Love found

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Just a dream I had Please read its kinda horror love lol hard to explain

Submitted: October 30, 2012

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Submitted: October 30, 2012



He lay there with his crimson pool cooling around him,

warmth on his lips keep him still

he see's that light everyone talks about

A light that he wants to away.

There is no place for him in that light he was told

He should be headed for the fire, right.

He feels his body getting colder, damn

How he ended up here still on his mind.

Why the world cared who he loved was beyond him

His lover was no where to be found for weeks

They were finally happy and together

but they weren't allowed to stay that way

The niegbors turned on them so fast, so viloent

Scared for there children they say, scared we would change the meaning of words

Scared that our love was so wrong, so evil that we had to go

Refused to bow down to that shit

we stayed.....

He never came home, they didn't even look

so here i am alone, dieing and scared...........

No not alone for he is here with me isn't he

loving me again

holding me again

telling me it's okay, telling me the light is okay

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