Vada Phav and the I-phone

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India- a country of plenty and poverty. True picture of Indian poor people.

Submitted: February 21, 2014

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Submitted: February 21, 2014



Vada Phav and the I-phone:

A black Mercedes Benz, one of the most luxuries one in India is fasting across the expressways of Mumbai, India. The corners of the streets are unobtrusive by Udhayakumar who is rocking pop music with his Iphone4.  Suddenly, he clogged it and asked Rajesh, “Must I?”  “Yes you must; you must recall his blazing bop”, replied him.  “Yeah, but it’s mine”, again said Uday. “You yourself know the fact” was the reply.

He recalled the occasion.

 “Wow, what a magnificent performance!” remarked Uday past Arun’s thundering dance performance. Everybody believed in the success of Arun. It was the time for result, “And the winner is, Udhayakumar and his boys” said the comparer. Uday do know that it was by reason of the influence of his political father. He even made out that Arun was the victor.

  So he thought that it would be fair to give the scholarship to him, but found him nowhere after the result. “I must give it to him, must I?” “Yeah! You must.”

“So that I must consign it to his hand. Okay, let us do.” said Uday. “Search his residence”, ordered him to his servant. Within a week time, the servant did it and said that it was in Dharavi, Mumbai.

“It’s quiet bizarre that a dancer lies in a poor slum. He may be of lowly family. I am doing a good deed. It may be a great rally round for him”, thought Uday. Now, the car is at the outset of the city. Within a few minutes the driver stopped the car and remarked that the car cannot move any longer. They both got down and walked through the dirty streets Of Dharavi. Udhayakumar couldn’t put up with the bad smell created by the open running ditches.  Every street narrows in an ascending order. For every street he can see nearly 200 houses.” It’s almost like a tiny bathroom” commented Uday. He observes many males without shirt and small children with no dress. He was completely embarrassed when he saw people using an open place as a toilet. That too, more people in a same open place. He had vomiting sense so that he turned his sight away. But it led to another distressing scene. Women ran their way to fill their drum with water. But nobody filled; instead they had clash with one another. They even rolled on the road to get water. The sounds made by them were rash and hectic. Meanwhile, his driver found the shelter of Arun and asked them to follow him.

They had to traverse a bridge to arrive at Arun’s poor box home. Actually, it is not a bridge. It’s a gigantic pipeline.  Suddenly, his I-phone rang with a pleasant music so that he put his hands into the pocket. But unfortunately he dropped it down.  Both sides of the bridge were full of plastics and domestic wastes with devastating whiff. And it is the shelter of dirty dogs, polluted pigs and many other insects; more highly there were hefty mosquitoes. “Disastrous region to dwell in. I don’t want that phone. Let it be with waste”, said Uday.

  “How do they be in this notorious world?” asked Uday to his driver. He replied that it was their fate. “Nobody can change one’s destiny except god” added him.

Once and for all, they found Arun.  He was taking bath in a toilet which had no roof. As soon as he saw Udhayakumar, he came out of the roofless bathroom with his tattered lungi (a type of dress) and welcomed them to his box house. He took a water bottle asked them if they wanted water. “Bottle! It’s like a paint tin with ugly brown stuffs settled at the bottom”, thought him but he did not verbalize.  Udhayakumar started the topic for which he had come for.

“I watched your dance performance. It’s remarkable. Really you’re talented”, pronounced him. “But how could you be able to that by dwelling in this garbage?”  Arun smiled and verbalized that it is because of his working in a dance club as a sweeper.

“Working? Are you not studying?” asked Uday. “Yeah! It’s my deficit; deficit of money. I couldn’t do so even if I had willingness. It’s my nature; nature of all my slum beings”, said Arun. Uday then gave the scholarship of Rs 6,500. Arun rejected the proposal.”“You are in poverty. Why don’t you get it so?” “Oh! Money is not a remedy. Poverty solved not though by means of currency. It’s just momentary. ” He then invited to join in his brunch. Even though there was a little hesitation, they accepted. He then went to a Vada Phav shop which was located near a ditch. Uday could not put up with that nuisance anymore. He straight away asked “Are you a mad to eat here? Why not a better place?”

  Arun smiled and put on his words. “This is my regular food court. It just costs me Rs.10 per day. If I search for better Vada Phav shop, it may cost Rs.12 to me. This is my burger; poor man’s burger. ”

“Oh! What’s there in two rupees? Why are you behaving like a psycho?”

His reply: “I am not a psycho. I am a poor of this poor slum which is in one of the richest cities. “

“Poor! Poor! Poor! Hey you can just explain me, ‘What’s poverty?’”

“Poverty is a motivation; stimulation; for both good and crime”, said Arun. He added that it is a chronic disease. If it affects a person, it will pester the whole family. But I am fortunate to be alone.”

“Why don’t you people work in a better place?”

“Do anybody waiting for us with job. No job in this country for a poor Indian; but many scope for foreigners. Yeah! Many politicians for the sake of their bank balance hit us indirectly. Poor man’s son becomes poorer and rich man’s son becomes richer and no change in the life for any poor. We are developing is just an outlook. You can get even 10 I-phones in a day; but I cannot spare more than 2 Vada phav in a day. I am not a psycho; I am just a poor”, said Arun with embarrassment.

“Then what the politics have done to you?”

“Politics is a great drama, simply now a business. It may have shown development; but it is mostly an outlook.  They earn more from us than what they give. Yeah! They earn from us by corruption. There may be a corruption even in this potato while importing. We are not disabled to earn money. The government is disabled to give us opportunity. Not only these factors, there are many it’s is not a one-day problem. Poverty is a political drama with politicians in negative role”, said Arun.

Uday thought “I am sorry”, but he did not. Meanwhile Rajesh’s cell phone sounded. He took it and said that it was his father. Uday got the phone and replied that they would be back soon.  “It’s time to move. Please get this scholarship. I am giving it to you as my friend”, he said and gave his hands.

Now, Arun accepted his proposal and smiled. Within minutes, they departed from that nasty slum. The driver stopped the car as it was a signal. A child knocked at the window and begged to Udhayakumar. With hatred over his father, he gave him 50 rupees. The beggar wished him good and went to a Vada Phav shop and had his lunch. The signal showed green and within minutes all the cars hastened.  

Udhayakumar reached his home. At the royal couch of grand hall, he could see his father eating roasted cashew nuts. He just said that he has met a poor guy and asked the reason why the poor people were still living in this country. His father replied that it was their fate. “Nobody can change one’s destiny except god” added him.

“A driver and a politician have the same answer”, thought Uday.

“Well! You can leave that topic. Here I have something new for you. It’s a brand new I-phone 5” said him and gave the phone into his hand.

He thought “My I-phone= 3896 Vada Phav. It’s a country of plenty and poverty.”

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