Death Play

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This came to me when I thought about my life just to realize death is using us in his twisted play.

Submitted: January 03, 2011

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Submitted: January 03, 2011



The charators are so real the way they speak

leaving a imprint on this so called memory

shatter lies he'll feed you to see you react

according to the master plan

they act against your existance

knowing insanity is the key to this game

in the world of Death Play

Shadow dance around the ground

like lost snow-flakes play hide -and-seek

does the voice inside scream of anger

casting darkness to the blinding summer sun

he'll set the stage with a flick of his hand

in the land of Death Play

Each life he soldemly cas hold no plott

till the age of ten does the life of

good or bad begin to thicken

as it become a addicting book you

know that you must read

in the dream of Death Play

It will always end the same

you still playing his game

no-matter if he takes you now or later

  cause once you play

your stuck in the.........

Death Play

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