Trapped In Darkness

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Morgan never thought that a visit to her Aunt and Uncles farm would end in tragedy, and the one cure she needed to end her fear of the dark.

Submitted: May 27, 2013

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Submitted: May 27, 2013



Trapped In Darkness


It was mid August, the hottest part of the summer for Arizonia. The sky appeared to show signs of a storm headed toward the farm. Uncle Ben looked out upon the desert, and yelled back to Aunt Meg. " Grab what you can, and take Morgan to the storm cellar. Looks like a bad one," he informed us as he hurried to bed down the animals.


This would be the first storm I would encounter, and by the looks of it, a deadly one. Just as Aunt Meg and I shut the cellar door behind us, I glanced back at Uncle Ben. " Hurry Uncle Ben," I screamed. ' It's getting closer.


He waved and brushed his hand toward me to hurry me inside. I stepped down the steep stair well, and slammed the door behind me.

It didn't dawn on me until later that we wasn't prepared for a storm. It had been three years since the last one came through, and Uncle Ben hadn't restocked the cellar with fresh supplies. After Aunt Meg and I were safely inside, I began to search around for all the lighting I could find. Used candles and a nearly empty lantern were all I could find. An eerie chill fell upon me as my fear of the dark began to consume me. I shook as I lit the candles and lantern with the only two matches left in the book. Aunt Meg was shaking from cold so I grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around her. She had started coughing, and her breathing was shallow.


" Are you alright Aunt Meg." I asked concerned.

Aunt Meg looked at me with a frightened look on her face. " I didn't have time to grab my medicine." She cried.

I thought, " oh, no. Aunt Megs heart medicine. What if she went into arrest? " I sat next to her and assured her Uncle Ben would join us soon, and I'm sure he'll have your medicine and some supplies. I glanced toward the cellar door hoping he would open it, and everything would be alright.


An hour had passed since the door slammed shut behind us, and deep inside I was getting really worried. I placed my ear against the door and listened. The storm was in full fury. I could hear the clatter of debris and winds hitting the outside of the cellar, but no sign of Uncle Ben. I trembled inside at the thought he may be hurt, or even worse.. " I can't think the worse," I told myself. Aunt Meg had a terrible cough, as I huddled against her to keep her warm.

The candles were going out one by one, and the lantern was growing dim. My thoughts drifted to the fear I had of darkness, and it was all I could do to control my anxiety.

What seemed like hours passed, and Aunt Meg had fallen asleep. I took that time to continue searching for whatever we could use until Uncle Ben joined us. The cellar smelled of rotting potatoes, so I dug through the wooden box for any good ones still edible. I found a few that hadn't rotted yet, and the potatoes would not only supply food, but the juice is good for water. I carefully wrapped them in my scarf, and searched for more supplies.


In the corner I noticed a large container. The date on it read three years ago, and it appeared to be drinking water. I held the lantern closer, my hopes were that it was still drinkable. I didn't know how long we'd be down here, or if Uncle Ben would join us soon. I had to prepare for a long stay if necessary. I continued to look around for fuel for the lantern. It was my sole concern at this point. Aunt Meg was sleeping peacefully, so she wasn't aware of the fear I felt inside.


I was five years old when my parents took me to a doctor for my phobia. My fear was much deeper than monsters under my bed. It was more intense and so real to me. I can't explain it, nor can I describe the feeling of hopelessness and nerve shattering fright the dark gives me. I had just turned seventeen when I decided to spend the summer at my Aunt and Uncles farm. Mom said it would be good for me before going to college in the Fall. I was disagreeable at first, but decided to do it just to get her off my back.


Suddenly, I heard a loud banging on the cellar door. It was Uncle Ben. I rushed to the door to help him open it. " Meg," he yelled from the other side. " Open the door."


Aunt Meg awoke, and joined me. The door appeared to be jammed.
" We can't open it Uncle Ben! " I screamed.

" Try harder," he cried. " Find something to wedge between the door frame."

I looked around the now dim room, and found a crowbar. With shaking hands I managed to get it between the door and the door jam. As hard as Aunt Meg and I tried, it wouldn't budge. " It's no use Uncle Ben, we can't get it open," I sadly told him in tears. Aunt Meg had to sit down, as she became weaker. " Uncle Ben," I yelled through the stubborn door, " Aunt Meg needs her medicine. Please hurry and do something."


Uncle Ben yelled something, but I couldn't make out what he said. Something very big hit the door from the outside. " Uncle Ben! " I screamed. " What's happening? " But he didn't answer me. Now alone, Aunt Meg and I could only wait in the ever growing darkness for someone to rescue us. My prayers were that it wouldn't be too late.

How much time had passed I didn't know, and Aunt Meg was growing weaker. Her heart was beating irregularly, and her breathing worsened. I was affraid she'd go into cardiac arrest or something. I closed my eyes to get some sleep, and prayed we'd be rescued soon.


How much time had past was confusing, as I felt a cold chill upon my arm. Aunt Meg hadn't woken for hours it seemed. It wasn't til I tried to wake her that I realized she was dead. My heart sank as I held her cold lifeless body. It was at that moment my fears began to take hold. I knew I was alone in the dark, and shivered in my skin.

The smell of death caused me to feel like throwing up, not to mention the odor of rat droppings. My stomach began to growl in hunger as I searched for something, anything, to eat.

The cellar was completely dark, and all the candles were burnt beyond re-lighting. I felt my way toward the potato ben, and dug through the rot to find one that was still good enough to eat.


I could hear the storm moving away, and spent my time listening for Uncle Ben to return. How was I going to tell him his beloved had passed away. I didn't even know if he he even made it to safety. Was Uncle Ben dead as well?

My imagination became intense as I assumed the worst. My fear began to cause me to hear things in the silence of the darkness, and with death beside me my nerves took the best of me. I began to scream like a maniac. If anyone was near, surely they would hear my crys for help.

I found myself dozing off again when suddenly a loud bang on the cellar door brought me to my senses. I felt my way towards the door and yelled, " Help! We're here! "

The voice on the other side assured me we'd be rescued soon. " Move away from the door Miss," He advised me.

I was anxious to be rescued, but reluctant to trust this person not knowing whom he was. My ears began to ring as a loud boom burst the door open. The sun shown through the cellar just enough to cause my eyes to burn. A shadow of a figure stood at the entrance. " Who are you? " I asked with a trembling voice.

" My name is John Miss, I'm a fireman with a rescue unit. Your Uncle told us you and your Aunt were trapped. We're here to help you."

I moved slowly toward him, as he reached out his hand to pull me out. Outside were many people rushing to find more survivors. " Is there anyone else inside he asked as I breathed the fresh air.

My Aunt Meg is inside, but I'm afraid she didn't survive." I told him in tears. I looked around in hopes to find Uncle Ben. The fireman pointed to an EMT working on a victim. It was Uncle Ben. I rushed over and stood at his side. Blood covered his body, " Is he ok? "

" Your Uncle will be fine, but he's lost a lot of blood," The medic explained.

I turned to see them removing Aunt Megs body from the cellar. Uncle Ben has no idea his beloved wife has died, and I think it would be best he didn't til he is stronger. I never thought a trip to the farm would change my life. My fear of darkness no longer consumes me, and Uncle Ben has gotten over the loss of his wife.

He lives with my family now, and I've become very protective of him. We visit the farm once a year to pay Aunt Meg respects. When I look out across the Arizona skies, it isn't the beauty of the blue skies I see, but another unexpected storm, one we will be prepared for should the occasion arise again.


The End





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