I Am The Wretched and Divine

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The continuation on I am bulletproof

Submitted: June 13, 2013

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Submitted: June 13, 2013



"Mom, can we talk please?" I asked shyly standing in the doorway to her bedroom.


"Of course Johnny come in and sit with me and talk to me." She replied. I walked cautiously into her room fear washing over me more and more. Mom turned around in her computer chair and looked at me. All I did was sit on the soft black carpeting Mitch had just put in their room. I knew he made my mom happy because I can hear the smile in her voice when she's with him. Mitch is more of a father than my own. My parents divorced when I was three and a month later we met Mitch and my mom was pregnant with Serena at the time.


"Now what seems to be the problem sweetie?" Mom asked me, "are you being picked on by someone?"


"Yes momma I am and I've been doing things I'm not proud of." I replied looking down.


"What did you do Johnny?" She asked.


"Momma I cut myself everyday and I've been thinking of killing myself." I said.


"Oh my lord Jonathan Anthony Monroe you need to stop this." Mom said.


" I knew you wouldn't understand momma Hunter was wrong I knew you were gonna act like this." I said with tears streaming down my cheeks.


"No no baby, I do understand I'm just disappointed my strongest son would do this to himself." She told me pulling me into on of her famous vise grip hugs. I just cried on her shoulder resisting the urge to tear my skin open knowing I was in my mother's warm loving embrace. Mom just held me for a few minutes until I calmed down. I knew she meant good when she decided to have me locked up. She came to visit everyday and didn't leave until I told her to.


"Mom when can I come home?" I asked as she sat down.


"When the doctor tells me you've made progress then you can come home." She replied.   

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