A change in Education (India)

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  A change in education:

India is a land where “Guru” has high esteem than  “God”. But particular two bad incidents had made these words a gamble. The killing of a Hindi Teacher last year in Chennai by a school student and the murder of a Principal in Tirunelveli by three Engineering undergraduates has reflected the increase of violence mindset among students.

 Where did it come from?

We have imported everything; from character to food and everything else. The impacts laid by western culture have destroyed our social morals. Students have modified over last two decades. Students have changed; but our educational system remains a constant. Now, our younger generation craves for more practical education than these mugging-up systems. Also they need their education to be made easier

“Students are not ready to face the book; but are always ready to use facebook”

What is the reason behind this?

  • Pressure given by educational institutions
  • Continuous pestering of parents about studies
  • Education system is a barrier between students and teachers

Pressure given by educational institutions:

In want of reputation, some school management goes hard on the students. They don’t make him a student; but a “mark machine”. A machine hardly knows some morals.

 Continuous pestering of parents about teachers:

Always, parents do enquire about studies. They never leave him free. Also, they are not open-hearted to their children. They just want to be their children to be a “bookworm.” Only a minimal section of people want their child to exhibit his own talent.

 Education system is a barrier between students and teachers:

Education system no longer gives chance for thinking. They do not include ‘creativity’ and ‘innovation’. If teachers do follow the educational system properly, it makes the students feel embarrassed and irritated. It just doesn’t give any opportunity to interact freely. Teachers and student acts like warriors to face the life of war.

Are students alone to be blamed?

The student is just an arrow for these violent actions. Some teachers, parents and managements have given him a lot of torture. Most of the social media plants him the character of violence.  And know you know that these things have acted like a bow. “As you sow, so you reap” Yes, now we are seeing the reciprocate. But it does not reflect that teachers are wrong. The problem is in the Indian Educational System, which needs to be changed in double quick time.

One boy has shown out his mindset to be violent. But many students keep it deep in their heart. It is in the hands of surrounding to keep it a dormant. The only solution to keep it dormant is by having “A change in education”.

Submitted: November 05, 2013

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Since this is the time of online education, there are no such thing as boundaries in education anymore, whether it is Gulf or any other place. the post provides some very proper insights regarding the various educational dynamics of the system through which improvements in the system can be made http://www.worldwideacademics.com/regions/ksa/mba-in-saudi-arabia.asp

Wed, November 6th, 2013 7:07am


Thank You for your reading. Continue reading....

Thu, November 7th, 2013 5:21pm


hi ani2 I like your 'A change in Education (India}'
it's really superb I really like the sentence 'education system no longer gives chance for thinking. they do not include 'creativity' and 'innovation'.

Fri, February 21st, 2014 4:01pm


Hello friend! thank you for your reading. I am waiting for your writings. If you have time you can take a look at my new story
" Vada Phav and the I-phone"

Fri, February 21st, 2014 8:34am

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