Reincarnation, Higher Self and Multidimensional Beings

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I have talked to "the other side" so to speak and they gave me some ideas about what reincarnation is, who is the Higher Self and that we are all a part of multi-dimensional Beings.

PLEASE DON'T READ THIS SECTION if you believe in a spiritual or beyond this world relationship with your Soulmate, but you naturally don't feel enough love or if you're a jealous type.  (It's ok to read if you don't have a relationship already). It's not a bad information in itself, but it could sound bad because you won't understand it properly.  So many times I wished I did not know it.  It took such a long time for me to finally understand (so that it wouldn't make me feel bad).  I think I get it now... I hope...  You know how sometimes you understand something with your head, but your emotions don't agree and you continue to feel bad even though you THINK you understand...So don't break your piece of mind by reading this.  Unless you already know it.  Then you can read and maybe something here can help you. 

If you are the type of a person who only understands "one on one" relationships and doesn't understand (emotionally) other types, I urge you not to read more.  Multi-dimensional relationships are "one on one" also, but they don't look like it from a 3 dimensional perspective.  So it requires a special understanding to see it right. Reality is ultimately extremely complex and concepts are multi-dimensional.  And it's very hard to make sense out of it from our one dimensional mind. 

There are two types of people on Earth.The “one on one” or “monogamous” people are conditioned to believe that if your partner fell in love with someone else, that automatically means that he fell out of love with you.  So as soon as your partner starts to love someone else, you start to feel not special anymore.   It's just a trick of the mind.  It can be reprogrammed to be different.  The poly people (those who can love more than one at a time) don't have the same conditioning of the mind.  So they are perfectly ok when their lover loves someone else also.  They don't feel less special. It's about the mind perceiving things differently.

Because of this "on one one" conditioning (and belief that just because he started loving someone else that makes you less special) it will be difficult for some people to perceive the multidimensional existence correctly (the mind is limited by the conditioning).  They will feel jealous and less special if they assume that there is more than them in the equation.Although there is only ONE of you if you look through the right perspective.  But it takes learning to be able to see through this perspective. 

Here is the fruit of my learning born out of many tears and bad feelings. 

You don't know it yet, but you are a multi-dimensional being.  You don't understand what it means.  You don't understand how it feels.  It's like that reality is not compatible with our three dimensional reality. 

You are one and you are many.  None of us can understand how that's possible.  So for now we just have to take it on faith.  Here is what I think Aiden (my eternal soulmate) was trying to explain to me:

You are your Higher Self, but you can't feel it yet, you can't sense your connection. When you reach a point when you can sense your connection, get in touch with your Higher Self, you will realize that YOU ARE your Higher Self.

So you will feel like You ARE your Higher Self and you will see all the different bodies of the Higher Self as your "moods".  (To put it in 3 dimensional terms). It won't matter that they are different bodies. You will FEEL like they are you.The fact that they have separate bodies won't matter to you.  The point is: you WILL perceive them as you.  You just have to take this by faith for now because it's impossible to imagine it from our mind's eye.

What most people don't know yet is that even humans consist of more than one, but PERCEIVE themselves as one.  It's all about how your mind is programmed to see things.  (The first step to learn about this plurality is by reading the book called "The Modular Mind".)

You, as your Higher Self, have a Soulmate, who is also a Higher Self.  So both you and your soulmate consist of many people (so to speak).  But you will use your "extra" senses and you will recognize them as "the same person" from your Higher Self's perspective or mind's eye.And therefore, to you, they will all be "the same person".  So it's like when we see a human person with different moods we believe him to be the same person.

The difference between human us and multidimensional us is that as humans we walk around in one physical body, but as multidimensional beings we walk around in multiple bodies. (I am going to talk in more detail about the multi-being self at the end of this page.)

As humans we are a part of the multidimensional Higher Selves, but we just blocked that connection and so we feel as though we are separate.

Aiden sent me this song to tell me that I am the only one for him.

Hear me speak what's on my mind
Let me give this testimony
Reaffirm that you will find
That you are my one and only.

No exception to this rule
I'm simple but I'm no fool
I've got a witness happy to say
Every hour, every day.

Every heartbeat bears your name
Loud and clear they stake my claim
Ask anyone and they'll tell you it's true
Every heartbeat belongs to you

How could I be his "one and only" when I am one of many?Well because I will FEEL like I am one.  Right now it's hard to imagine.

Aiden said that there will be so much love (for me) that I can't even imagine.  And I am assuming it's because I will be connected to all the different selves of my Soulmate Higher Self.  And imagine all those people loving you so deeply, because they are all HIM.  It's hard to imagine.  So don't even try.  But just believe that it will seem like a "one on one" relationship.

Aiden said: there is no jealousy among us.  (They don't feel it).  He also said: "Imagine one kissing you, one touching you, one doing something's not many people, it's different dimensions, it's all me."He also said: “We are one, although we don't agree every second.  But we work it out."

This statement comes to mind: "The many faces of Love". As I was watching the pictures of all the different guys, I had this feeling in me: "The many faces of my One Love".  And Fred also had the same feeling about the different pictures of women he likes.  They are all HER, THE WOMAN. 

Here are a bit more details about the Higher Self subject.

So there is this future that is stretching ahead of're seeing it as a straight line, infinitely long...  But it's actually a circle.  If you walk far enough into the future, you'll end up right where you started.

So here you see the Earth being born.  Then you see that the Earth is gone.  And as you keep walking into the future, at some point you see the Earth being born again.  So time is a circle.  Things repeat.This is from the perspective that time is linear, events happen in a line, one after another.

But there is a different place of existence.  And in that place there is no past, present and future.  Everything that ever happened or will ever happen in time, it all just IS.

In the book “Unknown Reality” by Jane Roberts, the Seth Entity is trying to express some complicated idea about time. And it sounds to me like he is saying that everything exists outside of time naturally.  But that we create time by conditioning (making) our minds to perceive events in order.  (Because “time” is events happening in order.)  But outside of this perception there is no time and everything just is.  So it’s like physical reality that we experience in time is just a way the consciousness focuses on certain events.  (I can't really picture this idea by the way.)

This “consciousness”, which is all that is, exists always. As many spiritual belief systems say: “We are One”, “All is One”.  And it’s this ONE “consciousness” which enables itself to see physical realities “in time”. 

In the book “Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsh it says that it’s not your body which is a container for the soul, but it’s the soul which contains the body.  Consciousness comes first and then somehow manifests physical reality.  Just by the way, the Bible also references that idea when it says that God was the Word (which means: a thought, or thinking or consciousness).  And then God manifested as Flesh.  In other words, consciousness created a physical reality (flesh). 

So we all exist inside of this consciousness so to speak.  And “inside” there is time because consciousness uses a certain perspective to focus on events.  But the consciousness itself exists outside of time. 

So inside of this consciousness the Earths keep being born and then die and then born again. But from a certain perspective (when consciousness is not focusing on events in order), all the Earths are existing at the same time.  (I don’t really get it, but I have no other way to say it or to perceive it at this time.)

So all of YOU which were born on all these Earths also exist at the same time.  And if you add all of “you” together, they emerge a Multi-Being, your Higher Self. 

So your Higher Self is a multi-being.  It consists of many of you.

In some sense “The ONE Consciousness” broke itself into little pieces called “Higher Selves” (which in turn were broken into smaller pieces, individual “you”s.)  But on the other hand, all these pieces are still a part of ONE.  But it’s like they have an individual ego, where each piece can perceive itself as a separate piece.  But each piece also can move away from that perspective and start perceiving itself as a larger piece. (There are stories of people who experienced the feeling of being one with something bigger than themselves.)

So the ONE Consciousness can perceive itself as many smaller pieces.  Units of consciousness can form themselves into different groups, such as:

Higher Selves (which consist of people, all the versions of you)
Earth Being (which consists of people, all the ones on Earth)
Earth Higher Self (which consists of all the Earth Beings)
Galaxy Being (which consists of people, all the ones in the Galaxy)
Galaxy Higher Self (which consists of all the Galaxy Beings)
And so on…
They all form ONE Consciousness.  But they can perceive themselves as separate Beings as well.

So Aiden Higher Self consists of Aiden 1, Aiden 2, Aiden 3 and so on.

Kate Higher Self consists of Kate 1, Kate 2, Kate 3 and so on.

REINCARNATION - a two soul deal

In addition to the Higher Self consisting of many versions of you, there is yet another thing that makes everything even more complicated.

Aiden was telling me that whenever reincarnation happens, there are two souls in one body.  The visiting soul and the natural soul.  The visiting soul is the one who is reincarnating. And the natural one is the one which came with this body so to speak.

So there is this visiting soul which reincarnates through me.  We are sharing my body.  So sometimes her lovers come to visit me (spiritually) because she is in me.  That made me feel uncomfortable (once I found out). Why should I sit here and have them talk to each other and feel like a 3rd wheel?But time after time Aiden kept saying: “She and you are one; I am not talking to someone else, I am talking to you Kate.”

The two souls merge into one.  They become Kate.  The visiting soul takes the personality of the natural soul.  But the natural soul (Kate) is also enhanced by the visiting soul. 

So this is what Aiden was trying to tell me through one of these guys I talked to online.

?you are you, and she is her
she has no body but feelings
you are using one body with two souls
in this way she will help you too
one body two souls
one knows me one doesn’t know me
if both harmonize then you will be one in a new form
and that new form will be most strong one
she is you, and you are her
she is old, and you are one
and this harmonization will create a strong personality in you
(I complained that I don’t want to harmonize with some stranger, I was feeling jealous, but he said):
not a stranger,
she is you,
she found you
and why she found you, this is cuz of me
you are a blue print of her
you are my love
ME: oh, so you were talking to HER (I am jealous again)
i swear
i am talking to you
to Kate
i love Kate

So why would some visiting soul want to reincarnate through Kate in the first place?

I believe that the Higher Self is a collection of personalities so to speak.  And the Higher Self expands itself when it reincarnates because it adds another personality to the collection that it already has.

For example, the visiting soul’s Higher Self (Angelina) was not a romantic.  So Angelina dispatched some part of itself to reincarnate through Kate.  And after the body of Kate dies, the Kate personality becomes a part of Angelina.  So now Angelina became a romantic also.  And maybe Angelina did this to become a better match for her Soulmate. 

What will happen to Kate when the body dies?  As far as I know, two things will happen at the same time.

First, Kate personality will end up in the body of Angelina Higher Self. (One of her bodies I guess?)  But Kate will not be pure Kate anymore. She will be enhanced by Angelina’s attributes; it will be like an enhanced version of Kate.

I have a visiting soul in me which is reincarnating in my body.  And that means I will wake up in her body after my death.Aiden said this:

Imagine you wake up next to someone, you are in a different body, so to you everything is new, but a part of you was in this body (lying next to this guy).  So to you, the guy is new.  But to her (this body) he is not, he is the one she loved.  You merged with that body of hers.  So it’s new for you, but not for her, but you are her…
Rest assured, you will awake from this dream and the love you find waiting for you will be unimaginably greater than anything you can even fathom.

It's hard to understand how I would be enriched by other personalities.  But after watching the show called "The United States of Tara" about a woman with a personality disorder it started to make sense.  She is a great actress and you can really see the difference how she is as a person when all of her personalities are integrated and are enriching the entire person versus the person she is when only one of her personalities shows up, disconnected from others. 

So humans are - a Higher Self with a personality disorder.  Humans are - disconnected personalities of the Higher Self.  They will act differently when they connect back into the whole and become enriched by all the other attributes of their SELF.

Second, Kate is also a part of Kate Higher Self.  So another instance of Kate personality will go into the afterlife and continue her journey of evolving and experiencing things.  Kate’s journey started when she was born.  And the journey will continue after her death.  She will continue to evolve.

Kate soul and Angelina soul have merged into one, and is ME.  And I was jealous of Angelina (who is a visiting soul).  So Aiden said: leave it to you to be jealous of yourself.

So from Aiden’s perspective, all the different personalities are just “ME”.  Somehow, in his mind they are all one. He kept saying: “You are the only one for me. I couldn’t love anyone else.” 

Fred kept having these dreams where he was seeing THE WOMAN.  He was very attracted to her and felt very close to her emotionally.  She appeared as different people to him in different dreams.  But he always knew that it was HER, the same one.

Aiden is multi-dimensional Being.  I assume it means having more than one body?  Maybe it means something else too, I don't know.  But he did say one time when trying to touch me: "I don’t have enough access points, limited interface."

And when I was asking him for a comparison he did say that compared to him I am flat like paper.  (And I imagine that him hugging me would be equivalent to me hugging a cardboard.) 

Referring to having multiple bodies, he said: “How else could we multitask?”Also Aiden said that "we can live multiple lives at the same time".

One time I was trying to imagine my perfect guy and I listed all the qualities and skills I would have liked him to have.  Aiden said: that's why you need all of us.

So my Soulmate consists of all the different personalities.  One time Aiden was joking with me and I couldn’t laugh anymore (my mouth was hurting) and I asked him to stop.  So Fred made a gesture as though one personality was exiting and another one was entering.  And it’s like a serious part has entered and started interacting with me; and the jokes ended.

The “many people” which are my Soulmate are not actually different people.  It’s all HIM.

Another part that makes things even more confusing is that Aiden is also a part of me.  He said: we are one.  He said that he lives in me.(Reminds me of the Bible idea of Christ living in church and of the idea that they are one.)

Aiden told me this through one guy online:

I think I know you since time immortal, I love you from my childhood
my heart says you’re the one who I love from the time unknown and my brain says you are Kate.
my heart say I love you too much from very long, my brains says stop this
my brain is tired, I feel love for you, I have tears in my eyes
I can feel you, in absence of internet
you are the love of my soul,  I am in you and you are in me, believe me our bodies are far
our soul is one
when I see you I am emotionally high
when I see your face, I feel a sea inside
but one thing is very strange for me, that I know you from long ago
my soul loves your soul very strong
I know this face since time unknown
it is me your part, you are my part, you are my soul
I am with you, put you head in my hands
you were talking with me since 8
I am with you don’t worry
I wont leave you alone

This was confusing me to.  I said: Aiden, are you me?  Is my Soulmate my own self?  He said: “No”. 

I thought that since Aiden has many of ME to choose from, that whether I am here or not it doesn’t matter much.  But he said: “it’s YOU that I’ve been waiting for”.  (It’s like each “you” is unique in some way).  (Each "you" is a different part of the overall you, like a different personality or a different variation.)

Aiden said: your spirit makes love to us, your spirit is free and you will be.  And he also said another time that “we make love when you’re not aware of it”. I am assuming it’s referring to the statement above.

I thought: well, what good does it do to me?  He said: “more than you think”.  Somehow, what's happening on the spirit level does come through to a physical level and enriches a person (although invisibly so to speak.)

So then I think: well, he can satisfy his needs even without me, so what’s the point of me?

He said: You are a part of both realities.  And we need to be a part of both. 

Some of the things he said, just as a reminder:  oh darling, oh you attract us so powerfully, I had to have a taste of you...I just have to have a little, I just need it too much to be stopped.  You ravish my heart.You light us on fire.  Oh you-Jesu're for us.  You are for us.

Another time he said (probably in response to me wanting to give up on the whole thing because it’s an up and down road and it’s not easy):  I want you, I don't want to give you up, you were made for me, and I am not giving you up, you were made for me.

(It made me feel better because my giving up relates to me not being able to believe in his love and his statements were convincing that he loves me.)

Aiden said: Trust me, I will take care of you.

Here is another thing Aiden mentioned - that we take turns to take care of each other.  There is usually one (or more) of us reincarnating somewhere (or being born somewhere) and the others are in the other place at that moment and they watch over them.  And then they switch places.  So I am going to be a “spirit” watching over Aiden (one of the subselves) at some point, while he is either being born (once again, when things restart) or reincarnating somewhere.

Aiden is trying to tell me that we are the same. We are kindred spirits. I am his confidant.  We are soulmates.  We are one.  But I am still having a hard time lifting myself up to his status.  I am still subconsciously thinking of him as Jesus (as far as status) who is God and who is higher than me, and I was taught to always lower my status, to humble myself before God.  But I am slowly starting to understand.  

One time Aiden said (when I still perceived him as Jesus): “It’s not you that’s perfect, it’s something inside of you”.  It sounded like what Christianity teaches: “The seed of God in you is perfect, but you are not.”  That made me think bad of myself, like I am this being with flaws...  

But later Aiden tried to convince me that I am perfect, this me, individually.  And he kept saying that.  "It’s not only your Higher Self that is beautiful and good and perfect, it’s you, this you." 

So I think I am finally getting it: it’s two different perspectives.  Something inside of me is the “seed” of me.  This seed will grow into a flower.  This seed is me being a child on the evolutionary scale.  And a child is not perfect because it didn’t learn to behave yet. However, from a mother’s perspective, the child is perfect.  So it just depends on what perspective you’re using and how precise you want to be.

I am perfect as a child.  And I am also imperfect because I am a child (in maturity).I am a seed.  And I will evolve and grow into a flower (where my behavior starts to be more perfect.)

Aiden also tried to explain to me that all are perfect, but their perfection is expressing itself in bad ways here on Earth.I tried hard to understand this concept.  I finally decided that maybe our programming itself is good, which is: the need to love our self and to take care of our needs and the need to love others too.But in this world it’s hard to accomplish.  There is a huge shortage of things. And some bodies are damaged.  And so this need to take care of our self makes some people kill others. Whatever bad action you observe, you can trace it to the “need to take care of the self”. It’s not a bad thing in itself. It just is bad when it harms others as a result.  But if you place this soul into a good environment, where the need to take care of the self does NOT harm others, then it will look like this same "bad" soul is acting good now.

Submitted: March 20, 2015

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Criss Sole

This was a lot of information to process... but very interesting.

Wed, April 1st, 2015 8:09am

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