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READER COMMENT: "Great dialogue, intriguing tale, beaut phrasing. I'm a fan!" -- Reagle.

Summary: Two main characters, one coveted object. Let the quest begin.

A literary exercise.

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Introduction and Prologue

Submitted: June 05, 2017

Introduction: In which I enumerate.

A literary experiment in which I will attempt the following:

1) write a novel on Booksie, from rough-draft to final form, based upon these guidelines;

2) relate parallel plots in which two equally sympathetic protagonists pursue the same MacGuffin, thereby juxtaposing comedy and tragedy (for one to succeed, the other must necessarily fail);

3) play with tropes, exaggerating some while subverting others (particularly those relating to sword & sorcery, myth, and fantasy in general);

4) attempt to make it feel original despite the aforementioned;

5) continue the theme of juxtaposition by contrasting violence and humor, hyper-realism and parody.

This effort will be contingent upon generating interest and its overall reception (so be sure to let me know whether you like the idea or think it's preposterous). Basically I'm polling for supply and demand. If there is a demand for something like this then I will strive to supply it. If there isn't then what's the point? I'm open to suggestions should anyone like to contribute to this list of ambitions (or the story-line in general, since I'll be making it up as I go along).

It will be rated R (at least). So heads up: There may be gore, philosophy, graphic depictions, uncouth humor, expletives, and/or incongruous silliness.

Trigger Warning: puns.

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