Mean & Beautiful (Alyssameep's Challenge)

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Submitted: April 15, 2009

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Submitted: April 15, 2009



Camilla Rose was Franklin High's most popular girl. Everyone knew her. Girls were in love with her clothes and boys were in love with her beauty.

Camilla Rose was the type of girl who could wear something that is a year out of style and make it look amazingly sexy. Yes, one day she wore a terrible ugly gray sweater too school and the next day every single girl was wearing one. It is quite sad to know that every girl at Franklin High was obsessed with Camilla Rose. Hello? I wonder if those girls had even heard of the word: unique. Even if they did, they probably have know idea what it means.

Anyway, boys and girls alike all worship Camilla Rose. If Camilla demanded them to jump into a freezing pool with all their designer clothes on or drink a glass of sour milk, they would do it, no doubt. 

Now, I will tell you about a historic day at Franklin High. It is very historic becuase that was the day, Camille became unpopular.

It was a crispy autumn afternoon. Everyone just came back from their extended weekend. Girls talked, catching up on the latest gossip (Was Ashley dating Marcus? Did Dan dump Hannah?) while the boys rode their skateboards, that were of course not allowed in school, and flirted with the girls.

Camilla and her crew-Blaire, Clara, Annette, and Jenny-were sitting at one of the picnic tables outside, waiting for the beel to ring, (which would be in twenty minutes) under a nice shady tree with colorul orange, brown, yellow, and red leaves.

Camilla snapped on her Stride gum and perched her Gucci sunglasses on top on her head that was full of thick, caramel colored hair with blonde highlights.

"So, Camilla. What guy are you going to date this week?" Jenny asked, eargerly. She fixed her brown curls even though they were always perfect whatever way she wore it.

The fivesome made up a game where each girl dates one boy a week and then dumps 'em, and dates another, a week later. Werid how the boys didn't catch on, huh? I guess they were blinded by the girls beauty. The girls were like humming birds or bees. Boys were like flowers, and the girls wanted a bit of every one.

Anyway, this week Blaire had Josh. Clara had Tony. Annette had Mikey. Jenny had Lance.

Camille twirled a strand of hair around her pinky finger, thinking. "Um, okay. This week, I chose Kenny."

"Nice choice. But doesn't he have a girlfriend? Iggy or Isabella or something?" asked Annette, swiping strawberry-flavored lip gloss over her pink lips. Annette's skin was the color of dark chocolate and was the most beautiful girl in school, after Camilla.

"So?" winked Camilla, unwrinkling her pink skirt with her hands, "Oh, speaking of Kenny..." She pointed a finger at her new boy toy.

"Kenny!" called Camilla, waving her hand in the air, her gold bangles clanging together.

The boy turned his head to look at Camilla, with suprise. Camilla wants to talk to me?  He thought in awe, making his way over to the beautiful Camilla.

"Yeah?" he asked, trying to act casual, even though his heart was hammering in his throat.

Camilla cocked her head and batted her thick eyelashes, flirtasiously, "Hey Kenny. I was wondering if you'd like to go to the movies with me or something, this Friday. I'm so bored." She rolled her eyes and grinned, "How about it?"

"I-I'd love to. I'll p-pick you up at seven." stammered Kenny. Mental note: Dump Isabell.

Camilla winked, "See you then." She blew a kiss at her new boyfriend and Kenny made his way back to his friends to boast that Camilla Rose asked him out.

Camilla continued yapping with her best friends when a pale finger tapped her shoulder.

Camilla whirled around, "What do you want?" She snapped to the girl. It was Isabell, Kenny's girlfriend. Her eyes were watery and she sniffled.

"Kenny just b-broke up for me. M-my friend told me he j-just asked you out. Is t-that true?"

"Yup." smirked Camilla, her cold heart not melting with symapthy and sorrow.

"Why? You knew we were dating, Camilla!" shouted Isabell, causing all heads to swivil around and stare at her.

"So he picked me over you? No suprise." shrugged Camilla.

Kathy Wender leaned over to whisper into Pamilla Cayle's ear, "Uh-oh."

Isabell's eyes narrowed, "You can be such a bitch."

Gasps and murmures broke out around Camilla.

Kathy leaned over again, "Told ya so."

"Excuse me?" barked Camilla, stunned. No one ever dissed Camilla Rose. Ever. And if they did, that was the end of them.

Camilla stood up to slap the silliness out of Isabell when suddenly an unpopular nerd stood up from resting under an tree, "I don't look up at you, Camilla!"

Another band geek nodded, "Me either! Camilla, you can be such a witch!"

Camilla watched in horror as one by one every person nodded and shouted that he/her didn't look up to Camilla anymore. They realized she was just plain cruel and bitchy.

Kenny raced over to Isabell, "Isabell, I am so sorry."

Isabell glared at Kenny, "You didn't think that before, Kenny."

Kenny took a shaky breath, "No. I'm such a stupid jerk."

"You promise not do do it again?"

"I promise, Isabell."

Isabell hugged Kenny and whispered, "Your forgiven, babe."

Camilla turned to face her friends, "Stop them!" she commanded.

Blaire shrugged, "Sorry, Cam. You can be sort of a bitch."

Clara raised her eyebrows, "So true, Blaire."

Jenny and Annette nodded in agreement, "Sorry, girl."

Isabell turned away from Kenny, "Camilla. You don't have to be mean and beautiful to be popular. You just have to be you and if your truly awesome, then who knows? You just might become popular."

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