The Human Verdict

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Alien number 666 is sent to earth for 37 years to observe humans and provide feedback to the Council of number a year before 2012. She returns with her verdict on Earthlings.

Submitted: November 23, 2010

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Submitted: November 23, 2010



Angela Shearer

For many generations since the dawn of man, man has sought the perfect society. I have been politely silent for 37 years while I inhabited the planet called Earth but now I have come home.It is November 2010 on Earth and the time has finally come for me to deliver the Human Verdict to my people who have waited patiently to hear the outcomes of my expedition.My instructions were to return a year before 2012, the year that humans believe the world will end.

On Earth my name is Svana but my real name is 666.Earthlings would recognize this as the sign of the Beast or the Anti Christ and had they known this about me, my fate would have been a biblical disaster like the many others that they are guilty of.On the bright side, they may not have believed it because the anti Christ is assumed to be male, which I am not.On my planet it is just a number with no ominous connotations. Quite simply, it is who I am.

I come from a planet far, far away, the name of which I am not at liberty to disclose and so it shall be omitted from this testimony for reasons that will reveal themselves in due course.I am the human imposter and the alien infiltrator.You need not like me.

My mandate was to live amongst the humans and observe them, study their habits, beliefs, behaviors and systems and then report back on my findings.The reason for this expedition is not my concern and shall therefore not be tabled at this point.It may, however, become clear as we progress.

My species is one that pursues pleasure without perversion, achievement without ego, learning without destruction and love without institution.We are all numbers. We are all free. It is a society that has successfully achieved ego death, and one that accomplishes miraculous feats at a rapid rate because nobody is concerned with who will take the credit.It is a place of harmony and sanity and above all it is a sustainable reality where there is balance of all things. We achieve this through constant learning and focused application of our discoveries.There is a consistent conscious effort to maintain equilibrium in our society. For the sake of comparison, because that is what humans do, let’s say it is a socialistic system minus the poverty.There is no currency and therefore no payment in my world which means that there is no barometer for status.

To give my verdict credibility I feel it is necessary to provide some history on my voyage.37 years ago my soul was injected into the body of an infant in the womb of a human female.This female would become Mother for the duration of my assignment.We chose this approach as it was necessary for me to have the full human experience, even that of physical birth.This was so that my assessment of the planet would be as objective and unbiased as possible.Although I was born to earth with prior memory, I would start afresh in every other way because an in depth understanding of the species was primary to ensure accurate conclusions would be drawn.The only way to achieve this was to ensure that I would experience firsthand the trials and tribulations suffered by my subjects. Exactly how the injection of my soul took place is not relevant but the mere concept should provide the reader with an idea of how well advanced the scientific and spiritual knowledge of my species is. It is undeniable that without superior intelligence this would not have been possible.

Mother had no knowledge of the intentions behind my arrival.To her I was a helpless infant who required the necessities of child care.Mother was married to a man named Kalib who would become Pa for the next 37 years.They were the average couple with average means and they fitted the profile of the normal human home. Kalib was one of us, working amongst the humans on various scientific projects to monitor their progress.His assignment was totally different to mine. It was agreed that I would need to enter the world under difficult circumstances and be forced to deal with the anomalies that would accompany the situation.Life began as an earthling and I was exposed to all the normalities of civilisation on planet Earth.I prefer not to state the obvious but for the sake of comprehension and taking into account species differences these normalities included going to school, making friends, falling in love, falling out of love, travelling, soul searching, conflict, hatred, laughing, crying, a shortage of financial resources, working, the death of special people and last but not least the experience of childbirth and parenting. I studied the syllabus of various degrees associated with my work on the planet.These included but were not limited to human psychology, medicine, anthropology, politics, religion, ethics, geology, history and business.

This is what I did while silently observing and recording events and behaviours that unfolded around me on a micro level.The macro aspects of my experience included the observation of a magnificent yet deteriorating planet, population explosion, disease, dearth, spiritual and mental poverty and mass unconsciousness.The main reason for my extended education was a pious optimism for I hoped to find contradictions to the many human blunders that continued to provide an overwhelming validation to my conclusions.I was hoping to return home with good news and deliver an unflawed and educated verdict and so I dug deep and I searched for something that would challenge my knowing.What I discovered is that there is a wide berth between the knowledge contained in books and the actions of the men and women who study them.

My planet is one of sophisticated, voluntary simplicity.We have our own rules by which we govern ourselves. Our commandments are not imposed upon us by leaders or religions but rather agreed by all and revised when they become obsolete.Their foundations lie in spiritual guidance instead of social rules like the ones dictated to mankind.On my planet we focus on the wellbeing and continuity of the community as a whole, and not on individual gain, to ensure that everyone is taken care of.Each of us is allocated 64 square meters of space in quarters that would be described as high tech by a human observer.The quarters are all generic.All of us live alone.This arrangement does mean that we are antisocial or lonely.On the contrary, it ensures that we have sufficient mental and physical space to spend time in silence, to sleep well, to heal and to create.Our structure minimises conflict, reduces stress, encourages intellectual development, it improves communication, individual well being, relationships and mental health.There are 1 million people on our planet and we never reproduce beyond that because we are too intelligent to be negligent.Population control is the reason that we always have enough of everything.

Mother was a fantastic subject because she was representative of so many other humans.Due to the nature of our living arrangements I got to learn a lot about the human female in her role as wife and mother. I will relate the story of mother purely so that the reader can see that I grew up in a very normal home.

At first I thought that perhaps Mother was a special case but as I grew older and had sleepovers at my friend’s houses I soon learned that many of Mothers traits were shared and she was not unique after all.This knowledge was further confirmed as I grew older and watched my dear friends enter into the same situations and morph into the strange creature that I had known as Mother.Part of my assignment was to figure out the reasons for this.Mother did not smoke, drink or gamble but she had other addictions that were on a par and carried the same consequences.

She would surface at about 10:30 in the morning and then sleep on the sofa for about two to threehours in the afternoon. Sometimes, after dinner she would take another nap for another two hours or so. She frustrated Pa because she would say that she wasn’t tired enough to go to sleep when he and I did, and then she would return to their bedroom at around two in morning.If Pa suggested that she consider making changes to her sleeping pattern he was angrily dismissed by the statement "I know what's best for me."

With Mother everything was either done to the extreme or not at all. She was extremely hostile to any kind of physical activity, which included housework and any other form of exercise. Furthermore, she had no sense of financial value, and didn’t care what anything cost because the responsibility of paying would fall squarely on Pa. One activity that she developed an interest in was cross stitch and all of a sudden she was subscribing to six different magazines, buying loads of kits, wools, threads, needles, stretcher frames and different models of daylight lamps. She would go to the craft fair andcome back feeling quite pleased with herself;usually havingspent a fortune that we could not afford on things she would never use. Most of her purchases ended up in the attic, still in the unopened packaging they had come in.

She had done the same thing when she started making hand knitted dolls. We ended up with more materials than all of the other old biddies that went to the Stitch and Bitch club as Pa called it.As long as Mother had more than everyone else then everything was great.

She couldn’t go into a shop and buy a loaf of bread or a pack of throat lozenges. No matter what she needed she would come out with ten to twenty four items that were not required.

I watched as she just about drove Pa around the bend.She started a collection of fairyland figurines at one point. She had every one of the characters manufactured by Royal Doultan and Coleport, which was apparently fancy according to Mother.Pa went on to do a rough estimateand reckonedthey had altogether cost the same as a new car and more than half never even got displayed. She would open the boxes, examine the items for damage then put them back in the box and return them to the attic for Pa to trip over.The last time Pa counted there were ninety four boxes.

If Pa spoke to her about it she would say it that her collection was justified because she never had very much as a child andwas therefore entitled to haveas many possessions as she desired.Pa soon realised that Mother wasaggressively possessive about what she perceived to be hers and so he would avoid the discussion so that he would not have to be witness to her tantrums.

The house was always cluttered up with her rubbish and there was hardly any clear space at all which embarrassed Pa. Of course I understood, especially since I knew what kind of environment he was used to.

In our house it was Pa who would do all of the food preparation and cooking because Mother could not do it properly.Food would always be undercooked or burned if she was involved and the reason was that she seldom gave anything enoughattention.This wascaused by her obvious failure to curb an unbridled enthusiasm to get her bum back on the sofa as quickly as possible to watch television or tend to her hobbies.Pa would also have to do the shopping because of her compulsive buying habits that ended with us throwing out perishables that never got used.

Mother was always complaining about minor ailments, headaches, upset stomach, tiredness, nausea, insomnia – Pa and I always wondered how she could snore so loudly while she was awake.She was either feeling run down, had a cold coming on, pains in her leg muscles or sore feet.She was quite good at self medicating and would swallow large amounts of pain pills daily, cold and hay fever remedies if she sneezed more than twice and then she would take a combination of twelve dietary supplements every morning. If she really did end up catching a cold then it was so severe it was much worse than what anybody else suffered.

In the kitchen cupboard a whole shelf was taken up with these ailment remedies,from cough medicine to corn plasters, head ache powders to laxatives and lip gloss.From time to time Pa would go through this collection and throw out thethings that were well past theiruse by date.Understandably it annoyed him when the packaging had never even beenopened on most of them.

Mother also had a couple of genuine complaints as she has arthritis in one wrist and was diagnosed with “type two” diabetes when I was twelve. She also complainedabout an occasionalpain in one of her hips which was possibly the start of something genuine - weighing 110kg and being five foot three tall didn’t help. Unfortunately she just didn’t havethe self discipline to control her large appetite.

At one point Pa eventually persuaded her togo with him to the gym three times a week. She didn’t like it and was often resistant to going. If anybody asked her if she enjoyed her work out she would reply, "I don't like it one little bit, I'm just here to get some exercise to keep fit".After gym Pa would take Mother to have lunch in the sports complex cafeteria which overlooked the pool. He enjoyed sitting there for awhile,clutching a mug of tea immersed in his scientific formulas and memories of home while watching the world go by.As mean as she was, Pa still tried to do what was best for Mother because that is the way of my species.He consistently tried to guide her to realise her own potential.

One year we went on a week’s holiday and normally if we went anywhere together we would go in Pa’s car but three days before our trip Pa realised that the drive shaft on his vehicle was showing signs of giving up. He suggested to Mother that we use her car instead and although she strongly resented the idea she grudgingly agreed. Pa ended up doing all the driving as she didn't want to drive on roads she wasn’t familiar with. Every day she complained that we were using her vehicle and when we arrived home, the trip had clocked up a good deal of distance which resulted in endless sulking and constant reminders in years to come.

On another occasionPa saw a bank statement addressed to her which he didn’t recognise. When he asked about it,she said that she had set up an account to have her salary paid into so it would not go into their joint account which was used to pay all the bills. Pa simply said, “Oh.” The following Saturday he put on a jacket and said, "I'm off to the bank." Mother looked puzzled and enquired about his errand, to which he simply replied, "I am going to set up an account to have my salary paid into then we can both agree to an equal contribution which we can both deposit into the joint account to pay all the bills. That will be fair as we will both be contributing the same amount". Mother grimaced because she knew that Pa earned twice as much as her. She let out asigh and said, "I will cancel my account and transfer everything into our joint account." Pa spoke up for the first time and told her that her attitude as a partner in a marriage was self centred and disgraceful.He was thoroughly fed up with her.

Taking into account that Pa knew who I was and what I was on earth to do, he was incredibly transparent with me about his relationship with Mother because it would contribute to my final verdict on earthlings.He believed that I should know everything.He admitted that there had been two really big disappointments in the relationship.One was her selfishness and the other was her 'take what I canget' together withher ‘what's mine is mine alone and what's yours is ours’ viewpoint.

It was always Pa’s view - perhaps as a result of his alien idealistic naivety -that a partner, either in marriage or without it, should be treated with equality, respect, and fairness. He believed that generosity andweakness should be appreciated and supported, not be exploitedor abused.He felt that a person should be as important to you as you are to yourself. He believed in friendship, romance and passion but as much as he tried to live up to his ideals he ended up feeling like he was stuck in way traffic.

Mother presented herself to the outside world in a manner which was quite different to how she behaved within the family group or with those who had crossed her in some way.

To strangers or acquaintances she presented herself as a person who would do anything to help anybody. She portrayed herself as the most loving mother, grandmother and spouse, a really busy and house proud woman who was dedicated to the upkeep of her home and garden.Mother had never spent an hour working the soil in our yard.People who hardly know her believed that this is who she really was because she exaggerated and distorted the truth to a point where even she believed it.

As for those who knew her better, well, they had a much different perspective. Naturally Pa had no contact with his ‘family’ which was probably a good thing as there is little doubt that mother would have found something about them to be infuriated about and he would have been alienated from them anyway.Mother could be extremely aggressive, confrontational and outrageous.She always blamed her rage on Pa because she was just the nicest person that you could ever meet and she was never wrong.

This behaviour was not confined to family. It extended to neighbours and the workplace.At one time she workedat the same laboratory as Pa, but in a different department.One day she stormed intohis department and launched a verbal attack on one of his colleagues which earned her a final warning for deplorable behaviour and she was banned from entering the Science lab.

Pa was always disturbed by the hatred she had for his colleagues, one in particular who was his lab assistant and happened to be one of us.Mother always referred to her as that stupid cow.Pa eventually warned her sternly not to mention that stupid cow's name in his house ever again. All this was because they had once met his assistant in the supermarket and she introduced Pa to her husband as Kay instead of Kalib.

Ten years ago at Christmas time when they were visiting me, Mother started picking on me about something which ended rather badly because I never saw her again.She simply refused to speak to me because I had differed from her on some or other topic.Naturally Pa still stayed in regular contact with me.

Pa told me that her behaviour was similar to that of her mothers. Her mother had never married so it was only the two of them in the house.Pa’s priority was to make sure that I wasn’t influenced, despite my genetics. His main aim was to prevent me from growing up to be her, like she grew up to be like her mother. Mother had confided in Pa in the early years that life with her own mother had been one of misery, disrespect, domination and bullying and so Pa took pity on her and went out of his way to help her escape the torment.

After courting fortwo years they decided to get married.Two weeks before the wedding Pa fell ill with pneumonia. He was coughingup blood, he said that his lungs were gurgling like a poorly draining kitchen sink.One night his fever raged and he said that he began to understand why more primitive cultures like American Indian’sperformed rituals to drive evil spirits out of their bodies. He said that it felt like his body had been infested by tormentors whosesole objective was to cause him to die.He said that he fought off going to sleep in case he didn't wake up again.His main concern was that he would die a human virgin.

Pa lived to tell the tale but in hindsight he should have headed the warning.On the day they were married, Pa told me that he was standing at the altar feeling overwhelmed with happiness. He felt proud and excited at the wonderful new life that lay ahead and how mutual love and devotion would bind them together in a life of eternal bliss. Clearly he had spent too much time on earth.He was prepared to deal with whatever nastiness lifewould throwat them so long as they had each other.Pa soon discovered that he had been naive.He quicklybegan to realise that the desires and beliefs that he had at the altar were one sided.Within minutesafter the wedding Mother became domineering, uncompromising and stubborn. She would be having things done her way or no way and she started to lay down the law as to how he should behave.

This left Pa bewildered andat first he made excuses for her by convincing himself that it was temporary. When bedtime came of course Pa was desperate to try the sex thing which he had heard so much about but his advances were strongly rejected and if he enquired about the rejection her face contorted and she said, "Everybody thinks we are going to be doing it tonight but they are all going to be bloody-well wrong, because we are not."Don’t take this to mean that our species don’t pursue the same sort of pleasure, because we do, it’s just that Kalib was still underage when he first arrived on earth and had therefore not had the good fortune of copulating.

Sore big toe, twitching knee, itching elbows were among the excuses which followed, along with numerous requests for Pa to agree to a sexless marriage and for them to have children by artificial insemination. At some point she accused Pa of marrying her just for sex. He told her thatif that was the case, thenhe wasn't doing very well as he hadn't managed to have any.Mother was dismissive and said, "No, but you always keep trying."

Six months went by and there was still no success until one night when Pa finally got it right even though it ended with her yelling at him to get off her. There were no further attempts near to that time, but she missed her period and tests showed that she was pregnant. Pa was thoroughly hacked off becausehe had been contemplating having the marriage annulled as it had not been properly consummated. Mother was absolutely delighted because nobody would believe Pa’s complaints and it gave an appropriate appearance to the outside world.

When she became pregnant there was definitely not going to be any more sexual attemptson Pa’s part as she believed it would harm the baby.Two years after I was born Pa had still not got laid again. It was during this time that my people saw an opportunity for my arrival.Pa could not draw any attention to himself for obvious reasons and so they sent me to him in an attempt to make his assignment a bit more bearable.

Pa eventually took the proverbial bull by the horns and said thathe wasn't going to take any more of her ridiculous excuses as there was no reason that justified her non participation. After that she made one last hostile submission, and that was how it remained.Mother continued to plead for Pa to agree to a sexless marriage and have a second child by artificial insemination and so he agreed to the marriage part of the plea bargain but would have no part of more children – for their sake.

About six years ago Mother and Pa were having a heated argument about herextreme and unjustified hatred for other people. She tried to hit him buthe saw it coming and grabbed her wrist before the blow struck.She tried to hit him with her other hand but he grabbed her other arm too. Then she tried to bite him.That was the last time they had any form of physical contact.

The story of mother is only one of many thousands of my experience of mankind and others shall be told as they become necessary.But for now we return to the planet that I call home.

On the first day home I was given time to rest to collect my thoughts.

On the second day I was called before the Council of Numbers and the countdown to my verdict began.There were nine Council Numbers, one to nine.

Their first request was that I should provide a breakdown of my findings.They would require a detailed analysis of each finding at a later stage but for kick off they preferred to get a high level worldview.And so I began.

“Earthlings are a species full of contradictions. I have never come across a more clever and equality stupid species in the universe.They are highly intelligent and equally complicated but the majority are infinitely lazy which I have concluded is the reason for their paradox.One of the biggest issues facing mankind is what they refer to as their economic problem.Defined in simple terms it means that humans have unlimited wants but the planet has limited resources.The result is that there is always excess demand and insufficient supply.The interesting part is that although they are aware of this issue they continue to consume more than they require.Basically, no matter how much is produced they lack a sense of moderation and so they continue to consume which ultimately results in a downward spiral of their society as a whole.

I must, at the onset, make one comment.My verdict is based on the majority of earthlings and so I will generalise on many of the observations but I must also say that I did come across some humans who were quite different and who contradict my general observations.Some of them had insight, compassion, advanced spirituality and a sense of selflessness.By no means do I include the exceptions in this verdict.

I noticed that the underlying question for most humans is ‘Am I good enough?’ This question is a result of social programming that has taken place since their inception.There is an inherent gene that drives them to be better than everyone else.Their sense of ‘better’ can manifest in anything from physical strength to intellect, financial status, and humour or moral standing.Above all else they seem to strive for a sense of superiority.A sort of pecking order or hierarchy has been established and the higher they go up this hypothetical ladder the more they are admired, envied, trusted, pursued and believed.The contradiction is that they will do the most heinous things to achieve these positions on the social scale that will give them power over other humans and more money in their wallets. Most times they will hide their wicked deeds for they prefer to be perceived as honourable and good. These qualities always achieve approval from others while wickedness is frowned upon.

So the majority of the species is motivated by power and profit, although they pretend not to be. Both of these resources give them the ability to control and consume giving them a notion of invincibility.Because humans attach their sense of self worth to the things that they own they pursue currency above all else as it temporarily relieves their insatiable needs that will ultimately grown new heads and tails because of their own greed.They don’t call it the human race for nothing.This really is what they seem to be about.Everything is a race and a competition.There are always winners and losers and nobody wants to be a loser.Even those who do not rise in the political, academic or business platforms, who live a more mediocre life by human standards, establish their own status quo amongst friends and relatives and will compete on attributes such as physical attractiveness, catering ability, some form of the arts or another insignificant ability.”

On the third day I was asked to expand on the observations tabled the previous day.The materialist nature of humans came to the front.

“Their transportation vehicles become extensions of themselves, as do their homes, their clothes and their titles.Each of these items has a cost associated with it so the higher the cost the more impressive and important the person themselves becomes.The part that I would find comical if it were not so devastating is that it creates a wealth gap amongst the population.So while some are consuming too much of the scarce resources to feed their egos, others who have not been given the right opportunities are starving and remain uneducated which means that they are destined to fail in mankind’s race against itself because it is almost impossible for them to catch up.In the end, of course, they all fail but they have become so adept at deluding themselves that they never actually notice – naturally this would be the appeal of delusion.The contradiction here is that no matter what they project to the world they continue to ask themselves if they are good enough because they have not found a gauge for true success and on some level they know that success at the expense of another is an empty achievement.I must add that this knowing does not stop them.

I mentioned before that they are infinitely lazy creatures.The problem associated with laziness is that it is generally followed by a premise called boredom.Boredom could be described as a frustrated state which results from the mind and body wanting stimulation but the earthling is unable to find a way of satisfying this need and so becomes irritable, distracted and de-motivated.Perhaps from an outside perspective I could add that this is an understandable state under the conditions in which they exist for everything that could possibly provide mental stimulation has a currency cost associated with it and most humans have financial constraints.In essence their system holds them prisoner in their own homes.The end result of boredom is often dysfunctional behaviour because the human will turn to other more affordable vices to relieve the boredom and so they will begin to abuse substances that sometimes produce mind altering effects and provide some sort of escapism from their unbalanced and generally unfulfilling reality.It is often boredom that gives rise to negative behaviour like perversion, alcohol abuse, narcotics, over eating and violence.”

On the fourth day the Council requested further breakdown in the daily habits of Earthlings.

“Humans are creatures of habit.They like routine because it gives them purpose and direction.Studies have been done to validate this statement and the outcome was that children who are raised without routine are generally unstable to a greater or lesser degree.By this I believe they mean more unstable than the rest of the general population.The issue is not with routine itself but rather with the activities that make up the routine.Most households have at least one television which is a device through which a variety of programmes and advertisements are transmitted for entertainment or educational purposes.I must confess that the majority of the material communicated to humans through this device is dubious.The consumer markets use this as a mechanism to manipulate and brain wash the viewers into believing that certain products will lift their social standing, improve their life spans, make them more beautiful and so on.The tragedy is that the humans have embraced the television as the ultimate truth and so they buy into the propaganda that feeds off their question of self worth. When many of them return home from their daily flurry of busyness the first thing they do is switch on the television.I believe it is safe to say that it is one of the many human addictions.In their defence, this addiction is not necessarily an unreasonable one because what else would they do if it were not there given their financial limitations that create restrictions on their freedom and creativity?

The ‘routine’ observation gives rise to another which is their strange eating habits.They are compulsive eaters and use food as a form of comfort, bribery, entertainment and seduction.Appetites have become so confused that many earthlings don’t even know when they are hungry because they are constantly shoving something into their mouths – of course I exclude the starving individuals from that statement for I regret that hunger is perhaps the one feeling that dominates their existence. So, the poverty stricken aside, the food observation when explored further reveals the bizarre preferences of this nation.They produce some natural foods which are planted and harvested similar to the way we produce our nourishment.Their process is much more time consuming and labour intensive due to the structure of their system but they do produce natural food.The problem is that the natural foods cost a lot more currency and so they turn instead to manmade foodstuffs that are produced in bulk and contain synthetic ingredients that colour and flavour the food.These products often have no nutritional value and often have negative side effects that play havoc with the earthling’s health because their bodies are not designed to process these substances.The television and the food dilemma complement one another because as the human sits in front of the device they are not always sufficiently engaged and so an element of boredom creeps in which results in them eating something that they don’t need.The spinoff of this is obesity, flatulence, heart disease and countless other ailments.Yet, despite knowing this, they continue to do it for they are too lazy, exhausted or addicted to find an alternative.”

On the fifth day, Council was well enough intrigued by my findings and requested that I provide them with insight on the processes followed by humans and so the subject of marriage and children was raised.

“The human animal follows a predictable and defined path from beginning to end.In established communities the same norms are followed throughout the planet.From very early ages children are indoctrinated through social norms, fairytales and religions to pursue a life that will include holy matrimony and the development of a family unit.After 37 years I am still not completely clear on the purpose of this.In the western cultures in previous generations the men were the head of the household and they would go out and earn currency while the female or wife would stay at home and take care of the children and the abode. There has been a shift in this consciousness as the female has become more dominant and more motivated to fulfil her own needs that are generally not satisfied by the role of mother, wife and housekeeper.There is currently a greater drive towards equality – although I don’t understand the concept as equality suggests there is no competition, no winner or loser. Again, it is a phantom delusion that they pursue because as the female earns greater currency it often creates a sense of inadequacy in the male which results in him acting out in undesirable ways which often results in the destruction of the family unit.The society is so programmed in their belief of the family unit that they don’t look for alternative solutions to the problem.When families break up the two adults actively seek another mate to fulfil the same role as their previous spouse creating a vicious circle where the end result is quite often the same; one of unrealised expectations.

In other cultures the institution of marriage is even more limiting for those who enter into it.The females are required to cover themselves from head to toe when they leave the house.Their educations are limited as are the educations of their female children for they are seen primarily as home makers and child bearers so there is no logical reason for them to be educated beyond the basics.The males are often allowed to take more than one wife but a female may never take more than one husband.The male dictates in these homes, makes all the decisions and rules which must be blindly obeyed by his family members.What we must be mindful of is that the male himself usually has limited education and experience and so decisions and rules are quite often self serving and narrow minded.When the threat of the “head of the house” is insufficient to keep the family in line they use the teachings of their religions to drive the fear of other worldly Gods into the sanctuary with a threat of divine punishment which includes but is not limited to eternity in a place referred to as hell where a devil resides to torment them forever.There is an overlap here with another observation about their belief systems which I will cover later.On the surface none of this looks too grisly but when one digs beneath the pretence we discover that all humans of all races have a secret lust for freedom and balance in the same sense as we know it, the only difference is that they either don’t know how to achieve it or they are too afraid to try.I’m referring to true freedom of speech, expression, association and thought.All of these so called human rights are viciously violated by the institution of earthling marriage; yet another dire contradiction.

This raises the question of why they get married in the first place because it is, most times, a personal choice.My observation is that humans are seductive creatures who enjoy a well rehearsed sense of illusion as opposed to the brittle facts of reality.They are easily seduced by the media, by their peers and by illusions of grandeur.They strive for acceptance, recoil from rejection and will put themselves in the most diabolical circumstances just so that they will not be judged but people whose options they don’t really care about.The wedding day is a dangling carrot of course and perhaps the greatest motivator of all for the human couple to enter into the institution.It is the one day when all eyes are on them with great approval.The venues are generally extravagant and the bride and groom, deep in debt, are dressed to the nines like royalty to meet their great day and the swooning crowd that have gathered to celebrate their union.

There is a tremendous sense of accomplishment and greatness at this ceremony as the human couple appear rich, exquisite and beautiful beyond words.It is an enticing phenomenon yet at this very ceremony when their chosen ones conduct their speeches there is continuous mention of how ‘things will only go downhill from here’.Jokes are made about the limitations imposed on the man’s freedom, his interaction with members of the opposite sex, his inevitable receding bank balance and hairline and the other unfortunate and unpleasant eventualities that come with settling down.One of the other common reasons for marriage is a bizarre fear that they have of growing old and dying alone.Another contradiction because one of the partners always dies first with the result than one of them will always die alone. Despite glaring examples to the contrary, they continue to believe the myth and I have heard more confessions of loneliness from the betrothed than I have from those who choose to remain single. I conclude that this is due to the isolation that is often a result of marriage. Additional reasons for marriage include love, financial security, status, a lack of self sufficiency, the need for care, home making, childbearing.I personally have come to believe that love is the very last reason that most people marry.

This brings us to the topic of earthling children because this is the predictable next step after marriage and perhaps one of their greatest pitfalls. The most startling observation that I made on earth was that there is no form of population control.Humans may breed and multiply at their own discretion and they do so, sometimes to the point of their own demise.The obvious question is that if there is a shortage of resources it should be common sense to limit the size of the population yet this logic escapes them.Anyone and everyone is allowed to produce children, from criminals to the mentally incompetent to the self righteous to the violent.Child molesters, child abusers, murderers, psychopaths, depressives may all reproduce as they see fit.The dire consequences on the diminishing resources and the moral fibre of society caused by this lack of control are obvious. The world population on planet Earth is currently estimated to be 6,881,800,000. Annual births have reduced to 140 million since their peak at 173 million in the late 1990s, and are expected to remain constant, while deaths number 57 million per year and are expected to increase to 90 million per year by 2050. Again the conclusions are obvious.

So, knowing this, we would assume that it would be enough to scare the living daylights into mankind to the point where individuals would take cognisance and make better choices but it is not so.Earthlings remain self absorbed and egotistical, wanting children for the sake of continuing their name, saving their marriages, giving them something to do, having someone to look after them when they are old, having playmates for their other spawn, creating illusions, dependencies and purpose all for self.The worst part of all is that they then go on to project their own inadequacies and disorders onto their children, never fully understanding what parenting is actually about, never fully respecting that their children are independent beings worthy of autonomous thought.They believe they own them, may impose on them, torment them, punish them, dictate to them, overfeed or underfeed them or wear them as fashion accessories and the result of this is a child who does not know any better and will ultimately bear the sins of the father by re-enacting the very same cycle themselves.The best way of describing this situation is to say that in the land of the blind the one eyed man is king.”

On the sixth day the Council of Numbers asked about the spiritual state of earthlings and so we entered into the cloak and dagger observation of Religion.

“There are many religions on earth and the followers of each religion believe theirs to be the correct one.Religious teachings preach appropriate behaviour, they denounce sin and rationalise between what is wrong and right according to their own perceptions.There is a common thread between most of the religions which is a belief in a higher power that bears different names.The higher power is the creator of mankind and earth, usually a male, who directs the passage of time and meters out punishment to his followers.Each religion has a book which is often open to interpretation but provides guidance to the followers on how they should live their lives and why.I will not go into the nitty-gritty of the stories or the beliefs for they are far and wide and will take up much time.The bottom line is that the teachings are usually well meant and provide functional guidelines to direct the behaviour of the people who follow the religion but the religious platform is plagued by human greed, the need for power and the distortion of facts for the sake of the few who will profit and benefit from it.Despite the good intentions of many religions they have also been responsible for atrocious wars and despicable deeds in the defence of their beliefs and this in itself is riddled with ambiguity.The teachings are often fear and guilt based, leaving the people feeling inadequate, bad and ashamed.My observation is that religion, despite what it preaches, has no concept of spirit as we know it.It is yet another self serving manmade institution that is a control system.

In the same breath, there are some earthlings who understand that life is nothing more than a journey between two worlds.They have explored and correctly interpreted the meaning of spirit and have been enlightened but they are judged harshly by the masses because true spiritual enlightenment would compromise earthly religion.”

On the seventh day the Council of Numbers stood.There was a sense of trepidation in the darkened room as they asked me to deliver my final verdict.

I cleared my throat and began.“Each of the findings that I have mentioned contributes to the rickety sustainability of the current earthling system.For instance, internal contradictions result in an imbalance between mind and spirit which gives way for an industry that needs to provide relief.Therapists, psychologists, doctors and many other professions suddenly have a place to earn currency because the earthlings don’t believe they are able to heal themselves.When their underlying question of being good enough continues to prod them no matter how well they have run the race they buy more stuff, just bigger and better and this too creates industry and currency exchanged.When boredom leaves them fidgeting and agitated they turn to external entertainment and so a whole new industry comes into play to keep the earthlings from going out of their own minds or sometimes helping them to do just that.

They are the most intelligent yet the most destructive creature on the planet.They pollute their own water and air and they damage their own bodies with the toxins they consume. They damage their own offspring and they are arrogant, vain and self serving at the expense of others. They are incapable of listening to reason and implementing measures to prevent the continued deterioration of their planet and ultimately themselves. I do not have much faith in the majority of the people that inhabit earth for they are too short sighted to look beyond their own garden gates and they are too inclined to turn a blind eye than pursue what is truly right.”

The Council of numbers was silent as some thoughtful looks passed between them. Council member 4 stepped forward, in human numerology the number signifies fate, and he asked me for my final verdict.

It is never easy to be the judge, as they say on earth ‘judge not least ye be judged’ but judgement day was inevitable and it was after all my assignment and my mandate would not be fulfilled without the final word.All eyes on me and a drawn out silence hovered as I stared back feeling like the trapeze artist who has to do one final flip.

“Bring on 2012,” I told them, “It is sadly what the earth needs.”

Council member 1 nodded, on earth his number signifies creation and he said, “Space ship 7 can accommodate 1 million beings.So in the wake of your verdict we would like to know if you would recommend saving any of the earthlings prior to 2012.”

It is the eighth day and I sit beside Kalib on a shuttle back to earth.I have one year to recruit 1 million earthlings who will survive the end of the world as mankind knows it.My mandate is to select individuals who would be capable of living peacefully within the confines of a spaceship and who would ultimately have enough independent thought, foresight, emotional intellect, spiritual sense and logic to do right by the earth the second time around and ultimately advance their species in a functional way.

Kalib turns to me and hesitates, “What about Mother?” he asks.“What about her?” I say. Kalib nods and tightening the straps across his chest, he says, “It seems that there may be opportunity in disaster after all.”

On earth my name will still be Svana. In time, some may come to know my real name and they may blame me for what they have done to themselves but that is just the way of the earthling.


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