Driving Home

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He might have lost his biological family, but his true family is only a long car ride home.

Submitted: November 07, 2011

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Submitted: November 07, 2011



It was a long drive home from St. Louis Missouri. I make the drive every couple months to go see my family.

They aren't a traditional, or even somewhat normal family, but they're mine. These are the people who took

care of me, every time I might have needed it.

The drive home was boring, long, and sad. I had to leave my entire support system to go back to my job, my

house and everything else. I wish i could just move down there and be done with it. 

The family was my LGBT community friends. I am a transgender, an FTM if you will. My biological family

never supported that, and kicked me out at 17 when I became who I am now. When they did that, I

gathered everything and left Howell Michigan behind forever. I, rather quickly, found an amazing support

group on the internet, based out of St. Louis. When I told them what was happening, I learned how

amazing people could be, and how much I could be loved. They were a small and close knit group, but

something drew me to them. After they learned what I had been through, they jumped in their car and

drove to get me. That road trip was so meaningful and full of love and support that I found myself crying a

whole lot. 


From there, I lived with them. I eventually got my degree, went to college and became a Facial

Reconstruction Artist. 


Through it all, my family provided all the support I could need. My 'moms', a 40 year old lesbian and her

partner, had started this support groups just for kids like me, lost, lonely, and part of the LGBT community.

My 'siblings', a group of about 10, ranging in age from 15-27, gave me all the advice and help I could need.

They are a group of a little bit of everything. Now, at 23, I have my own life, but home for me will always be

with my crazy family. 


That long drive home is worth it each and every time.  

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