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this poem is based on mylife i guess

Submitted: April 07, 2009

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Submitted: April 07, 2009



i can say nothing but

fear is what i call life

it's as dangorous as a knife

i can feel my tears turn in to blood

it runs down thicker than mud

but at the same moment

i can see your eyes

staring at me from above

there from where the bird flies

i stand there alone

with only your magical blue eyes

but this is when you realize on your own

that the distance between us must be gone 

meantime i could almost hear your heart beats increase 

now i could hear it clear, as loud as the sound of a microphone 

again i stand alone 

in the thick darkness of the night 

while staring at the moon 

a minute, 2 minutes,3 minutes passed 

but all i could see was your face 

it was printed on the moon

during the days of June 

but i was still lost in a maze

suddenly i felt your sweet breath close to my face 

i looked around and found you there 

you held my hand 

in the middle of the land 

your face was so close to mine 

we both crossed the line 

i felt your lips press gently on mine 

a minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes 

we kissed and kissed and kissed

we broke the distance between us

we crossed the line, cuz we realize we had no time

we stand this time together

i thought this is how we'll stay forever

silence with dark stars passing 

i don't know what happened 

you started to disappear 

disappear betwwen the endless maze of moss covered trees 

i tryed to follow till the end 

but i didn't know where you were send 

i realize then it was all pointless 

cuz there was nothing to search for

at least not anymore 

i lost who i love again 

i know i won't see you in years 

but in nothing, not even death, not even tears 

would change the fact 

that i love you 

i kow life is hard 

but with you holding my hand it isn't...

but this is all just a thought

because i know that there never would be

anything for me

nothing but nothing...

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