Some people say I am Mean

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Some people say I am mean, well I have news for you, it's not me that's mean, its, well...

Submitted: May 05, 2015

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Submitted: May 05, 2015



I have been called Mean

by Michael Dale Sipes, Jr.


I have been told that I am mean, heartless and that I demand perfection of those around me. Well, all I can say is TUFF FUCKING TITTY, you imperfect worthless, lowlife maggot who doesn’t know that clothes go in a hamper, not on the floor. You’re so fucking blind and careless that you don’t ‘see’ the things you drop, nor fucking care to pick them up. You’re so damn lazy you won’t put things back in their places or finish a job once started. Do I sound mean to you, hell no, I am being fucking honest with your worthless, careless pampered ass? Do I have a heart, of course, the fuck I have a heart, but yours has no fucking spirit because you’re dead to the world around you. You don’t pay attention to anything and don’t care about the next guy who has to pick up after your filthy ass. Now that we have an understanding of how I feel about being called mean, I can explain why I am the way I am. First I was raised by two Gestapo sadomasochists who demanded a 4-year-old to act and perform as a 40-year-old and I learned quickly to do as I was told and only had to be told once. I did not get pampered, I did not get a second chance, I got my ass beat, my ears were ringing with obscenities of how worthless I was, how I should never have been born and when I prayed for God’s intervention I was told to stop that shit too or get beat even more. Then the Army took my pathetic, naïve broken spirit and an Army Drill Sergeant became my teacher and mentor. An Army Drill Sergeant is a symbol of excellence in every way. He is many things, he is a professional, respected for his professionalism, a leader to instill discipline, a Father, a Mother a Brother, a Chaplin and so much more. He is a man of patience, skill and knowledge, dedication, and maturity, he is firm yet fair. He demands 100 percent from every trainee, yet respects the individual’s dignity and respects their welfare. This is what a drill Sergeant is, and that is the role model that I have based my life and my actions upon. Everything I do in life and the way I do it I can be traced back to the discipline instilled in me by my Drill Sergeants. They taught me the Army core values of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity and Personal Courage. I learned the right way to do everything, and there is only one way to do everything the military way, the right way. I learned to respect others as well as self-respect, which meant I didn’t need to be watched over to do the right thing, I learned to accept other’s in every manner, from their unique idiosyncrasies to their stinking raunchy asses while waiting in line for a shower to the sweet yet sickening smell of shit every evening while trying to brush my teeth after evening chow.  I got rid of my childish modesty and accepted that I was not John fucking Holmes and that bodies came in all kinds of weird shapes, colors, and sizes. I learned what real trust was all about, not one civilian can truly say they would trust their lives to someone they never met. Yet I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that I can trust my life to any Soldier, Sailor, Marine, Airman, Coast Guardsman and Veteran anywhere, anytime. That’s a brotherhood and a comradery that is only understood by the men and women who are serving or have served in the United States military.  So, if I seem mean then perhaps it’s you that needs to change and reevaluate how you act or feel, not me, for I have been taught by the finest individuals the United States Army has to offer and have the highest respect and regard for those men and women. I live by their example and I try to show other’s by their example which sometimes comes off as being mean, but once you start doing things the right way, with dignity and integrity you will no longer find me as mean, but firm and fair.


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