The poem concerns the meeting of two opposites; one of chaos and one of order. And how they become one.

The Quest.
There was a boy, a spirited lad,
Who lived across the border.
He roamed the land, every night,
Creating chaos and disorder.
Then through the dark, a stranger came,
Seated on a horse,
A man of war, who rode alone,
A man of mild discourse.
Who the F**k do you think you are?
And what do you want from here?
The man replied, I’m on a quest,
For those that I hold dear.
What a load of B*****s,
Utter f*****g tripe,
A mouthful of piffle,
A bucketful of s***e
The man looked on, quite bemused,
and betrayed a gentle smile.
If that’s your view, he said to him,
Then ride with me a mile.
What’s the point, the lad replied,
You’re pretentious and benign.
I will prove you wrong, the man replied,
If you care to take the time.
So on they rode together,
Through dingle and through dell,
They rode close by to heaven,
But closer still to hell.
They fought and slew the dragons,
They fought and slew the foe,
They journeyed to those places,
Where mere mortals dare not go,
Then when the mile was ended,
They rested near a wood,
Where all about and all around
A silent stagnance stood.
So what was the point, the boy finally asked?
This reason or this test,
We’ve been though thick and thin this night,
and defeated their very best.
I’ve tried to show, the man explained,
What it took to get us here,
And that you with all your faults and flaws,
Are still one that I hold dear.
Then the knight looked back, as he rode away,
Into coming stormy weather.
Oh’ the purpose or the test he said,
Was that we stood and fought together.

Submitted: March 22, 2009

© Copyright 2023 Angelo Gabriell. All rights reserved.

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Angelo Gabriell:

Well written! Good use of rhyming and rhythm. An unusual tale or fable. Somewhat cryptic as well. Gave it an " I Like It" vote.

Recommend substituting other words for the asterisked (*) expletives. Will give this poem greater appeal. Earning it a wider readership.

Thank you for becoming a fan. Most appreciated.

Happy trails,

Ed Bradley.

Mon, March 23rd, 2009 10:06pm

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