Bring Him Down To His Knees

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Just a short poem for Kony 2012

Submitted: March 14, 2012

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Submitted: March 14, 2012



There I was lying peacefully in my sleep,

when all of a sudden I heard someone weep.

I awoke to my sister huddled in her arms,

tears escaping her eyes as she wiped them away with her palms.

I wanted to hug her,

to tell her it was okay.

But thena man camewho took her away,

I tried to scream, to shout for help.

But no one was here,

I was by myself.

I pulled myself up as I ran for the door,

everyone was gone, no one here anymore.

I cried and cried wanting to die,

when a few nice people came by my side.

“Don’t worry, we’ll stop him.”,

They smiled at me.

I wanted to believe them,

but this couldn’t be.

They pulled me up off the ground,

and took me where I was safe and sound.

They told me they would find that man,

who ruined my life, and gave me pain

They said they could stop him if they,

gave him fame.

They wanted the world to know about him,

what he does, and how we can stop.

So by posting a flier,

we can make joseph drop

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