Star Wars Uncharted Art contest

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I'm doing an art contest of my new book series Star Wars Uncharted. CLICK IF YOU ARE AN AWESOME DRAWER!

I am writing a Star Wars book series Star Wars Uncharted and i have created this contest to see who can draw the best fan art for it. Here are the requirements:

Must contain the main characters from my book series: Alex Jackson, Lily, Cody Kent and Shawn Brown along with King and HK-47. The 1st picture has Lily to the left and Alex to the right. The 2nd has Cody to the left and Shawn to the right. Also imagine Cody's hair is red and the saber is gold. The 3rd is HK-47 on the left and King is on the right. Also King is a T7 unit and if u havent seen one google it. and HK-47 doesnt look like C-3po just google HK-47

Each must have their weapon out. Alex's weapon is a crossguard yellow lightsaber like Kylo Ren's but yellow, Lily has a DL-44 blaster like Han Solo's and a blue lightsaber, Cody has a golden lightsaber, Shawn has a blaster like Finn's, HK-47 has a blaster rifle and King has no weapon cause hes a gold and purple T7 unit.

The last requirement is to have the words Star Wars Uncharted by Awesomenss2669/ Miguel Antonio Vazquez must be somewhere on the page.


Those the are the requirements so if you wanna win the drawing contest then start drawing! The winner gets their art featured on all the sites i have my books on which would be Quotev, and will be featured on BOTH my Youtube Channels.

The end date is August 1st and the results will be shown between the 2nd to the 7th

To submit your art drawing send an email with the picture attached to either or

Submitted: July 16, 2016

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