Vampire curse

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William's parents are dead, he is a vampire, turned by the monster who killed them. And slowly his memorys are fading, embracing this new life, he becomes a creature of the night, along with his soul in animal form.

Submitted: April 07, 2010

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Submitted: April 07, 2010



Vampire curse
It happened when I was thirteen when my name was William, it was the worst day of my life - the day I became a vampire. It was also the day of my parents death.
I was in my back garden, my Mum and Dad were inside the house, arguing as usual. I was sitting on a wooden bench my father had built when I was eight, it was a cold night but I wanted to get away from them for a few moments - just a few minutes of piece and silence. I was shivering, and goosebumps were on my arms. That’s when I saw her, she was hiding between the bushes. A bird perched inconspicuously on her shoulder.
She hadn’t noticed me yet, her eyes were focused on the backdoor as if it was diamonds. She moved like a cat, quick and agile to it. She looked around cautiously for a moment, then I saw something that made my soul shake. Her eyes pieced the night, they were blood red and I seemed to see every thing I feared in them. They were the only thing I could see clearly about her, everything else, her face, hair were all shrouded in darkness. She pushed the door lightly, so softly I almost missed it. There was a small click and a few quiet cracks, then the door opened inwards. She crept through and instantly, the arguing stopped, then the air exploded with screams. I fell backwards and bumped my head on a rock at the shock, I felt my head it was seeping blood. I stood up as the screams began to dwindle, I moved forward cautiously. My body was to frightened to shake, it was like the fear had physically overpowered my nervous system. I touched the door, it suddenly felt a lot more important, as if it was the door way to death or my future - which it would be both. I pushed it slightly, it creaked fully open. The warm air should have felt good against my cold hands, instead it felt dangerous and tense. I should have smelled the delicious turkey which my mother was cooking, instead I smelt death. I walked in only a few centimetres before I saw there lifeless bodies, it was the most disturbing seen I could ever have imagined. My fathers body was lying, half ripped in two on the sofa, it was stained and soaked in blood as if he had bathed in it. My mother lay opposite him, on the floor her hair was ripped of as if it were a wig. Her brain was partially exposed and two little holes were on her neck. But both there faces were expressions of pure terror. I heard a sound behind me, I turned and saw the girl. Even though she looked small and fragile I somehow knew she had the power to do this. Her mouth was smothered in blood, but her eyes were soft. They were no longer red, they had turned olive green. She had a look of guilt or sadness, for the first time I saw her beauty. In the dark she had been clouded by darkness and it was hard to tell fully what she looked like, now that I could I was almost enslaved by her looks. For a moment her face made me forget my parents, I wanted to be with her. Her body was sleek and looked like it had been sculptured by angels, she had soft features and long innocent brown hair that hung over her shoulders. She began to move towards me, my mind was screaming run, but my body wanted to stay. I didn’t want to leave her, even though I knew she had killed my parents and she could kill me. I felt her breath on me, her head went to my neck. Out of the corner of my eye I saw sharp bloodstained fangs appeared from her jaw, then she bit me. I gasped, instantly feelings of pleasure swept through my body like a tidal wave threatening to drag me away with its current. As my eyes began to close I saw the bird staring at me, sadness and sorrow in its eyes. Then my human eyes closed for the last time, and darkness enveloped me.


Vampire curse - part 2

I awoke constantly, slipping in out of consciousness. I was aware of the girl carrying me, I was looking up at her. She was carrying me in her arms like a child, she would occasionally glance down at me and give me warm smile. Then I would fall back to sleep again.

I woke up the final time sweating and breathing heavily, the images of my parents swam in my head. I was nearly drowned in the grief of it all, I found tears leaking from my eyes, then I remembered what at happened to me. I put the thoughts of my parents a side and focused on where I was, the tears dried up and I began to focus on survival. Suddenly I became aware of the air, mist was forming every time I took a breath. That meant it had to be cold, yet I couldn

t feel it. I felt normal, not to hot not to cold. I moved my fingers in case I had suffered paralyses, they moved as normal. I sat up, and realized I was in a bed. The quilts felt soft and expensive, and it was littered with pillows. Cold air flowed in through a window a few metres away from the bed, yet I couldnt feel the cold air just sense it. The walls were wood, but I could see it had a history. It was old, it was as if a invisible layer of dust covered it. Someone coughed, my ears were sensitive and alert and I knew were the sound originated. I turned instinctively and saw the girl sitting it the corner of the room, she was looking at me sadly but I could tell she was faintly happy. All off a sudden I felt a connection to her, I didnt fear her or even hate her for what she had done, I just felt a love for her. It was the love of a friend, I felt as if she was my companion. Like she made up part of me. She spoke to me softly, soothingly her voice felt musical, but it wasnt hypnotic.

Im so sorry she whispered, her bird which now I could see was a Falcon rested on her shoulder. As I took in more and more of her, my memories of my parents began to fade, then like smoke they were gone.

For what? I said my voice as amazing as her own, she shook her head. She knew that my parents memory had gone, her evil act was erased from my memory. She smiled softly.

Nothing she whispered. I suddenly became aware of another feeling in my mind, but then I realized it was another mind. Thought and feelings danced with my own inside my head like a mental ballroom. My thoughts held the others like a man and a women in an never ending dance. They held each other tightly and moved with the music. I followed the feelings like a compass, I found myself looking down, over the left side of the bed. I leopard looked up at me, at once I felt at ease with it. I knew deep within me that this creature was part of me. It had white fur, with black spots all over it. Its body was slim and powerful, I felt it could kill a man in moments. I touched its icy white fur, it was a soft and silky. At the same moment I could feel some one touching my back, I was feeling what the snow leopard felt. I looked towards the girl, she was looking slightly amused.

Say hello to your daemon, its the shape your soul took when it left your body she said in a casually tone. I smiled in understanding, I knew I was dead the moment I opened my eyes. I found the leopard staring at me, and I heard its voice in my head.

My name is Aesina, I am your daemon. I have guarded you while you slept, the girl is no harm to you thought a female voice as if it were my own. I petted it and it growled softly.

What is your name? the girl asked. Even with the connection to her I still had my human sense of safety.

Who are you, and what am I doing here? I said fiercely. The girl stood up.

I am Bell, this is my daemon Eros she said pointing to the falcon on her shoulder. I changed you into a vampire, I felt sorry for you she said guilty of my parents murder. I nodded and asked no more questions, Aesina had told me most of the answers. I stood up and walked to the door, I had to check something. Although I had no memories of my parents or there death, little sparks of a memory still existed - the memory of my home.

Where are you going? the girl asked. I gave her a powerful look, which I felt would scare even wolves.

I stopped suddenly to rest, I was still in the city. I looked around for Aesina, then I saw her, she was hiding in an alleyway keeping out of site of other humans. There weren

Suddenly there was a shout from behind me, I turned instantly and saw a man with a Nazi symbol on his chest holding a gun at me. He was speaking a foreign language, I couldn

To see my home I said coldly walking out. Aesina walked beside me, I was on some kind of platform high in a tree. I looked back through the door, I saw the girl but her falcon daemon was gone. I laughed softly as I realized I was in a tree house. Without looking I jumped of the platform, and landed ten metres below without injury. Aesina landed beside me, her leopard form was graceful and fast. I knew without thought that Aesina was the closes thing I had to family, she was my soul in animal form. I began to run, I felt a feeling in my legs. The feeling you get when your about to do exorcise or a marathon, my legs felt up to it - they felt stronger. I went faster and faster, green living trees and plants were all around me. I ran for ten minutes, I was already twelve kilometres away from the trees house. It would have taken days if not weeks for a human to get this far, but my speed was still increasing. A white blur was beside me, Aesina. Gradually the green blur of the wilderness around me began to change into a grey blur of the cities, I heard sound all around me. Then I heard a phrase which struck a memory, some one I passed had said Hitler. Gradually the memory of the war and my father came back, he was a solider. He was only with my mother the night they died because he was discharge early because he had suffered an injury, the injury itself wouldnt come back to me. t many humans around anyway, it was dark so they were probably asleep. As I looked around I saw I was in what looked like a town centre, there was signs in another language around but I couldnt understand what they said. But as I looked around I noticed a symbol that brought another memory back, and as the memories came back I began to feel disgusted with what it represented. It was the symbol of the Nazis, an evil group of people that believed they were superior. I guessed I was in Germany, as it was the Nazis headquarters but I could have been in a country they had captured. I noticed my reflection in a shop window that was a few metres away, but my vampire eyes saw it as clear as day even in the night. I gasped at my reflection, although I still had one, it was a lot different. My hair had got darker, it was now jet black like pure darkness. My eyes, which were hazel, were now chocolate brown and looked as soft as silk. I smiled at myself and saw my new vampire fangs, even though they were dangerous I couldnt help feeling they looked good on me. t understand what he was saying. He shouted again, more men joined him each holding a rifle. I felt he was ordering me to identify myself, but I couldnt be sure. I held out my hand, and they opened fire. There was a loud bang and a bullet fired out of a dozen guns, instantly my vampire reflexes to hold. I dodged to the left just as the bullets scraped the place where I was standing only a fraction of a second ago, Aesina jumped down from the roof in lightning speed and joined me. I stopped behind the men, they murmured in confusion. Then I pounced like a tiger, Aesina leaped with me. I felt a urge inside me and it burst from me like an explosion of pure instinct and desire, I felt my fangs get longer and I pieced the throat of the first man and drained him in seconds of blood. Aesina took out most of the men, she ripped them open with her powerful claws. In minutes they were all dead and lying mutilated on the ground, I wiped my blood soaked mouth and sent a telepathic message to Aesina, telling her we where about to get going. We took a few breaths and started running again, after a few moments things were a blur again. We ran for another twenty minutes before finally coming to the blue sea, just beyond it was England. I ran faster than I ever had, Aesina ran beside me. At first I was sinking into the cold dark depths of the ocean but as I got faster, the sea felt solid and it felt natural. It was half an hour before I finally saw the white chalky cliffs of Dover. A few minutes after I was on the outskirts of Yorkshire, I ran for a few more seconds then stopped abruptly. Aesina was a few metres ahead off me hiding in a bush, I walked up to her.

The police have cornered it off she informed me. As I peered through the bush I could see flashing lights and two covered bodies being wheeled out of the back door into a ambulance, I was guessing one was my father, the other I couldnt remember. And that was it, the end off my human life and the beginning of my vampire one

Vampire curse - part 3


I spent hours watching my house, then like everything else the memory faded. And then I was watching a house, I had lost everything. My parents, friends and even my property, I turned back. I couldn


I woke up in shock, I was looking down at my pale figure lying on the floor. Aesina was next to my body, her eyes were alert and fierce. But at the same moment she could see me to, she was looking at me but in a distant way as if I was here and miles away at the same time. A strange black light was coming out of my bodies chest, it coiled around itself and made a rope that was flowing into Aesina. I couldn

I began thinking of the girl and how I had left her, I began picturing her tree house. I saw the tree house in my mind, then strange red light filled my mind. The light felt so real, I closed my eyes under is intense brightness. But even as I did it was still there in my mind, then it suddenly began to fade and as it did I began to feel better. I opened my eyes, still scared that the light was still lurking, ready to pounce. I was in a forest, the thick canopy shielded me from the morning light. I started to walk but my feet just sunk into the ground, I began to panic and my body reacted. I began to float upwards, I was about to hit the branches. I brought my hands up to shield myself, but they went straight through. Then I stopped floating, I was in the girls tree house. I floated through the wall and stopped to look around. The girl was in the bed, her eyes were closed and she looked dead - which in a way she was. But at the same moment she looked beautiful, her skin seemed to glow a little. A huge falcon was perched next to her, looking at her body intently - guarding it. But then something else took my eye, the girl was also sitting in the corner of the room. Except she now looked like a ghost, you could see through her a little and her skin was grey and hair was grey as if the colour had been drained out of her

t remember why I had come here, and Aesina was looking as confused as I did. But as I was about to speed off, the sky began to light up with the pale first signs off sunrise. As the sky got lighter and lighter, an overwhelming urge to flee came over me. Aesina was whimpering in fear, my hands began to tremble. Thats when the light hit me, I screamed in agony and ran. I got a head of the light but it was already spreading across the land towards me, thats when I saw the house. I didnt recognise it but it had a faint familiarity to it like I had been here before - which I had. I rushed up to the door so fast a trail of fire fell behind me. I kicked it hard in panic, forgetting my own strength. The door didnt even splinter instead it just broke of its hinges and flew into the house, it hit the back wall and disintegrated on impact. I ran up the stairs in the corner of the living room, and hid at the top of the them on a space which was protected from light on all sides. Then after a few moments Aesina ran beside me, she buried her head in my chest as if to hide away from the danger. Then as the light passed the house, I began to feel a pressure in my mind. It got heavy, I tried to fight it but it was useless, then in seconds I was unconscious on the floor. Aesina lay beside me, awake and guarding my sleeping body.t understand it, I couldnt be a spirit as Aesina was my soul and she was still there.

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