happened here? " Her dad ask, seeing the mess.

" Dad! Behind you! look out! "

Christines dad turned, and a shadow slid across the wall. The shadow was a silloette of a girl in a wedding gown, holding a knife high over her head. The girl stabbed at Christines dad, causing him to fall. Her dad layed face down with a knife sticking out of his back. Pictures flew everywhere. Christine picked up the picture that had landed next to her feet. She stared at it. It was her standing at the attic window. Behind her was a shadow of a bride holding a knife high over her head.

Christine was numb with fear. She jumped up and ran for the front door, but it slammed shut. As Christine ran for the attic, the shadow followed her across the walls. Making it to the attic door, she slammed it and locked it.

Christine decided to hide in the closet. She squeezed as tightly as she could in the corner. The smell of the blood stained wedding gown was making her sick. " God help me! " She begged, as the closet door flew open.

Christines eyes grew as she saw this beautiful young girl standing in the door way. She was wearing a blood stained wedding gown. She watched as the girl grabbed the gown from the closet.

She turned towards Christine and grabbed her by the hair, drug her from the closet, then held the gown towards her.

" You want me to put this on? " Christine asked crying.

The girl didn't utter a word, as Christine put the dress on. The girl just stood there, and stared. Suddenly two shadows appeared. It looked like a man and a woman. They too, leered at Christine. " What do you want? " Christine asked her again.

Suddenly the two shadows grabbed Christine and led her to the attic window. She kicked and screamed, but it was no use. As they held her to the edge, Christine saw a girl lying on the ground just below the window. She was wearing the wedding dress. She turned, and the girl was now a shadow, a ghost. The three of them stood behind her.

Christine felt their cold dead hands, as they threw her out the window. Christine landed on the dead body below the window. She lay there her body shattered, bruised and abused. She felt all the pain, and hurt the girl had felt that dreaded halloween day.

Christine found herself standing in front of a mirror. She was back in the attic, getting ready for a halloween party. Her costume was a bloody bride. " Mom! " She yelled from the attic. " Help me with this will you? "


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