When Time Stood Still

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Submission to Niau's Picture Challenge. A haunted house, a beautiful ghost, and a cat named Wicket. What more do you need to scare the hell out of someone.

Submitted: September 30, 2010

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Submitted: September 30, 2010





Wanda spent most of her nights searching for her lost lover. Trapped inside this haunted house, she endlessly searched every room for him.

She held tightly to the lantern, and began to walk in a daze through the night. Though she could see perfectly well with her night vision, she needed the lantern, just in case her lover couldn't see through the dark and dreary night.

Wanda missed him deeply, and every night at six fourty, she would aimlessly walk the halls of the haunted house.

She was beautiful and her cat Wicket, felt sorry for his mistress. It was Wicket that comforted her on those long and cold, chilling nights.

His eyes reminded her of her lover. She was mesmerized by them, just as she was before he left. It was uncanny how a cat could act so much like him.

The house hadn't been occupied since the last couple Wicket ran off. It made Wanda upset, because she yearned for someone to haunt, to give her companionship, to just have something to hold on the long cold nights.

For five long years Wanda searched for him, and all the while he was right there with her. Yes, Wicket was her lover.

She wasn't aware that he had been changed into a cat five years ago. Because he was a cat and had no special powers, he couldn't tell her who he really was. So, he lived a felines life, and he cherished the time he has spent with her.

He longed to tell her who he was, how he got to be what he was, and how much he missed her, and loved her so.

He missed holding her in his arms, not her holding him. He missed kissing her lips and making love to her. But what was he to do. The witch that cast the spell on him, was long dead, and he didn't have a clue how to get back to her.

The clock on the wall stopped at the exact time he was changed into Wicket. The exact time Wanda began her search for him. It was the same time for the last five years. Time had stood still, but still she searched for him, never giving up the hope in finding him.

The continued to haunt the house, and Wicket soon became very old. Then in the winter of the tenth year, Wanda started her search, a couple bought the house and moved in.

Wanda was happy to have someone to haunt. It had been a while since she felt so much joy. She secretly went through the womans clothes, and perfume. She missed all the things that made a woman feel special.

Then a few days after the couple moved in, they began to rearrange the house. They took the clock from the wall to put new paper up. It was beautiful, but Wanda didn't like the change. It didn't feel right.

Once the paper was up, the woman cleaned the old clock and put fresh batteries in it. She carefully hung the clock back on the wall next to the fireplace.

The clock began to tick. Something it hadn't done since Wandas lover disappeared. Wicket sat on the mantle over the fireplace, and and purred, as he watched Wanda began her search for him.

The couple had fallen in love with Wicket, and decided to let him stay in the house. Minutes passed, and the clock continued to tick, when suddenly Wicket began to change. He twitched and began to chase his tail. Wanda watched him as he leaped through the house in a frinzy.

"What is it with that cat/" Wanda asked in surprise. Then suddenly Wicket changed into Wandas lover.

A big smile came across her face, as she ran into his arms. " I have missed you, but how?"

Wicket stopped her, " The witch changed me into a cat, and I have been watching you search for me for years."

And so it was, Wanda never haunted the couple who moved in anymore. She was glad they bought the haunted house. If it hadn't been for the woman putting batteries in the clock, time would not have started again and she would have never found er lover. Wicket would have grown too old and died.

Wanda and her lover lived with the couple until they passed away, and now they all live together in the haunted house.


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