Waking up

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Submitted: January 10, 2016

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Submitted: January 10, 2016



My dreams and nightmares have one thing in common and that is you.

You are at once my guardian angel and the monster under my bed

you alone hold the cameras of my eyes in a fixed position: locked onto your face

Sharing a blanket with you is no small feat, but it feels worth it.

On the nights where you lie beside me, I find myself instinctually reaching for you.

You are the epitome of a good night's sleep.

My arms haven't felt the same since our first embrace

Your scent is an updraft beneath the wings of my heart

I'll be your anchor if you be my wings.

The days where I wake up beside you, I don't mind walking into work smelling of you.

Some nigths I awake to find you curled up in the center of the bed and I have never seen a more beautiful sight than the aurora borealis of you hair dancing against the sepia lighting cast by my desklamp.

I wish Beethoven never went deaf so your voice could inspire him to name symphonies after you.

This may seem like something that lasted forever, but my dear I didn't always love you with this intensity.

There was a night we slept beside one another, I awoke with a start after being struck by your falling hand.

My jolt found my hand on your waist and I was instantly nervous and awake as your hand crawled like spiders to my shoulder and eventually found its place cradling the back of my head.

Without intention, I followed your lead and we found ourselves close and entwined in our mutual sleep.

you pulled me in closer and our lips threatened to touch.

In my half aware stupor I whispered your name in between shaking breaths and we slept.

I awoke with your back to my chest and my arms around your waist my hands holding yours

Nothing has ever felt more right to me.

Every time you sleep in my bed I beg whoever is trying to wake me for 5 more minutes to press my head against your back.

I have never slept better than on those nights

you are everything to me.

my dear, I love you.


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