Blood Cravings

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Our Booksie crew members are writing stories to bring the vampires back to the dark side. This is my if you dare!

Submitted: November 04, 2013

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Submitted: November 04, 2013



The cold, white sky indicated the end of fall season and the winter season had arrived. The brisk, cold air sent shivers up and down Kaleb's spine. He glanced up as the snow dropped out of the sky, making the land a solid sheet of ice.

Kaleb stood at the entrance, and peered inside the darkness. The only thing he could see was the shadows of a darkened tunnel.

He knew this was the place.It had to be. He had followed the instructions exactly.

He stood alone. The only thing he held was a small lantern to help light his way.

His insides shook for what he was about to do was one of the scariest things anyone could ever do in their life time. It was against all the rules of the living, but, it didn't matter. He didn't care. It had to be done.

He entered the tunnel. He figured it must have been at least 200 years old, if not older. The decayed walls, the cold damp air, and the spider webs hung from the ceiling, undisturbed told Kaleb that it had been a long, long time since this place had seen any human contact.

Kaleb felt the freezing, cold ground through his shoes.

He shuddered.He debated on whether or not to turn back. After all he was only one person and how much could one person do to change it all? He’d come so far, though and hated to go back. He was almost there. He’d almost made contact.

“Who dare enter the crypt of Edgar Thorn?” A loud booming male voice came from out of nowhere.

Kaleb jumped and spun around shining his light behind him, where he thought the voice came from, but, no one was there.

“Answer me young man!” The voice boomed again.

Kaleb cleared his throat.

“My….my….my name is Kaleb. I’m here to bring you news from the underworld!”

“Why would we want to hear anything from them?” The voice growled under his breath.

“Its’ news you need to know! A soul has been born on earth. He is part vampire and part werewolf. The werewolves have decided to raise it as their own.” Kaleb raised his voice to match the invisible voice from inside the crypt. He thought maybe it would give a better effect so that whatever it was he was talking to might listen to him.

An eerie silence filled the crypt.

“Why should this interest me?” The voice quietly spoke.

“The demons are planning to kidnap the child, tonight; when the clock strikes midnight on all Hollow’s eve.”

Kaleb thought he heard the invisible being gasp.

The earth trembled under his feet. A wind blew through the crypt with such great force it broke the glass on his lantern. Everything went dark. The temperature changed to freezing cold and Kaleb’s arms were covered in goose bumps.

He shivered.

Kaleb’s eyes tried to focus in the darkness. A large hand broke through the surface of the earth. He stood there with his mouth hanging open. He wanted to run, but his feet were frozen firmly to the ground.

Kaleb stared. He couldn’t breathe.

A man in a large black cloak arose from the dirt. He was a stunning piece of work.His sleeked, black hair and dark green eyes made him look almost charmingly evil. He was a tall, well-built man whose presence not only made Kaleb want to jump for joy, but it also scared him to death.

“Now young man, what is it you propose we do about this little problem?”

“I….I….l…..I don’t know,” Kaleb stuttered. “But, you’re going to have to do something!”

“Why is it we have to do something?”

“You just don’t get it do you? The world has belittled the vampire! The demons have taken over the underground, and you guys are left in the dirt!”

“It’s exactly where a vampire should be left, Kaleb! Besides, how do we know we can trust you?”

Kaleb’s head hung low.

“I’ve been shunned. I’ve been banned from the underworld by the demons! They think I’m a spy for the vampire side, and refuse to let me on their grounds.”

“That makes you think that we should trust you?”

“Either you do trust me, or you don’t trust me. Take your pick. I’ll tell you what, though, it’s going to be hard not to trust me when I’m the only one who knows the way to get to the half vampire child. You can guarantee he will be highly guarded by humans and demons of all kinds. It’s going to be one sorry battle if you don’t bring me along. I’m the only one who has the poison to blow up the demons. Whether you like it or not, I think you might need me. Are you blood thirsty Mr. Edgar Thorn? Do you have a craving for blood so strong you've hidden yourselves in this crypt to save the human race? This battle could feed you for months!”

Kaleb stood there waiting for the vampire’s answer. He stared into the darkness. The only thing he could really see was the vampire’s eyes. They changed from an emerald green color to glowing orange.

Kaleb jumped again.

“You get out of here young man! Wait for us at the edge of the forest! I have to wake the others, and at dusk we fly!”

Kaleb nodded his head and exited the tunnel.

He heard the stunning male vampire command the other vampires to rise as he approached the exit of the tunnel. He wondered how in the world he could ever match up to these stunning vampires. After all, there wasn’t anything special about him. He was just a young man with bright red hair, blue eyes, a chubby belly and chubby cheeks to match.

Kaleb stopped to listen. He listened as Edgar Thorn told his story to the nest of vampires. He heard the outrageous protests from the other vampires.

“Why should we go? Why should we care what anyone else thinks?”

“We'll give us all a little Christmas cheer this year! Are you blood thirsty, Lars? This battle we are about to endure could feed us for months!”

Kaleb smiled.


Kaleb tried to balance as he rode on the back of Lars’s wings.His excitement built as he saw the guarded entrance to the evil castle in Transylvania. A white sheet of deadly snow spread all over the ground, making it the toughest challenge they would ever have to face .

His heart pounded as he counted the werewolves that guarded the entrance. He could almost taste the flavor of victory on his tongue. He counted the ten bottles of poison he had stashed in his pockets,  making sure he had enough.

Thorn commanded the vampires to land in the caves at the end of the path next to woods. It was only 10:00 at night on Hollow’s Eve and they needed time to plan their attack. They couldn’t dive in the middle and just kill everyone in sight. This had to be perfectly planned and they didn’t have a lot of time. If anyone spotted them flying overhead they were dead already. They could only hope the large snow storm was to their advantage.

The vampires returned to their human form again and the meeting commenced. It was evident Thorn had been carefully planning the attack during their long trip here. He explained what was going to happen and who would be placed where depending on the powers and the line of command. They decided the baby vampire would be taken to the Queen Liza’s nest and be taken care of by her.

The night grew darker and the vampires knew it was time. Armed with powers, poison and weapons casted with evil spells on them they entered the evil empire. They swooped down on their unsuspecting victims like Eagles to their prey. The females used their talon-like nails dug deep into the chests of the werewolves and ripped their hearts out, holding them up in victorious symbolism for everyone to see.

The werewolves were powerless against their enemy.  They came on too strong, and too fast.  It didn't take them long and the last werewolf fell to the ground with one loud thud.  His shrilling, scream of defeat deafened the ears of the night stalkers across the land. 

Fifteen werewolf carcasses lie on the grounds outside the castle. Ten vampires were fighting their malevolent cravings to suck the blood out of the already dead animals and getting weaker and weaker by just the sight of it.

“We will dine later my family; we must capture the half vampire child that lies just inside those walls!”

Kaleb could see that Thorn was losing the respect of the vampires. Their cravings from the sight and smell of the blood made them grow weak and not listen to his commands. Many of them stopped and feasted on their prey as his yelling got louder and louder.

One of the demons heard Thorn’s loud cries and came out to attack. He threw large fireballs in Thorns direction and hit him square in the legs making him lose his balance and topple to the icy ground. Thorn cried out in pain. It angered the other vampires to hear their leader’s painful cries and they rose from their feasts. They felt stronger and more powerful than ever before, gaining strength after feasting on the delicious blood from the werewolves.

Vampires charged from all directions circling the villainous demon. They stabbed it with their elongated dagger-like swords de-energizing its evil amenities and watched as it dissipated into thin air. Demon after demon appeared.Vampire after vampire attacked. Kaleb only defended the vampires when he noticed the vampires were too exhausted to continue the battle. He threw small viles of poison at the demons and watched them sizzle to the ground and disappear. One by one the demons fell to the icy earth and disappeared into the darkness.

Vampire’s cries of victory could be heard throughout the land. Kaleb smiled. He was pleased with his vampire army and the outcome of one of the evilest battles ever known to the underground. He felt in his pocket. He had one vile of poison left. That meant a demon still lurked in the shadows of the night. Kaleb would not rest until the last vile of poison was used and the last demon on earth defeated.

He looked around.

The vampires celebrated the wicked army’s defeat by feasting on the werewolf carcass’s blood. Kaleb let them feast, but kept his eyes peeled. The blood would make them stronger and able to withstand any forcible attack. They would need it for the last battle. He wanted no vampire remains on the malevolent castle’s grounds.

Kaleb noticed Thorn. He was not feasting. He sensed a presence and scrutinized for the enemy. Their eyes met. Their eyes locked in a dead stare. Kaleb could’ve sworn Thorn’s eyes grew small and beady. He sensed something and it made Kaleb feel uncomfortable. He tried not to show how uncomfortable he felt as he squirmed around in his seat.

A huge gray and orange shadow appeared in the middle of the feasting grounds. The vampires lifted their heads in awe at the site of the beautiful vampiress. She had long, straight, black hair and green dazzling eyes. Many of the vampires were immediately effected by her beauty and charm. They were left in a state of trance and Thorn noticed the change. Kaleb knew this would be Thorn’s last challenge, and hoped he didn’t fall under the spell of this gorgeous vampiress.

Thorn stood tall.His long, black cloak shined in the midnight storm. He smiled at her beautiful wickedness, and laughed at himself for his own evil thoughts.His vampire fangs dripped with blood of werewolves as he approached her, two inches from her face.

“What brings you to earth?” He almost shouted.

“They were after Chini, and you’ve killed off the malevolent demons! I’m here to thank you! Very impressive work indeed!” She said, looking around at the dead carcasses of the werewolves, their bright red blood staining the snow. “What’s this? I don’t understand! Why did you slay the werewolves?” She demanded glaring at Thorn.Thorn could swear he heard the boiling of her blood as she stood there eyeing each and every vampire.Her heart pounded so hard it hurt Thorn’s head to listen anymore.

He stepped back.

“We want the vampire child! He is rightfully half ours because of you and should be raised in the crypts like the rest of us. Earth is not dark enough to keep him from being harmed by sunlight. You cannot feed him what he desires most and when he gets older and the desire gets stronger he will unleash his blood thirsty needs on the rest of the world!”

“What do you care about the rest of the world, Thorn? You have only cared about yourself and no one else! I can’t hardly believe that you would be concerned about anyone or anything else but you!”

They were inches from each other’s lips. Kaleb knew all vampire powers would be lost if Thorn could not fight the temptation to kiss her. She was aesthetic.She was so cunningly gorgeous that Kaleb wouldn’t be at all surprised if he did kiss her.

Thorn leaned forward.

The other vampires gasped.

He tilted his head to the side.

The others looked on with anticipation.

He stood there for a moment and spun around on his left heel.

“You cannot resist the temptation, Thorn! It is eating at you! Every part of your being is being effected by my beauty! You cannot resist!”

It was true. Thorn was being weakened by her beautiful presence. He fought off urges he didn’t know he had in him. He had to walk away, the vampire kingdom depended on him. He didn’t want the vampire kingdom to vanish because of his uncontrollable urges.

“I command you to seize her!” Thorn commanded his army of Vampires. They moved forward. The female vampire pounced on all fours and arched her back like a cat. Thorn did the same.They moved sideways around each other not taking their eyes off one another.

Kaleb watched in horror. He recognized their movements. He knew what they were doing. They were doing the mating dance!

He had to do something. If Thorn even kissed that evil vampiress the vampires would be dismissed from this world forever!

Kaleb jumped, spun around in circles and landed directly in the middle of Thorn and his vampiress. He grabbed the vile in his pocket and threw it at the female vampire. The clan of vampires were astonished and horrified as the female vampire burned up in the light the poison had created. She disappeared into the icy Earth, astonishing and horrifying the other vampires.

Thorn grew angry. He was so angry he jumped for Kaleb.

“What the hell did you do that for, Kaleb?” He said, trying to bite Kaleb on the neck.

“You weren’t concentrating on the goal we set out to accomplish!”

Kaleb pushed him off and picked himself up from the ground.

"What do you mean I wasn't concentrating on what we set out to do?" Thorn sneered.

"I recognized what you were doing! That was the mating dance, Thorn! You know it as well as I do! I had to do something!"

“You attacked a vampire now Kaleb! You’ve gone against the clan and we must destroy you! Get him!” Thorn yelled at his followers.They lunged forward and attacked Kaleb. Thorn watched with a sense of guilt and disgust that he had never experienced before. He listened to Kaleb’s screams of horror. He almost commanded the vampires to stop but he didn’t dare.

He saw anger in Kaleb’s eyes.

The Earth moved.

The cloud’s shifted.

A puff of smoke appeared.

The vampires froze.

Thorn moved closer.

The clouds and smoke suddenly dispersed.Standing before them was the largest creature they had ever seen! He looked half man and half werewolf.Thorn stared at him.He couldn’t take his eyes off of him. His fangs were sharp and pointed. His nails were talon-like and soaked with blood.His fir was long and white.Thorn knew it was Kaleb. He could see Kaleb’s soul through its eyes.

“Why? Why do you do this to us, Kaleb? Why turn us against your own kind to kill them and peruse others?”

“I am the last of the werewolves! That baby in there is my son! The demons were going to kidnap him and destroy him. They were going to take him to the underworld where I am shunned. I had to do something and quick!”

“Why did you pick the vampires?”

“I needed someone who didn’t show any feelings of remorse. I needed someone who didn’t have a conscious. I needed someone who wasn’t on anyone’s side.I needed the vampires!”

“You knew your kind was going to be killed why risk that?” Thorn asked, bubbling with anger.

“They were going to take MY SON! I needed bait! I needed to save my son’s life. After I die he is the only living werewolf left!I gave you your payment! You have enough blood to last you for months! Now go in peace and let me have MY son!”

Thorn growled a malevolent growl that came from way down in the pit of his stomach. He was so angry; more at himself, than anyone else. He knew better than to listen to a human.

He thrashed out with his claws and scratched the werewolf’s neck.Blood dripped from the werewolf’s neck and stained his white coat.

Thorn smiled.

Kaleb pounced on Thorn with all fours. He ripped at his legs, his arms and his neck with his teeth.

Thorn cried out in pain. The vampires just stood and listened.They watched as the two ripped each other apart bit-by-bit.

“Lars, go and get the half vampire child and bring him to me!” Thorn yelled, still wrestling Kaleb.

Lars did as he was told and returned with Chini wrapped in a blanket. He watched as Kaleb and Thorn tore each other apart. They were both wounded to almost defeat when Lars handed the baby to Larot. He watched as Thorn dug his nails into the dirt to drag himself across the ground to attack Kaleb one more time, but Kaleb wasn’t giving up.  Thorn needed help. Lars heard Kaleb cry out in pain. Lars took it upon himself to jump into the fight. He landed with his claw like hands on Kaleb’s back. He dug his claws as far down as he could and scooped Kaleb’s heart out with one final swoosh. He felt the life being sucked out of Kaleb’s body as he crashed to the ground in total defeat.The vampires cheered as Lars feasted on the heart of Kaleb.He smacked his lips after every tasty morsel.

Thorn was exhausted. His face lay in the dirt. He picked himself up and looked at his clan of vampires. They were still celebrating and feasting on the werewolves. Thorn enjoyed his own feast as he knew the blood would make him strong and full of energy once again.He grabbed the child from Larot. The baby was gorgeous, as Thorn knew he would be. His head full of dark black hair, already, and born only a few days ago. His high cheek bones and already handsome features told Thorn he was indeed, half vampire.

Thorn held the baby high over his head. He praised the Holy God of Darkness for their triumph. He cuddled the babe tight as he took off in flight back to the darkness of the crypt. He was ready to approach the queen with his ultimate gift. His clan of vampires followed close behind each holding their reward of a werewolf carcass to feast on for months to follow.

The vampires left the dreariness of the dark castle. They disappeared into the cold, winter storm. They left the grounds covered in a white sheet stained with crimson red. One lonely carcass lie on the ground. Its bones were already decaying to dust.

The Earth moved.

The clouds shifted.

A puff of smoke appeared.

The smoke dispersed as a short, chubby cheek, chubby belly, red-haired Kaleb stood there.He looked around. He was half saddened and disappointed to see the vampires had disappeared. He smiled for he also triumphed in this battle. He got everything he ever wanted. He wanted to be ruler of the castle. He wanted to be left alone to start his own demon population on Earth. He wanted to be King!

Kaleb looked up at the darkened skies and whispered, “Until we meet again, Thorn, until we meet again!”



©Angie Blake 2014






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