Memory Card

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

The condition of ENGINeering in TN.....


My results were published. I know that I haven’t done well. My result was as to my expectations. I fell short in my Mathematics exam, short by a big margin. I sat on the smallcompound that had been built for a magnificent neem tree inside my college campus. I twisted the note which was in my hand. My heart fell horrendous. I wanted to cry, but I had no privacy.

This is not familiar to me. Of course, I didn’t not expect until I received the question paper of my first semester Mathematics exam. My 12th cut off was 199.75 but turned about to be an arrear holder now. Question twisted round my mind “How did I let this happen?” But I had no answer.The only thing I could do is to wind up my life.

Failures are not familiar to me; also I had no capacity to accept my failures. I lost complete hope that I could never become an engineer. “And if so, not a good one for getting job” I declared.

  I reached home when my wrist watch showed 5pm. On the way to my home, I tore the pages of my Aptitude book and made it flew in the air. I went to Amma and asked for a coffee. I did notwant to tell my result to her. She has no use in knowing about that, because she will never look me after that night. She gave me two notices with a cup of Bru. 

“What’s it?” I questioned after seeing the bike posters in it.

“It’s for you. Appa planned to buy it” she replied.

I carried on those unwanted posters inside to my room. I started to cry and my throat blocked in extreme distress. “Well, this is fate. At least enjoy the last day better” I said to myself.

I switched on my LED television in my home. I switched it at once off as it showed me nothing other than advertisements. Then my mind decided searched my diary….

I turned out pages and pages. It showed me nothing but my study hours at the messed up school.

One such day… “Imposition on Chemistry”…this was the caption I had written for that day.

The gates of the school were opened. All the students assembled them in the benches provided for them. “Page number 86” the teacher shouted. Students opened the book page 86. “Memorize and write it as fast as you could” he shouted……

Oops! This is not right. I made some modifications. It is perfect now.

The gates of the computer were opened. All the memory cards assembled them in the slots provided for them. “Page number 86 to 90” the USB wire shouted. Memory cards opened the data page number 86. “Memorize it and write it as fast as you could” he shouted.

I, one of the memory cards, knew that I had transferred the data into my mind already more than 12 times. But I had no other go but to transfer the data into my mind. After half-an-hour, the USB wire shouted us to write as many questions as possible. I started to make another copy of the data in the memory card“

I have the habit of looking at watch for every 2 minutes. So I could accurately say that I completed the test in 12 minutes and 37 seconds. I was happy that I had saved 2 minutes 13 seconds as the estimated time was 15 minutes and 0 seconds.

  Within 25 minutes, the USB wire shouted my name. He said that there was an error during data transfer. The error is that a word named “steam” has been left out. “Transfer the data 25 times. I had told you know that it is an important file (question). Go now” the USB wire shouted at me.

“Ha ha ha!” I laughed after remembering the way I studied in my school.

My study hours gave me nothing but marks. I can say that I have lessened up the fees payment for my father. But I supplied nothing to my brain other than words, that too, not other than the words in my book. Tears welled up my and ran in my cheeks. But a great happiness is that these are my ‘lasts’ and this messed up life is going to end tonight.

I went outside my room to have my dinner and took my brand new Samsung Duos to play “Kaththi” music. “Amma, what have you done?” I shouted to my mom who was in the kitchen. “Selfie pulla…” my smart phone started to shout.

“Chapatti” she replied me.

“Side dish?” I asked.

“Kadaai Masala” she made answer.

“My favourites!!!” I said. “Good dinner for the last day of my life” I thought.

Suddenly my smart phone stopped playing music and my “Tum hi ho” ringtone started to play. My screen blinked with the name “Aarohi”

I switched on the call and said “Sollunga, Aarohi madam” and walked towards the verandah.Actually her name is Aarohi my aunt’s daughter. She is of my same age, doing CA inter in Coimbatore.

“Tomorrow, beach na?” she said.

“What are you telling?” I asked. “Tomorrow, shall we go to beach?” she said.

“For that you must be in Chennai, huh?” I said. She replied with a silence for two second. “Hmm….Are you coming to Chennai?” asked.

“Tube light” she replied me.

“O my god!!!” I thought. “You should be there for her” my mind said to me. Well I can put off my death to two more days later.

“Well, Aarohi….I want to say something to you….something serious” I said.

“What? About your results? You might have got cent percentage” she verbalized.

“Aarohi…Just don’t make fun. I failed” I said.

“Hey…I am not making fun…but you” I said.

“How much belief she has in me?” I thought. “Why not? Nobody would expect such poor performance from a cut off machine” my mind said to me.

“Really, I am an arrear holder” I said.”I just couldn’t write my Maths exam well” I said.

“Oh, Rank holder na?” she said and made a kiss. I had no mood to kiss her back.

“Not really, madam” I said. “I would not survive that many days. How can I say this messed up mark  to others?” I thought.

“When do you come?” I asked her.

“Morning 4.30” she said. “Then we can see sunrise” I said.

“Why not sunset?” she asked. “No much crowd” I said.

“You naughty” she said. “I am tired…Getting ready to the railway station” she added. “Love you” she said.

“I love you too” I said and left her beep tone.

I was puzzled whether I should wait one more day for my death. “No” my mind replied. I searched for a rope for I thought that it was the simple way to die. And I have a fan already in the roof of my room. I planned to it by 11p.m.

I went in search of a rope. After collecting ropes which would be comfortable for my necks, Iheard a beep sound from my smart phone.


Two students who pursue Engineering committed suicide inside the campus. The co-mates said that it was mainly due to their failure in exams. Though their public exam scores were very high, they were unable to shine bright in the 1st semester. Vignesh and Raghunath, both of age 18 pursued Engineering in Gughan Engineering College yielded themselves to death. The Principal felt very sorry for the act committed by the students.

It is said that, none passed in this college. TOI team took this as a task and did various researches.

  1) Not a single Engineering college of 500 students in Tamil Nadu secured a pass rate of more than 90% in the first semester.

2) Over 50% of the Engineering colleges in TN are deemed as poor.

3) Some college has failed to show a minimum of 1% pass rate. What has happened to Engineering in Tamil Nadu?

  The reason is deep and fundamental in nature. Many students who get through easily with great marks in State Board are nowhere near to the grade of engineering. Many of them lack exposure and the basic thing is that many mug up and vomit. Many people get into engineering with 0% interest.

Hope the conditions would improve.

-TOI team. ”

This was the news which I read in TOI link. “Not only is me, but 80% of the Engineering not good” I thought.

I threw the rope away. I decided not to think of death anymore. I knew that I had no serious ambition towards Engineering. I thought of quitting it.

I phoned Aarohi. “Aarohi, I failed in Engineering.” I said though I heard the sound of train in background.

“What?” she asked.

“Please let me talk. I failed. I thought of suicide. Not only am me, but 80% of the Engineering not good. So I decided to quit Engineering. I would like to study B.A English. I think I will become a lecturer after sometime. What do you say?”

“I love you my cheeky” she replied.

I know she would accept it. “I love you too” I said and pressed the red button.

If I am strong in my mind, I know my parents will never refuse.

Next day, it was the most beautiful sunrise with Aarohi. A new rise, a new thought and a new life born………



Submitted: December 15, 2014

© Copyright 2021 ani2. All rights reserved.

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Awesome ani . its so nice to read really.

Sat, December 20th, 2014 7:35am

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