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this a poem calling on nigerians for patriotism, and to jettison bribery and corruption, as well as tribalism or sectionalism. this i believe will do the nation good.

Submitted: July 01, 2013

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Submitted: July 01, 2013




One Nigeria! Who stands for ONE NIGERIA

Man dies but once, afterall,

To live again if the course of truth he pursued.

So, why not: let me say it loud and clear

Though the story they may not like

But willy nilly only this truth sets us free

And is it not true that this country is ours?:

That if we do not say, none will say;

That if we do not act, none will act!

Straightaway, therefore, let me say it

Though ears it tingles!

But who cares a hoot!

Certainly not me very patriot –

With no iota of pretence in blood –

Transparent as water in white water bottle

Transparent as Dora Akunyili, and fearless,

Mincing no words, calling spade a spade,

Refusing to say black is white and white black

Refusing to think through my belly –

To be ruled by filthy lucre in bribery!

Surely, I dislike wuruwuru leaders –

Those past looters, without conscience.

Yes, like Martin Lurther King I take no nonsense

For I am a fierce right-fighter.

Let me say it, though for my throat they angle:

This country has existed like an edifice on a quick sand

And the occupants, sheer pretenders

Who delight in lie-trading!

And can the system this way endure?

Who asks?: and who answers?

Yes, the truth must be told!:

How can bribery be our bread to daily eat

And corruption the accompanying tea to take?

How can our National Anthem be tribalism

And sectionalism our most cherished song?

How can we continually dodge the truth?

And expect to move forward:

Our flag soiled by stains of sharp practices!

Only skeletons in cupboards –

Intrigues! hidden agenda here and there,

Only rendering our nation a misalliance

As we lie catrat, strange bedmates,

To ensconce, as though in banana republic

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