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read the poem first plz and then read the rest of the summary =)

btw im half blind, im an albino thats why the poem siads "am i blind and also deaf now?"

Submitted: April 07, 2009

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Submitted: April 07, 2009



when i waited everyday for the sun to rise

the bells would ring and break the morning silence

they would call out for me

and welcome me to a new day of hope

but today there was no ringing bells

the silence of lonlyness whelmed my soul

i called the bells screaming why they left me alone

"where are you? what happened?

have i done anything wrong? or am i blind and also deaf now?

why can't i hear you?"

but there was no use

i kept yelling until i lost my voice

now i was silent too

i can't see, i can't hear, and i can't speak

but i can feel

yes i can feel the pain

i can feel the darkness prison me

and evil branches turning in to long arms

reaching out for me from every wall i pass by

to attack and hunt me down any moment

why is this happening to me again ?

why can't i be happy for longer than a day or two?

was i some how born the victom of pain, hurt, and sorrow?

everytime i try to play a happy rythem on my piano

the piano keys turn cold

then my finger tips become cold too

in seconds it all runs in my body

till the moment i start shivering to death

and then feel sharp edged needles

piercing me everywhere on my skin

if the piano keys aren't warm

then who would be?

no one, no one that would give me a warm hug

and tell me everything is gonna be ok

when i tryed to put all my pain in a box

and then close the led on

the pain pushed me back

and spread around me again

giving me no way to escape

i lost my balance

and ended up on the floor

crying out the words

"noooo, nooo, nooooo, 



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