i hate my past i jus wanna forget everything, i wrote this poem to help me get over my past and move on

I watch them walk across the mountain
I counted numbers but they were gone when I got to ten
I couldn't see anyone where they've been
They walked away to a different place to another plant
They were my family my everything my every bit
They told me to stay behind and take care of the green
They said they'll be back soon
Till then I should be keen
Maybe they'll be back by noon
With plenty of money and food
And cloth they have sewed
So till then I'll sit here on this rock
I'll wait for them and listen to the bird
To whom I shall talk
And then look out for my small garden
That wears the most colorful cloth
Made out of flowers, grass, and small but beautiful trees
Maybe as beautiful as the seven seas
I waited for two hours, but it felt like two years alone

Suddenly everything on the other side explodes
Voices screaming of fear rose
Five hundred feet away from me
There was nothing else to see
But fire flames
Bits and pieces of burned houses
Nothing but ashes
I thought back in my mind
Trying to remember what had happened
It was an explosion a bomb
Where did it come from?
But then I remembered my family was there
Could they have turned in to dust and gone with the air?
Are they gone for real for ever this time?
I didn't want to believe the reality
They'll be back, they'll be back
Just you see they'll be back

I never moved an inch away from my position
I still wanted to wait for them
I realized then that thorns and ashes covered my dress
From head to toe I was a mess
I felt sorrow, I felt dead
My family was gone for good I had said
With my tears that filled my eyes
I could hardly see anything but only this one thing
A note that fell from the sky
That held words with a soft voice
That spoke to my mind
"Leave the unwanted past behind"
"Because after every dark night
Comes a morning sunny and bright"
I'm going to move on and continue my life
I'm going to become a strong wife
And then I'll make my own family
A family that will always be together
Forever and ever.

Submitted: April 04, 2009

© Copyright 2022 angelmona. All rights reserved.

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Brian W

I also only started writing last year but am way past 15 and not as good in writing as either you or Bailey.
This is a sad but really good poem I enjoyed it. Well written

Tue, April 7th, 2009 11:49pm


thnx but i think ur writting is a whole lot better than mine!

Tue, April 7th, 2009 5:32pm

Glenn McCrary

This is an amzing poem and it is very true and I can relate in every single way because I'm always stuck in the past reminiscing over the mistakes I have made and what I learned from them. :)

Sat, May 2nd, 2009 9:47pm


yah thnx alot for ur comment^_^ but i guess we can't change the past no matter how hard we try the only thing we can do is to keep living and looking forward to the future XD

Sat, May 2nd, 2009 3:00pm

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