With Angus O'loughlin A Fanfic

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Youve always wanted to be a radio presenter and when our dream comes true, what will happen when you meet your hot supivisor?

Submitted: September 13, 2013

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Submitted: September 13, 2013



THIS WAS JUST A JOKE BUT I JUST GOT ON TWITTER AND ANGUS ACTUALLY TWEETED ABOUT IT!! I WAS LAUGHING SO HARD HAHAAHAHAHA I CANT BELIEVE HE FOUND IT LIKE WHAT DOES HE SEARCH "ANGUS FANFICS" XD  well this is really shit, i wasnt even gonna go on with Chapter 3 but since it has so many reads now, should i re-write it properly? I will check the comments on angus' tweet to see if people want it sexual or not, but the rating for this story is on R18+ right now hahaha


enjoy reading this! its not meant ti be good, it was just teasing fanfics but since angus found it, I HOPE YOU LIKE IT!


Chapter 1

Sallys POV

I walk into the air conditioned building of my new job. I can't believe i actually got it, its a dream come true. as i get in the elivator, i decide to check my twitter. My twitter is empty, as usual. I only really use it to get the latest gossip on celebs. Hopefully once i get to know my listeners more, I can use my twitter for other things too.


BING the elivator doors open and im in some kind of lobby. I see a reception desk with a brunette so i walk up and introduce myself. "hi. Im Sally Rally. I am the new radio presenter. Can you show me to the studio?" the girl loooks at me with an interesting smirk. "Yes right this way". She walks around the counter and leads me past offices with people on computers and a studio with a lady in it. Then I get to a studio and the brunette whos name tag says 'Margie'  stops and says "this is the one". I see a guy in there. His tanned skin was perfect. His white teeth shined so bright and his brown sandy hair swooped into a quiff with blonde streaks. His bitton up shirt reminded me of something a tourist in hawaii would wear but i didnt care, it was perfection. His skinny jeans, oh those jeans. Brown and fitting to his legs perfectly. He stood there, with his hands behind his back in a presentable way, his smile reaching ear to ear. He winks, and thats when im snapped out of my trance. I realise im taring at him. I walk towards him and his hand reaches out to me. I grab it and shake it. "hi im Angus" his voice sounded. "h-h-h-h-i" i stuttered. "Im Sally. Im the new host." "oh hello Sally im your co host/supervisor, i guess your stuck with me" "damn am i glad" i breath before i see a hint of shock in his eyes and i realise i spoke that out loud. My cheeks are surely painted red, i can feel the blood rushing to y face, its burning. how embarassing.


Chapter 2.

Angus POV

I was standing there, waining for the new co worker. i saw Margie walk up woth a pretty girl. I dont like margie shes too flirty but the new girl, she looks stunning. yeah, maybe she could get a boob job but other wise shes perfect.

"hi im angus" i say. Why is she even looking at me like that? do i still have sauce on my face from my kfc? oh shit i think i do. dont wipe it off angus, dont wipe it off, just pretend its not there. I wink and the girl snapps her head to the side then back at me. "hi im sally" i hear her say. Sally. What a nice name. I already know, but she tells me that shes the new co host. "i guess your stuck with me then" i say. I hear her say something like "and damn am i glad" and i can feel myself bluching. "stop" i tell myelf.  "stop hearing things of course the hot girl would not say that" my sub conciousness adds.

"And this is the new co host, SALLYYYYYYYYYYYYY" i say, introducing Sally. Shes a natural at speaking on the radio. Im gonna love having her company.




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