Something random.

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i dont know, depends what enters my mind at the time

Submitted: July 23, 2012

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Submitted: July 23, 2012



sighing i leaned back against the cool plaster wall, all i could think about was him, i slapped myself mentally for even thinking about it..

"Ari!" i hear my brother calling me, disrupting my thoughts, "Yeah" i yell as i pick up my bag and head toward the door "yeah i'm coming" i call back, heading towards the door my thoughts wander back to him, his hands around my waist.. oh god i have got to stop thinking about him, its driving me crazy.

i grab my mp3 out of my pocket and turn up my music. walking out the door,

first day back at school. ugh crappy teachers, crappy classes.. my brother drops me off on his way to work. i walk in the gates everyone staring like usual, i'm what they call the lone wolf... and they have no idea how true that is

How could i let him do this to this to me... why did he make me like this.... he said he loved me....

thoughts fade in and out as i sit in the dull classroom

the bell rings, i'm out the door before anyone else can move, there's a forsest around the boundries of the school.

I walk slowly toward the tree's trying to calm down, I felt hungry.

rushing through the tree's until i was sure no one could see me, i phased into a small black she-wolf...

He walked through the tree's toward me, phasing into a large Grey wolf. i growled, baring my cainines, i was ready for a fight


well thats it so far, my first time at writing so... let me know what you think. it changes a fair bit, haha.

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Something random.

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