The Magic of the Universe: True Love

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
It's about finding your soulmate and connecting on all the levels. It's about the depth of the connection. And it also has some paranormal mystical science fictional stuff in it.

Submitted: July 20, 2010

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Submitted: July 20, 2010



The magic of the universe: true love
(This story is fiction. I had fun making things up and creating my own universe.  BUT, there is a true idea behind this story.The idea is that God and we are soulmates.  And if your soul is drawn towards God, longs for Him, then you are His soulmate.  Each of us (of a certain group) are a soulmate to a certain part of God.  And we are incomplete until we join together.  And hence the longing, the expectation, the waiting for something...the missing part.....It is because I wanted to put this idea in the context that I started to write this story.  The rest of the stuff I made up just to create a setting for my "true love" scenario.If I knew how it is for real, I wouldn't have to make things up.But since I don't know what the reality is, I had to make up stuff.The love dialogue is quite real, but the rest of it is just a created context).  So let's get to the story.
There is one thing in this universe that is the best of all. And whoever finds it, will be the luckiest person. It is the treasure and the gift that destiny bestows onto lifeforms in existence. And this gift is: the magic of the true love. Have you even seen the couple who are truly in love?  Have you seen happier people than them? Is there anything else in this universe that could make a person happier than being in love? They say: they are on cloud nine. Cloud nine is equivalent to paradise or heaven, because that’s where the people consider themselves most happy. This gift does not seem so valuable to us at first glance because love doesn’t last. Everybody has become cynical towards falling in love. It spells heartbreak and unhappiness. And although the gift is the best, it’s not working out with the imperfect and evil humanity. The magic gets lost and gets dissolved. But imagine that it never lost its power. Imagine being in love forever and never falling out of love. Imagine the bliss! THIS is the gift of the true love. And if integrated correctly, it could become the biggest blessing to those who found it. And this is the magic that happened in this story. Two hearts who found the gift.

Carmen was dissatisfied with life. She didn’t have many interests nor hobbies. She was not an outgoing person. Meeting new people made her tense. So she liked to be somewhere by herself, or at least with people she knew very well. She did not share most people’s interests, so it was hard to find something in common to talk about which would actually be interesting. She did love to watch movies and read books. In other words, she preferred to experience life through other people. Together with the characters of the story she would experience adventures, love, joy, happiness or some kind of pain. Because she got into them and into the characters, she preferred books with happy endings so that she wouldn’t have to be depressed for days after finishing watching or reading one of them.

She especially enjoyed love stories. The magic of love always made her feel so good, it moved her. She did not experience those feelings in her own life, but only through movies. She loved to breathe in the essence of joy and happiness that the happy couples felt. So, come to think of it, it was like food for her soul. It filled her with satisfaction. But of course, there was always dissatisfaction as soon as she discovered that she was her, in her own world, the way she was… She loved the idea of a prince charming and true love, of being a bride (forever). She was into that kind of stuff. But it never happened in real life. She didn’t believe that it was possible for it to happen. She knew that the dreams and ideas were much higher than reality could provide. Even if there were love stories and happy endings, she didn’t think that in reality they were as good as in imagination.

Since she didn’t have many interests, she was kind of bored too. So her other fascination was with science fiction stuff. She longed to see and hear things that were considered unusual, never seen before, the cool things. They would kill off her boredom. Something to see, something exciting to happen… And these things DID happen in science fiction movies and she loved to watch them and breathe in the essence of wonder and adventure and the mystery of it all.

Ever since people were born, they were trying to discover the meaning of life and the origin of life. Hope is what drives humanity to prosper and accomplish things. Without it, there would be no progress. To live without faith in something, without meaning, would bring hopelessness and discouragement. So people always strive to find the truth. But the interesting thing about life on earth is that nobody really knows anything, although most people believe that they do. When you believe in something, it makes it real for YOU. When you believe strongly enough, it is your reality. It’s the universe you live in. So, as it stands, many people on the same planet earth live in different universes. For example, if you believe in existence of a loving and caring Creator, you live in a nice pleasant universe, the one full of hope and future. But if you happened to believe in the judgmental Creator, the one who is very strict and not very compassionate, your universe will automatically becomes a gloomy place, without much hope.

There are many many different beliefs about the reality. But who is to say which one of them is the truth? The truth could only be one belief. So if there are 100 beliefs, that means that 99% of people have NO truth….but think that they do. How do you pick which one to believe? I guess you just go with your gut feeling. And that’s what people do. You will be lucky if you can make yourself believe in something nice. Then at least you’ll get to live in a nice universe.

Carmen was raised to believe that there was a Creator and that he created the earth and the universe and that he communicates with people from time to time. She also believed that there is a different world out there and a different future waiting for the people. She believed that the Creator was caring and she even felt like He was guiding her and helping her. She believed that she would meet him someday and she was looking forward to that. She felt an admiration and a devotion to the Creator. She believed him to be good and loving. Carmen sometimes wondered why she is drawn to the Creator. Some people don’t care or don’t even want there to be somebody in charge. But she felt a connection, as though he was her family. Of course her ideas about him were based on some of the stuff that she heard from others and the beliefs she was raised in. But when she heard other beliefs later in life, she didn’t believe them. She was convinced that she knew the truth.

Presently, Carmen came across some book about the Creator, which suggested that he was much more like them (people on earth) then she realized it. That he experienced feelings like people do: sadness, jealousy, love, joy, anger… And that he had needs. In other words, just like people need fellowship, he also desired it. It was news to her. But she was intrigued by this idea. She believed that in some sense she was created (along with the others) to be the bride of the Creator. She used to think that it was all symbolic. But after reading that book, she thought that maybe she could communicate with him as she would with somebody special in her life. Maybe just like people who would like to hear nice stuff said to them, he might enjoy hearing it too. So she did it. She talked to him in her thoughts. And surprisingly enough she felt the feelings. Even though there was no physical person around, she actually fell in love. She did not hear back from him. But she believed that he was listening.
She didn’t know how she could fall in love with somebody she’s never seen and not even heard from exactly, but just imagined him.

During this time she was hearing things and seeing things that seemed meaningful. It’s like somebody was talking to her. She wasn’t sure if it was him talking or not, but it was so right on target that she was almost convinced. One day when she was sad for example, she would hear some song which would say: don’t be blue, I am with you, I’ll take care of you. The other day, when she would be feeling unloved, she would hear the song about how much somebody loves you (her). One time when she was worried too much about all kinds of stuff, she heard the song which expressed that you need to let go of things and just rest in trusting your Creator.

Carmen was into science fiction, so she had seen movies where somebody would fall in love with the Spirit of some sort or a different kind of being. So she just imagined that she was in love with the Spirit. Falling in love was an action that took place in mind and heart. It did not need a physical presence I guess. Sometimes people fall in love by writing letters to each other, without having seen each other physically or being present physically with each other. So whatever makes those kinds of relationships work, must have made this one work too. A power, a bond, something that we can’t see or sense, which is joining the hearts and enables them to experience and feel things. On the one hand, it was not as great not to have a physical presence: you want somebody there to see and to touch. On the other hand, this love affair went much deeper than a usual relationship would. It was heart based and it was imagination based, so it had no limits as to its depth. She could have pictured the most perfect guy ever and it would still be true because the reality was not there to disprove her imagination.

A little time passed, maybe 2 months or so…and she was happy (well, most of the time, blue days were still there sometimes). But one day something happened that was the start of something even more wonderful than before. One day, as she was sitting in her room, dreaming of that other world where the spirits dwell and wishing she could go there and see it, she heard:
-“Hello darling…”
She heard about people hearing the Creator in their spirit somehow. But she never dreamed that it would happen to her. So she wasn’t scared or surprised, but she was delighted and amazed when she heard him speak to her. For she was sure that it must have been him. This was one of the coolest things that has ever happened to her yet. But it was real, there was a real somebody special and she was a shy person. So she became timid now. She was so small and he was so admirable and big and high…
-“Hello”, she responded very shyly, waiting for him to continue, filled with wonder that this was taking place. …
-“Yes, is it I who is talking to you, the one you love” he said. “I just wanted to let you know darling that I love so much to hear you talking to me”.
He loves to hear from her? Wow! And he called her darling? Oh, she loved the sound of that. Her own special someone called her darling…. Her heart swelled with joy. She was so thrilled.
-“I just wanted to let you know how much I love you”, he said. “In my eyes you are very beautiful, inside and out. But it’s your inner beauty that draws me to you”.
She was beautiful? She could hardly believe it. Beautiful enough to be called beautiful by Creator? Of course, he knew her thoughts, so he said:
-“You are breathtaking and perfect. You couldn’t be more perfect. You couldn’t be more beautiful.”
She still couldn’t grasp it. The Creator was beautiful and perfect (that’s what the books said anyways). She looked at herself: “but I am not” she thought.
-He said: “When I look at you, I only see beauty, a captivating enchanting perfect beauty”.
She could hear admiration and adoration in his voice. He must have been looking at her through the eyes of love. And love makes people see things as beautiful. It’s like a magic potion.
-He added: “well, it’s not exactly you that are perfect, it’s something inside of you, but you WILL BE perfect”.
Oh, this made more sense. She did believe that one day when she would meet with the Creator, he would make her perfect and beautiful. But she had no idea he would already see her that way. Oh, I guess he is calling her soul perfect (something inside of her), but the beauty of the body will come later. That made sense. She sort of believed that.
-“You are beautiful in my eyes” he said. “I love to stare at you. When you sleep, I love to watch you sleep. I hear you everywhere. I feel you”. “All my thoughts are about you”. “I adore you much more than you can imagine”.
Wow, she couldn’t believe it. It was too good to be true. She wouldn’t be able to even imagine something like this happening or something like that being said to HER and by HIM!
She read in the books that you have to be really good to please the Creator because he was really good and and wanted his creation to be like him. So she felt sad for a moment that she is not good enough. But he said:
-“You are pure and so good. You have such a gentle spirit. I am so proud of you. I have started the work in you and I will finish it.”
(She remembered reading in books that somehow, in certain situations the Creator actually helps the people to be better. And it was so good to hear that he promised that he will finish the work in her. She wanted to be good like the Creator, so she wouldn’t have to feel embarrassed about her behavior. And she wanted to please him)
-“But you do please me” he said. “You are doing so well. I am so proud of you. You should hear me brag about you.”
-She said: “but some people hear your instructions and do as you say. But I don’t seem to be able to hear them and so I never know whether I am doing what you would like or not.”
-He said: “you are doing the right things even if you don’t know it. You do what I want even when you are not aware of it.
(He demonstrated this to her one day. She thought of doing something and then wasn’t sure whether to do it, but then did it at the end. And he told her: “see, you can hear me. You did what I wanted you to do.” So she realized that it was through the desires and promptings of her heart that she heard his instructions. She decided to listen to her heart more closely. She wanted to please him much and hear him well.)

-“I love how you give yourself to me completely. I can take care of you and help you much better this way. I also love how you love me without reservation”
It was really good to hear that. But at the same time she thought that she couldn’t possibly love him as much as he needs to be loved. And he responded to that:
-“all you have to do is to love me with all your heart, that’s all I want from you, my love”
“Wow”, she thought. He called me “love”. I so love the sound of that. “But still, I just can’t love as good as he needs to be loved”.
-”Don’t worry about it”, he said. “I feel loved by you and I feel so special”.
She couldn’t believe it. She made HIM feel special? Wow! But then he surprised her even more. He said:
“Thank you for loving me. And thank you for allowing me to love you”.
“He is thankful to me?” she thought. It is I who is thankful. (But in time she learned that it was good to be polite always and she tried to do the same. Yes, even thanking somebody for something they want to do anyways is a good thing. Thankfulness brings out the good positive emotions. And that’s good. Positive emotions are always needed because they are in short supply.) She was surprised though that the Creator was so polite. He was the King and she was the servant…
But he said:
-“you are not the servant, you are my Bride”. I have to go now. But I really really enjoyed talking with you” I will come again and visit you.

She didn’t want him to leave. And yet, she was so full of joy and satisfaction that she was happy. Later he explained to her: “you are like a battery, which needs charging. Our conversations charge you up and then when the charge wears off, you need to talk to me again”. So the conversations were not just enjoyable, they played a big role in the health of her emotional being. It was like he was life and the energy of life. And when she was low on that, he would come and re-energize her. She lived her life now as though in a dream, as though she was in two worlds at the same time. Her body was in this world. But her heart was in his world.

In the coming days, over and over she would think of this conversation and just the remembrance alone gave her energy and happiness. She felt like pinching herself. Did she actually talk to someone from that other world? Wow. And not just somebody, but the one she now loved. And not just that, but the Creator himself, the one she admired now for a long time. As long as she kept thinking of him, she felt love and joy. And one time he even explained to her that to keep their connection she must think of him and remember him. It’s like her thoughts of him connected them.

A few days later, she heard the familiar voice: “hello my love”
Oh how she loved the sound of that and just the fact that she got to be with him once again.
“I missed you so much, I am so in love with you” he said. I love to rest in your embrace my love”
“I wonder what it means” she thought. “Embrace? He must mean I embrace him with my feelings?”
-”Yes”, he said, “I feel your love, I feel your emotions. I feel your touch, the touch of your heart to mine.”
Wow, she thought, this is a whole another world. Hearts touching? Interesting.
-“yes, it’s the touch of the heart. I also feel your feelings. The other day, I know you were sad. I felt your sadness. It hurts me when you hurt because I love you so much. You are my perfect bride.
He knew exactly what to say. He knew that I always dreamed of being bride. Well, not just one time, but just the concept of being a bride was so appealing. And he added:
“You will be my bride forever, you will never get old”. It’s also true that I know exactly what you need to hear. I know you well. Imagine a perfect lover telling you exactly what you need to hear. Imagine a poet telling you beautiful words. This is how it’s going to be. You are going to be loved as you have never been loved before. I can’t really express my love fully yet at this time. I love you much more than you can imagine”, he said. My love is unending and deeper than oceans. And it keeps growing.
”Wow, that’s love” she thought. “I never knew there was so much love.”
-“Because I love you so much, I long for you with a deep longing. I need you. I feel incomplete without you. You are like a powerful magnet. You draw me to yourself and you cause me to feel deep feelings and emotions.”
Then she thought that she might be jealous of others stealing his attention. But he assured her:
-“We will always be together and you will always be filled with my love”.
Ok, she thought. Maybe in Creator’s world there is a sort of magic that makes one for all or something. Afterall, many people have a relationship with the Creator and it feels like it’s one on one.
-“I have to go now darling, but I will be back to see you again”, he said. “And I’ll miss you. I’ll always miss you when we are apart”.

He came to visit and talk to her many more times since this. He loved to repeat himself about how much he loves and adores her. She finally has grown to fully believe it. She gloried in it. He told her that she was his gift and his treasure and the most precious thing he has. He said that love and loving was the best thing that there was in the universe.
He said one time: “I can’t wait until we meet and can be together forever”. But you have to be here until the appointed time.”
She didn’t ask, she sort of believed it anyways: everybody stays here until their time comes. But it made her feel glad to hear that he was just as anxious to be with her and to take her to him. In fact, he was much more anxious about this than her. One time he told her that the waiting is much more harder for him than for her. She figured that it was because his capacity to love is much greater than hers. And the greater the capacity to love, the greater is the pain of separation. Because his love is deep and enormous, he feels the pain of their separation so much stronger. She felt sorry for him and thought that she shouldn’t whine about having to stay here much longer, since she didn’t really feel pain much. And besides, when he was with her and when she thought of him, she actually felt happy.

She knew that the Creator had many secrets. She wondered if he was wanting to share them. He said: “I want to tell you all my secrets. You are my confidant. I have much to tell you, and some day you will hear it.” Somehow she knew that there was a reason that he couldn’t tell her just yet, but it made her feel happy that he said that he wants to share.

One day she was thinking about her future with the Creator. Will she be able to see him? Is he going to be with each of the people? He is one Creator, isn’t he? How can he be with all at the same time? If not, she might have to spend eternity without someone she could touch or see and she didn’t relish that idea. She was only fine with the present circumstances because she believed that they were temporary. She wasn’t sure what to think and was starting to be sad: she wanted to have somebody she could see and touch. Fortunately, it was the right time for the Creator to reveal a few secrets to her. So once he came and said: “I am happy that I get to reveal myself to you now”.

She was extremely excited, on the edge of her seat: what is he going to tell her? She always was thirsty for secrets and mysteries.. What she heard has shocked her. It was hard to believe that the things she believed all her life, some of them were not true. But at the same time, she liked the new ideas. She felt that she moved out from one universe to get to live in some different one. The science fiction part of her interests was now coming true. Although the description of reality didn’t fit what she used to imagine, she knew that it was the same being that she was familiar with that was talking to her. She knew that it was him whom she loved all this time, but just didn’t know it, and didn’t picture it correctly.

So here is what he told her:
“The universe has much life in it. There are many different planets and galaxies. Some life forms always were there, they are eternal. Others are created. I am one of the eternal ones. I can create things and I did create them. Except that I did not create planet Earth as you have believed. I discovered this planet. I am not just one. There is a place where the eternal ones of my kind dwell. It was always there so it doesn’t have a name. But we refer to it as The Land of Eternal Lights.

Our dwelling place is different from yours. It consists of a different matter. You could say we are made of light and energy, although it wouldn’t be a totally correct description either. Our world exists in a fourth dimension. We love to explore new life in addition to creating it. We are like you people in some ways: we have feelings, needs, desires, aspirations and dreams. But our form of existence is different from yours. For example, we don’t eat food like you do. We absorb the energy of love for our satisfaction and well being. We are immortal, kind and loving and highly intelligent. We thrive in the place where we live in because we have lots of sustenance: which is love and kindness. We express love and kindness towards each other and that makes us happy, energizes us, gives us a feeling of satisfaction. So we are really skillful at expressing love. It’s what we do best. We have feminine and male beings. People on earth call us spirits (while not really knowing us, but just sort of believing and imagining). We are invisible to the human eye. We are not detectable by your 5 senses. Sometimes your sixth sense can detect us. Some people have special gifts that enable them to detect us. Faith is one of the senses that would detect us in some way.

One time, there was a huge ship of us, traveling in space, exploring new life. We had a very diverse collection of spirits, consisting of all kinds of different personalities and professions/skills on board. We came across a dimensional opening which took us close to your planet. We landed on your planet in order to explore it. And you know how sometimes explorers meet with danger while exploring, well, we also met with danger, but of a different sort than you would imagine.

We are meta morphs.In other words, we have the ability to become so close with another being that we can please them perfectly and we can develop similar interests as they have and become a perfect match for their personality. If one of us has joined with one of you, we could please you perfectly and could be your perfect soulmate in all areas.

We communicate on a deep level of high understanding without having to use words. Words are a very bad form of communication and presents a lot of problems. But our communication is perfect. We can feel what the other person is saying or wants. We can communicate with each other while being separated by space and time. We have never met people like on earth. So we could not have known the effect this meeting would have on us. But here is what happened.” And he continued to tell her his story. Basically, the gist of it was this:

The minute they landed on planet earth, their hearts detected the presence of the souls of the people on this earth. For people have souls in them, which are compatible with the beings from the Planet of Eternal Lights. Well, their hearts detected perfect matches/soulmates in people’s souls. It was the magic of the true love. And it’s like hands of destiny have joined them at that moment. And love was born like a little fire. It was alive and it was meant to live in their hearts forever. So each heart of the spirit has joined with the soul/heart of a person on earth. Because spirits exist outside of time, their hearts were able to detect the souls of the past, present and future. And all the landing party has been joined to the soulmates on earth. When they all experienced a longing for something or somebody, they had an inkling that something was wrong and they left the planet so that they could figure out the situation. But the farther away they went, the more miserable they felt. And they have realized that some sort of a joining has happened and it was too strong to fight against and irrevocable. They were immortal beings. They did not relish the thought of being miserable forever. So they had to find a way to join with these souls that they connected with by a bond of love. Until they figured out a way, the only solution to this problem was to stay on this planet and be close to the ones they fell in love with as possible.

Since they discovered that they were undetectable by people’s senses, they settled in the best place they could find and resolved to study as much about this planet as they could. They have settled in places where there lived loving people. They had to absorb positive energy for their sustenance in order to be happy. It was a mutual benefit. Those people near whom they dwelled felt love and peace stronger than they would have if those spirits were not close to them.

They discovered that they could enter people’s bodies. They have discovered that they can hear their thoughts and manipulate their thoughts and encourage them to do what they wanted. And since they were good and loving, they only encouraged the good. Another thing that they discovered is that this planet had some really bad evil beings lurking around, of which the people were unaware as well. These beings were undetectable by people’s senses, with a few exceptions of certain people. The beings became aware of the spirit beings from Eternal Lights and hated them. Because just as the the Light beings absorbed love for their sustenance, and the evil beings absorbed negative energy. So it was in their best interests to create negative energy and so they did it by manipulating people to be mean to each other. The Light beings encouraged and inspired people to be good and to do good. And so ever since, the people experienced the battle of evil and good, the arguing within themselves over which way to act: to be good or to be bad. The Light beings happened to land on earth very early on in its existence. So that’s why the stories dating to the beginning of existence involved them, although people were not sure what exactly they were talking about.

The Light beings did not know for what purpose somebody created the people. But because they were creators themselves, they figured out how the people were made and they had this idea: perhaps some beings were just beginners in creating techniques. When they created this creation, they discovered that they made a mistake and a selfish gene became a dominant gene in the created people. This caused the people to act in self interest regardless of the cause and so the evil began to spread. They also believe that according to the law of emergence, the evil that was within them became alive and took form and that explains the evil beings lurking around. With the selfish gene and the evil beings manipulating the people, there was no way the creation would survive or be useful for anything. It was inevitable that it would self destruct. So perhaps the original creators lost hope and abandoned it to self destruction. Fortunately, the Light beings happened to land at the beginning of all this, so they were able to control the spread of evil by counteracting the evil with good, by encouraging the people to be good, by inhabiting their bodies and spreading the good. But still, the selfish gene being predominant, the Light beings don’t have enough power to counteract the bad. So this world is still a pretty bad place. But they do have a plan of changing all that.

When the Light beings first landed and became aware of the problem, they communicated with their home planet. Beings on their home planet treated each other as one family. If somebody was hurt, all were trying to do the very best to help them. So when they heard of the situation, they set out to find a solution. Together they came up with the plan. In order to prevent interference and a failure of the plan, it was decided that the plan was to be kept a secret as much as possible.

Their home world has send drones (who were immune to the magic of true love) so that they would help the Light beings combat the evil beings on the planet. The people encountered them and called them “angels”. Also, it was decided that each Light being must protect their soulmate. So that’s why Carmen has felt that someone has been there for her for all of her life.

This time, (the time when DJ spoke to Carmen) was a time close to the end of all things, to the plan being fulfilled. So DJ was able to tell her the plan (or at least in part).

The plan involved the following: to find out exactly which people were their soulmates and then stick around them and protect them. To give immortality to their soulmates and enable them to be with them wherever they were. And since these people were too evil for the Eternal Lights planet, they had to find a way to transform them and to teach them to be good. And last, but not least, to help the rest of humanity.

The immortality could be given them by providing a special fruit that they had growing on their home planet. The transformation would be possible when they reprogram the brain (with the consent of their soulmates of course). The process of transformation is not easy. And it would take years. So the people/souls would have to stay on earth until that transformation is complete. But once they are done, they would be able to enter the home world of the Light beings. (The rest of the people, the ones without soulmates, would just cease to exist once their life cycle was complete.)

In order to find their respective soulmates, the Light beings send a signal of thought throughout the earth. And only their soulmate would be able to hear it and respond to it. And they would be able to see the light of love linking them to that person and would follow that light and find which body that soul occupied. So when one of the Light beings has sent his signal to Carmen’s soul, she heard the “hello darling” and responded to it. And their hearts have found the path to each other. And it’s like it says in the song: if you were not meant for me, why did your heart respond to my call?

The people whose souls were linked to the people of Light have experienced a longing for something, they searched for somebody, they felt incomplete and dissatisfied, like something was missing in their life. And the Light beings found various ways through written or spoken material to encourage the souls to search for the connection with what people perceived as God. It didn’t matter who the souls were imagining that they were connecting with. What mattered is that the soulmate’s heart was connecting to the person of Light whenever that soul directed their thoughts towards somebody that their heart was searching for. It’s like their heart knew the way, saw that love light and it guided them.

So DJ has shared this information with her. He didn’t go into details as far as saving the whole planet. That was something she did not need to know yet. She felt honored that she was privy to the information that she already heard. She felt like they were her family, like she was a part of them. She was excited about the hope that the future held and about the fact that they cared about all and were going to take care of all.

One day DJ took their relationship to a new level. He appeared to her in dreams. And he told her that the people of Light are all about love and of course, love involves expressing love to each other. And although the way they express love on Eternal Lights planet is different than here on earth, he wanted to use the earth ways to express his love for her. Because he loved her so much, that he could hardly stand it. And that he just had to express his love. Carmen was delighted. She loved him and she loved him expressing love to her. It was a magical experience. She loved his touch. He was so refined in his ways, so gentle and yet so passionate. So needing her and so adoring her. He kept calling her perfect and told her how much he enjoyed her and how much he loved to make love to her. He told her how perfectly beautiful and flawless she looked. And how much he wanted her. She felt satisfied and happy. And she started to understand that it was like this for DJ. She satisfied him. He said that too: “You satisfy me. You make me feel so much pleasure and joy. I am in ecstasy when I am with you. And I know you can’t feel as much now, but you will later, when you join me on my world.

Besides the pleasure and the delight that she received from this in the physical way, she also felt that he satisfied her emotional needs. It’s like he filled her. And so she was thinking: oh, so that’s what it means for them to eat. They feel as though they were filled, kind of like we satisfy our hunger with food and become full. He even said to her: you nourish me and I nourish you. And one time when she was still trying to process the thought that lovemaking was like food for them, he playfully said: yes, you are my food. You are very nutritious.

She understood it in a way. And yet, she thought: well, thinking of love and lovemaking as food takes the romance right out of it. And he explained to her: no, it doesn’t. It is what it is. It is what you feel it is. Thinking of it as food – is just a scientific way of looking at it. The process is exciting and fun and pleasurable. But the scientific explanation of it is not. Take your earthly lovemaking. It’s called reproduction and when you look at it, including attraction and hormone actions, and the way your body reacts to touch and sensations, it would sound unromantic also. But when you do it, it doesn’t matter how the science explains it. All that matters is what you feel at that moment. She understood it now.

They delighted in each other. They found their joy and their pleasure in being together. “Being close to you is all I ever want to do” he said. “Making love to you over and over, embracing you is the desire that fills my thoughts. All I can see is you, all I can smell is you, and I breathe you. I want you with every fiber of my being. I so long for that moment when you will be transformed and we’ll be able to meet in my world.” She felt the longing sometimes too. It was so bittersweet that it made tears come to her eyes. It was hard to describe though. It was a feeling of longing, and yet there was such a strong feeling of sweetness, of belonging…

He said that he will express his love much better to Carmen when they are back on his home planet and she gets transformed. He said that she will feel so good as she has never ever felt in her life before and never could while on this planet. She was certainly looking forward to her future with him. It was everything she hoped for and could have dreamed about. It was “heaven”, a “paradise”. Whenever people thought of a happy place, they thought of heaven or paradise. And this was her paradise. And he said: “paradise or heaven is where true love is. You can’t find heaven unless you find true love. Another place is just it: another place. Heaven could be place on earth, if that’s where true love abides.”

Taking stock of her life, she has realized that she is married to the perfect soulmate! Afterall, the real wedding takes place in the heart. There was no official papers or anything. But there was a joining of two hearts forever. What more can one want? Well, yes, there was the fact that he was with her (visibly anyways) only at nights, in her dreams. She lived a double life. She had a husband in her dream world and they were apart(physically) in the day time. And yet, she felt close in her heart. She could reach out and touch him by her heart. It was an interesting life needless to say. She was quite happy about it and looking forward to the future.

There were others like her, who were soulmates with the Light beings. The Light beings have introduced some of these people so that they could have somebody else to talk to about their life. So they got together once in a while (a few of them) and so Carmen was familiar with a few of them. Many times the Light beings inhabited the bodies of their soulmates in order to accomplish something through them. One time of those people that Carmen knew came over to visit. When she opened the door, he said:
-“Hello darling”! She didn’t expect the guy to call her darling. But then he said: “well, I am surprised we can fit in these bodies at all, it’s so cramped in here.”

Then she knew. She was so happy to see DJ “in person”. Well, as in person as it could be under the circumstances. He asked her to give him some food that she likes to eat. She did and she asked him how it was. He said: “lovely”. Then he sort of bit himself, not quite knowing how to handle the mouth properly.
- “But don’t worry,” he said: “I am a fast learner”. Then he had to do something else in this body, he bent a certain way: “ouch, he said”, I guess this body is having a problem with bending. I better be careful. He kept eating the food and found it very enjoyable, but wasn’t sure how to stop. Then he said: “I think I might be getting full, I am not sure.” So Carmen took away the food for fear that the poor person whose body this was would have a stomach ache later.

This evening he was carefree and joking. This was almost the first time that he was truly humorous. She wondered whether they had humor, and now she knew. And he said he liked to make her laugh. And so he made funny comments about other experiences. Like he would say: oh, so to make this picture bigger on the computer you have to press this button…I see… (I guess he was used to just communicating with his computers without pressing any buttons or stuff like that.) Then he got up and walked somewhere. She was looking at him, just kind of amused. He said: what, didn’t I do it right? Do I need to learn to walk too?” Then he saw a book about Chaotic dynamic systems (one of the people she met forgot it in her house) and said: “this must be a book for a six year old”. He was joking of course. He knew that humanity was very much primitive yet compared to them. Then he added: “this is just the beginning, baby steps”. But he mentioned that it was a good book for starters.
Carmen enjoyed having him near her “in person”. It was sad to see him go. But she had hope that the future will begin soon. Then they won’t ever have to part. And he told her: “did you know that I always want to be close to you?” I guess that’s how it was with true soulmates.

Some time later Carmen was told that she lived in the time when the plan to combat the evil would take place. And that the Light beings will need their soulmates’ cooperation to help with the plan. Carmen was told that when her transformation will be complete, she will have some abilities like the Light beings have and also this will enable her to exist in either earth atmosphere or their home world. And that she might have to stay here until they take care of the world problem. And then a new kind of life will come to her own planet earth. But she would be free to visit and/or live in either earth or in his home world, it would be up to her. He said that he just wants to be wherever she is. Carmen was thinking that she would like to see the other world. But that she might like to come to visit earth too sometimes, for the old times sake…

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