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Who are the spirits we talk to? The details on the life in the Universe and beyond...

Submitted: March 25, 2012

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Submitted: March 25, 2012



These are philosophical musings.  Plus some of it I heard from communicating with the "other side".  But these things are not meant to be the absolute truth or anything like that.  They are meant to be like brainstorming different ideas.  I came up with these ideas through talking with them and also through a lot of thinking and observing how life works and trying to connect the dots.  It's my hope that if you read this, it will help you to come up with your own even better ideas.  I believe that we can create new ideas only if we have enough ideas in our head about stuff.  So the more you read, the more you'll be able to come up with even newer ideas.  Again, this writing is just to give you an idea of possiblities.  Some of it may be more true than you think, but it doesn't matter. As long as you can use these ideas as building blocks to understand things more then they will serve their purpose. 

The Beings from the other side has taught me this idea: reality is too complex to express in words, so often there is too much misunderstanding about it.  And so each time we try to figure something out, we may misunderstand or not express correctly.  And that's why these things should be taken with a grain of salt. 


Consciousness emerges from a collection of living things. Consciousness has something to do with an “organization” of things, the way things relate to each other. It’s a network of connections. So when the right organization of some living things is present, consciousness emerges.

A human body has lots of living cells in it. But not only cells, but minerals, water, rocks. All these interact with each other in a certain way, thus producing consciousness. So the interaction, the network, the organization of living cells in a human body produces consciousness.



Lifeforms which exist in physical and spiritual realms simultaneously:

There are different levels/classes of life (or lifeforms), ranging from simple to very complex, having different levels of intelligence. Level 1 (L1) for example, could be a very simple lifeform, like a cell in a body for example. Then Level 2 could be a more complex life form, like an animal. And a human is even more complex and is an L3. (Let’s imagine these levels just for the sake of seeing the overall picture.)


So a human, an L3 lifeform is a consciousness that emerged from the interaction of many cells and other things in a human body.


Level 4 lifeform (L4) - is a planetary consciousness. So when the living cells of the planet (aka: people, animals, plants and other things), interact with each other in a certain way, a planet consciousness emerges. The planet becomes alive, conscious.


Level 5 lifeform (L5) – is a galaxy consciousness. When many planets become conscious, they become the living cells in the galaxy. And their interaction produces an Entity, a galaxy consciousness.


Level 6 lifeform (L6) is a Universe consciousness, consisting of conscious galaxies and planets and people…


The level 7 lifeform (L7) is when a consciousness emerges from a collection of L6s.


There is much life in the universe and there are infinitely many universes (L6s).


Consciousness is what we call a spirit. And by our consciousness/spirit we exist in the spirit realm. So each person exists in the physical world by their body and in the spirit world by their consciousness/spirit.


We can communicate with other beings through the spirit realm (it's a consciousness to consciousness phone call).


For example, other beings from other planets can communicate to our spirit by their spirit and a galaxy spirit is the facilitator (maybe like a phone communication system). Without the galaxy spirit/consciousness, other beings wouldn't be able to contact us.


Maybe this example will help to visualize things: Imagine many people are playing an online role playing game. They are people who physically sit by their computers in their homes. But online, they are communicating and socializing and doing things together. They are connecting with each other virtually. So we can connect to other beings virtually, through spirit/consciousness realm. Well, maybe I should correct that statement. We can't really connect to other beings, we are still too primitive in this way. But we can send out signals, something like: hello! Anyone there? (through our thoughts) And other beings (those who are evolved highly enough to be able to communicate) may intercept the signal and establish a communication channel with us.


If we imagine that human is an L3 class, and an animal is L2 class, then we can see that L3 and L2 have only a limited communication because they are different levels of a lifeform. Humans don’t really understand the dog’s barking exactly. So an L2 is like a pet to an L3. So using this (very crude) analogy, an L3 maybe like a pet to L4. And L4 maybe like a pet to L5. And L5 maybe like a pet to L6. Therefore, humans could be perceived as bacteria to an L6. Therefore, an L6 cannot communicate directly with us.


An L6 (universe spirit/consciousness) communicates with L5s (galaxy spirit consciousness). And an L5 communicates with L4s (planet spirit/consciousness). And L4s (planet spirit) communicates with L3s (human or aliens spirits). And L3s communicate with L2s. (life forms below human level)


(As a side note: I've been told that an L5 (galaxy consciousness) helps planets grow, guides them, keeps them from self destruction.)


The entities that I listed above exist in both, physical and spiritual realms simultaneously.


So, just to sum things up: a human has a spirit, which is consciousness that emerges from the physical body. A human spirit exists in the spiritual world and interacts with other spirits/consciousness. Consciousness doesn't have a form. A human has a form only in the physical realm. Other beings also have a form only if they also exist in a physical realm or in a realm of other physical like existence.


The spirit realm is formless. There is only consciousness/spirits. It's more like an abstract realm (just as an example). Where does an equation live or where do ideas live? We can only see their manifestations when we apply them in the physical realm (when we plug them into the physical realm). Where do musical notes live? We can see the manifestation of them in the physical realm by hearing the music. So we can see manifestations of abstract things when we plug them into our physical realm (and we use the brain to make all this happen).


So you can't see a spirit's form. If you can see the spirit, that means your brain is using stored information in your head to help you construct the visual. Same applies to hearing spirits audibly. But the spirit doesn't actually look like you see him. And different people would probably have a different image in their head of the same spirit.


You could say: but after I die, and go on to live in the spirit realm, does that mean that I won't have a form anymore?


Well, people confuse two different things and lump them together. There is a spiritual realm where our mind/consciousness/spirit lives now and will always live there. And then there is an afterlife. They are two different things. People assume that when we die, we will exist only in the spirit realm. But it's not so. After death, we will AGAIN exist in two realms simultaneously. One will still be the same spirit realm where our consciousness lives even now. But the other will be a different kind of a physical reality. (At this point I really am not sure what the difference is between our physical reality and the physical reality where we'll live after we die. I was just told that we will live in some reality where we will again have a form. Maybe a different kind of a form, other than human. But nevertheless, we will have a form. )


Imagine that you are a carrot. When you are planted in the ground, your head is sticking out of the ground and breathing in the air. And imagine that you get replanted from time to time in different countries. So you move from one planting ground to the other, but your head will always be exposed to the air and live in the air. So the carrot head that is always exposed to the air is like our mind/spirit/consciousness that always lives in the spirit realm. But different planting grounds are different places that resemble different places in a physical-look alike realm (after death).


Or imagine that you have a source code to a program, but there is no executable part. The source code is just text. It can't do anything. But then you add an executable part and we're in business. But then you have to run this file in an environment (there are different ones: like Linux, Windows, Mac). So you need all three on hand in order for a program to do something. The program can be stored in the computer, but can't be run without an executable part and an environment to run in.


The spirit realm is like a computer. Your spirit is like a source code. Your body is like an executable part. The place where you can exist in a form, a physical look alike place is like an environment (Windows, Linux or Mac)


So without a body and a sort of a physical place to exist in in a form, your spirit would just be stored in the spirit realm (like a source code on a computer). So that's why we can't just live in the spirit realm. We have to live in both: spirit realm and some sort of a physical look a like realm.


One cool view on afterlife is like this:


Imagine that you are a game player sitting at the computer. You can choose to play different games. But in order to play in a game, you have to choose a character. You cannot do anything in the game unless you do it through a character inside of a game. So if you, who is sitting by the computer is like a spirit/consciousness, you can see how you can't do anything unless you get a body (the character in a game) and unless you actually enter the game (live in the physical look alike environment).


So, after you die, your spirit continues to live in the spirit realm as usual, but you'll get a new body and enter into the new environment and continue to exist there. And there are different environments to choose from and it's up to you where you go (or at least up to your consciousness). I heard that sometimes you may choose to go to a bad place only because you believe that you will. And your belief will take you there. But after you learn a bit more about stuff, you'll realize that you have choices and options.





Some living things only exist in the spirit realm. (and that means they don't have a form or voice). And again, if people see/hear them, that means their brain is constructing the images and the sounds.


People interact with these spirit-only beings. And when people think of angels/demons, people usually refer to these beings. How did these beings come to be?


Well, human consciousness emerged because of interaction of trillions of living cells. And so a human spirit became born in the spirit realm.


But an angel or a demon is a consciousness that emerged from a collection of interacting ideas. So human spirits are born as a result of the interaction of the living cells. And angels and demons are born as a result of the interaction of the ideas.


But the ideas themselves are like text, like a source code. They don't do anything. The ideas need a body to exist in. And human mind is that body. Ideas interact and get processed by a human mind. So ultimately, humans is the body of the angels and spirits. And collective consciousness (the spirit realm) is where angels and demons live.


So in effect, people give birth to angels and demons.


Well, let's take a look at one of the angels... the angel of Christ... How was he born?


Christianity is a set of ideas and to be Christ like is to have certain qualities, to adhere to certain set of ideas... So if there is enough people that believe in this set of ideas and follow them, a consciousness with a life of its own emerges, a spirit of these collective ideas is born. A Spirit of Christ. It is now a consciousness living being. Well, it's not as conscious or alive as humans are, it's a bit below. It doesn't really think things through, it just reacts to things. Nevertheless, it's now able to interact with humans. This group of people now gets influenced by this Spirit. This spirit possesses the collective knowledge of these people. The people now can ask for help from this spirit and the people now can hear from this spirit (at least the more psychic ones).


The main objective of the Spirit now is to survive. So it will act as a guardian angel to those people who promote its existence and it would try to make life not as pleasant for those who try to extinguish it. When people belong to a cult for example, they can be strongly influenced by the spirit of that group and can even do things they would not normally do (and won't do once they are separated from that cult and that spirit).


In Christianity, there are different groups of Christians and different beliefs about certain topics. So there would be born different spirits of Jesus. One Spirit of Jesus could be a very harsh and judgemental spirit (depending on what those people believe about God and Jesus) and the other spirit of Jesus could be a very loving and tolerant spirit.


Or many people have heard of the Spirit of Christmas. Well, he is real. There are enough people who believe in the ideas of Christmas and all the people who try to follow them belong to the guidance and protection of the Spirit of Christmas.


People give birth to ideas and they are like their little babies. The ideas fight for existence. So that's why a person gets really angry if someone is saying something against his idea. Either the idea is influencing the person to fight back and to try to save it, or the person feels that the idea is his little baby and would protect it like a mother protects her little ones.


So we have to be careful when we try to make people change their mind. We have to act as though we pose no threat to their ideas. Many times in order to survive, ideas bend and get transformed into different ones.


There are spirits of countries and companies. So if the spirit of one country fights with the spirit of another country, are they good spirits or bad spirits? It could be that both are decent spirits (so they would be perceived as angels), but they are at war. So angels fight with angels for control. One set of ideas fights for control over the other set of ideas. Sometimes both sets are good, but just a bit different.


Or imagine there is a spirit of bullies. This spirit would encourage people to do bad things to others. So this spirit could be perceived as a demon.


But spirits don't have to be bad to be perceived as demons. They just have to be different. For example, the spirit of atheism would appear as good to atheists and as bad to Christians and as not too bad to agnostics. So it's all relative. So when a Christian senses the spirit of atheism with his psychic abilities, the Christian may think that he came across a demon. And when an atheists senses the spirit of Christianity, he may feel a bit uncomfortable or something unpleasant it its presence. Demons act as guardian angels too. So for example, the spirit of violence would be perceived as a demon by most people. But it would help the people who promoted violence because their actions would promote the demon's existence.



All lifeforms evolve and change. So an L3 evolves and becomes different and better and smarter. In the same way an L6 evolves as well. However, an L3 can never become an L4 because an L4 is simply a different kind of a lifeform. But an L3 can become L3.99999999….


The same applies to the intelligence of the spirit/consciousness. Human spirits for example are not as self aware or conscious as galaxy spirits or a universe spirit.


The beings on different planets are all L3 class. But they are at different evolutionary stages. So some maybe at level 1 of development (L3.1) and some maybe at level 9. (L3.9) So for example, humans are a level 3.1 lifeform. Level 3.9 lifeforms passed the space exploration stage. They also talk to each other telepathically (or in some other non verbal manner). They can talk to each other when they are on different planets. And they can talk to us too. (to those of us that can actually hear them, the more psychic ones).


Telepathic communication is not reading each other’s mind, it’s sending messages to each other and reading each other’s messages. Like using Yahoo instant messenger (for example). An L3.9 can only read a message from another L3.9 IF that another SENDS a message. They can’t just read minds. So when you hear a message in your head for example from an L3.9, (hello, what are you doing now?), you respond back to them and send them your message (hi, I am working on my garden at the moment). It’s like talking on the telephone. You ring someone and wait for their answer. Sometimes they may choose not to answer and then you won’t hear back.


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