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The bio the character for I Am Bulletproof.

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Submitted: January 27, 2013



Jonathan "Johnny'' Anthony Monroe is your average "emo'' teenager. He has two other siblings that live with him, his mom and his step-dad. Even though he has the support of his family he has no one else to support him with what he wants. His siblings are 13 and 17 years old. Johnny is only 15 years old and in his freshman year of high school being bullied by everyone else.


Johnny is fragile because of his sensitive nature. Everyone likes to take advantage of that but they can't seem to get the reaction they want from him. His brother Hunter and sister Serena have to help him through his problems. Hunter is the oldest child in the family and takes care of Johnny and Serena when his mom and step-dad are away. Serena is the youngest and can't think about anyone else's safety except her brother's.


When he isn't working or doing homework Johnny just sits and writes. He has nothing else to do because his sister doesn't do much even thoough she is 13 years old. Hunter is too busy helping in the family business. Johnny isn't a very talkative person anymore but on occasion he will say a few words to let his family know he's fine. Other than the occasional ''I'm fine" he doesn't talk, not even when he has a partner project in school for any of his classes.


Johnny has a good home life to hide the fact that his social life is a wreck. He travels a lot during the summers because of the Vans Warped Tour. It's his favorite time of year to actually leave the house and have fun. Johnny is the only one in his family who go to the concert series every year.  Most of the time his step-dad takes him and gets him backstage to meet the bands that played in the show.


During his free time Johnny will write, draw, sing and play guitar. Sometimes at work the occasional record producer will come to his family's night club and check out the entertainment and find people to sign. Johnny's mother tries to get him onstage and he flat out refuses to go onstage. His brother encourages him to go onstage and sing but he still refuses to sing. Serena lets Johnny sing her to sleep at night when she can't sleep.


Johnny used to be sweet and have as many friends as he could want. As a child Johnny was hyperactive and very outgoing. Once he hit high school that all changed into a dark setting for Johnny.  His mother didn't care what he did as long as it was appropriate and legal. When he was 14 he asked her for a lip ring and a nose ring.


She let him get both of the piercings and then bought him a guitar the day after. Johnny seemed happy when he got the guitar but what happens at school just makes it hard for him to be happy. He doesn't even tell anyone what's going on at school. Everyday that something happens to him a new effect happens in his endless chain reaction of pain. People don't know what they're doing to him because he hides it well enough until he gets home so he can lie to his mother about it.


Johnny doesn't have the courage to tell anyone what's happening to him. His brother has already realized what's happening to his little brother and his sister realizes it too. They've tried telling him they know what he does when he's alone but he just won't listen. Johnny chooses not to listen because he doesn't want his siblings telling their mother. He knows what his mother will do to him if she found out because she had done the same to his older brother when he first hit high school three years before Johnny did.

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