Free in Form

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Just something I worte listening to Nujabes one night as an excercise. Write what the music makes you feel.

Your words are a verbal medicine to my mental indigestion

I've been having a hard time getting shit into perspective

I wanna bottle this feeling and perfect it.

My darling, haven, and heart,

I do confess that I'm love sick

I'm a cloud of Mist  hoping while you're away

That I'll be missed.


Writer's roadblock, a backwards unwinding clock

make it stop

make it stop


Wake me up, I've been sleeping so long

I need these closed eyes to see the light of a new dawn

maybe I'm what's wrong

maybe I'm what's wrong

Maybe it's the words of a skipping song

Maybe it's the thoughts of an insomniac who's been awake too long

or maybe I'm what's wrong

maybe what's wrong

Some sunlight might make things right

it's the sound of the sea and my sleepless nights

I'm stumbling and groping for words

grasping at straws

I'm fighting with what's in my head

The ghost of you lying in my bed

darling i'm scared and scarred and lost

I'm a memory and memory is getting the best me


Maybe I'm what's wrong

Darling am I wrong?

My words have no substance

I can't carry this rhythm in a bag

my back is broken

no words need be spoken

I need wings to carry me away

I'm Icarus with the way I keep getting burned

wings of wax come crashing to earth

I can feel the heat rising

I'm a broken dam

letting my heart flood the streets

there are no secrets left for me to keep

this is all imaginary folklore

a stairway that has me knocking on your heaven's door

leaves from a vine falling down stream


wake me up

wake me up

please wake me up

I wanna feel again

I wanna write again

i wanna love again

I wanna LIVE again

I said I wanna live again


break my ribs and open my chest

let my heart beat again

let my lungs breathe again

let my legs dance again

let my hands hold again

let me be

let me be

let me be

let me be alive

don't let me be gone


What do you want?

I want to be alive

What do you want?

I want to love

I said, what do you want?



I wanna run and murder my care

I just wanna come home, knowing you're there

Can you bring back to life

can you help me live my life

I just wanna run, I wanna go somewhere

I wanna go knowing that you'll be there

I wanna be anywhere but here

Anywhere but here


Submitted: September 23, 2015

© Copyright 2022 Angelo Sabia. All rights reserved.

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