The Villain of Childhood

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This story is from real events.

Submitted: January 11, 2018

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Submitted: January 11, 2018



There are many people in this world, and at the time this little girl was alive, there may have been many like her. This girl that we are focusing on was a shy and quiet girl. She had many things in her life that taught her duality throughout her formative years. She had a hero who turned into a villain, she had things she saw that no one else saw, and she had a hide-out that was just a blanket.

The hero helped her when she fell, wiped away her pain, and made her laugh whenever he could. As his attention faltered, and his eyes glazed over, that is when he changed into the villain. The villain would blame her for arguments between him and his fellow hero, compare her to her sister on a constant basis about everything from weight to attitude, and he would make her think she was insane for the things she saw.

The things that this little girl had seen were swings moving of their own volition without a wind in the air and spectral faces that would stare around then disappear. Her sister would see these things as well, but when the villain would confront her about them, her sister would deny everything.
Finally, the little girl's hide-out was a safe space that she created for herself in her head. It was the only place where everything was okay, the sky was purple, and Wonderland was real. 

There are times, to this day, that the little girl grew up to keep that safe space to hide from the hurtful words and disgusted looks. Her sky is more grey, and Wonderland has become less vibrant and adventurous. She tries to create a new space, every now and then, but the words of the villain inevitably sink in and torture what little bit of the soul that still cares about him.

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