one step away

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the devil is following her every move. she doesn't know why she stepped into the attic. but two dead parents later she knows now that she's going crazy

Submitted: April 26, 2016

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Submitted: April 26, 2016



At the door, my grandmother greeted me.It was the first time I've been there. I don't know why but I was never allowed over here, but now that both of my parents are gone I didn't have a choice. "Whatever you do don't go into the attic." She said pointing up. "Why?" I asked. I didn't see any reason why I would. "Don't ask why. Just don't. Your mother never listened after she met your father. Now look at them, they're both dead."

How can an attic kill someone? I didn't want to know. The best way to forget about it was to not think about it.

It was easy, until I was lying in bed and in the dark. I close my eyes but I can still see. The attic feels so real. Sleep was impossable. I couldn't stop thinking about it.

I turned around and saw a black shadow. It floated infront of me. I was fixed on the figure. It glided around the walls quickly before going into the attic. I got out of bed and opended the attic door. It was just a square black hole with a ladder entering it. I climed the ladder, not realizing how high and unstable it was.

Inside I saw a chest. I opened it and pulled out four candles, a black cloth with a white five point star with a circle around it. I knew what it meant and I tried to tell myself don't do it, but I did anyway. I unfolded the fabric on the floor. I lit the matches I found and set one candle on each corner. "STOP NOW!!" A voice shouted in my head. Oh, but how much can it hurt if I go a little farther? "Twelve days." A husky voice said. "What?" "Twelve days." I soon realized what I've done. It wasn't some random voice speaking to me because I was scared, It was Lucifer's! "Twelve days." I repeated in a whisper. I have to be awake for twelve days or I would be taken to Hell. It can't be that hard. I normally stay awake for days at a time anyway.

I couldn't believe what I've done. Now I know why my parents died. The shadow got to them like it did to me. They stayed over here a few days. It was the first time they left me home alone. I wanted to go but they wouldn't let me. They said I wouldn't have much fun here, but as a fifteen yearold all of my fun included was texting and busting my eardrums with music. I didn't understand then, but thirteen days and two dead parents later, I do.

"I heard noises last night." She was walking back and forth behind the kitchen table. I didn't see anything. I noticed that I could spin my spoon around the bowl without touching it, but I did anyway so she doesn't suspect anything. She sat down and crossed her arms on the table. "You didn't make a deal with the devil, did you?" She smiled and winked. I looked at her in shock. Does she know I went into the attic? She leaned back and started laughing. I think it's strange how she find my possible death amusing. "I mean I'm sure you have by now. Or do you have a boyfriend?" She talked like a teenager. "I remember my first boyfriend." She stared off into space, still talking in that annoying preppy tone. "He took me everywhere." I noticed her hair was loosing its gray and her skin was loosing its wrinkles. Was it my meds or was she really changing right in front of me? Her hair went from curly and gray to straight and brunette. She was more tanned than she was before. Her lips were glossy, her eyes are now really big and wide with a nice light brown color. She went from a seventey yearold woman to a seventeen yearold teenager. "He was so hot." she smiled wide but it quickly faded. "I forgot his name though. Don't give it up to the first thing that calls you pretty." She was starring in a gaze. "I wasn't planing to." She nodded slowly. "I have to go to the mall. Do you want anything?" She shook her head while gazing at the table.

I was so relived to get rid of her. I have so many questions. How did she change like that? How did she change in her appearance, her personility, and even her mood so quickly? I was going through the dresses trying to forget what happened earlier. "HEY!!" The same girl I was trying to avoid popped out of the dresses. "Hi." I said in a confusing tone. She's taller and skinnier than I am. I'm starting to envy her. No matter how hard I exercised and dieted I could never get the body I wanted. Her eyes are way bigger than mine, I have almond shaped eyes that always got me teased and bullied at school and even by my own family! How dare she transfrom from an old lady and look this good! "Where did you come from?" I asked. "From inside the dresses." She saidin an  obvious tone. "It takes thirty minutes to get here and you were still at the table when I left." "What are you talking about?" She looked puzzled. "You were an old lady, but you transformed!" She stared at me for a bit. "WOW! You're crazier than I am!"

We walked around the mall. She talked but I checked out. I stopped and stared. The figure was back. "What are we starring at?" she whispered. "That." I wispered back, pointing at the floating shadow. "What?" She asked. "The shadow moving on the wall." I'm really starting to get agitated. "What figure on what wall?!" She looked at me. She's scared, confused, and concerned.

I felt her appearance fade. Everything turned dark. Something moist dripped off of my hand. I looked at it. Blood. Blood was everywhere. I turned so skinny and pale as if I were dead. My jet black dress was torn at the bottom. My eyes grew so wide they went over my cheeks. I fell to my knees. A whirlpool formed in the lake of blood. Two gaint hands clawed their way up. I can't believe What I'm seeing! Two gaint ram horns and a face so human but so deformed and monstrous, and its teeth so sharp and jagged they could shred anything on contact. It chased me as I ran. It's just my imagination. It's not real. IT'S NOT REAL!!!" I slammed the door behind me. The beast didn't follow. Something dripped on my head. I looked up and a maggot fell into my eye. I can feel it squirming deeper and deeper until made its way into my brain. Maggots poored out from the cracks of the door.

"You went into the attic. Didn't you?" She stood in front of me. I stood up and looked around. I'm in a huge white room with a large window. A boy is sitting in a white chair under a long white table. "You're dead Marie." She said. "No!" I cried. "I can't be dead, I never fell asleep. I've been awake for twelve days. I'M ALIVE!!" "THE DEVIL LIES, MARIE! JUST ASK HIM!" She pointed to the boy. "He's crazy, We've already proven that. HE'S INSANE!" I gripped my scalp. "YOU'RE IN HELL, MARIE!" She yelled. Hot, red tears kept rolling down my face. "But, he said if I stayed awake for twelve da..." "HE LIED! THE DEVIL LIES, YOU SHOUL'VE FOUND SALVATION WHEN YOU HAD THE CHANCE!!"

Everything faded. I woke up, screaming at the top of my lungs. My arms are bound. I fell off of the table. I can't move in this jacket. So many words I need to say but only come out in screams. The old woman ran to me. She got to her knees and held me. "Shhh..." She wispered while rocking me. "Everything's going to be alright."

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