TeamPhased Quest: Guide to Everything

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This book was made by Awesomeness2669 to inform people of things they might have missed or didn't know about the stories

Submitted: April 05, 2016

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Submitted: April 04, 2016



TeamPhased Quest is a story about a group of heroes who came together as friends and when their comrade Ethan was kidnapped.

Tables of contents

Chapter 1: Characters

Chapter 2: Locations

Chapter 3: Enemies

Chapter 4: Important Groups

Have fun!


Chapter 1: Characters

Anikan/ Anikan916

Anikan is based off me, cause when i first started playing minecraft is maybe a few weeks after Star Wars the phantom menace came out in 3D. I called myself anikan916 but the thing is my first skin was Luke Skywalker. And me and my friend Adam were playing online one day and met Josh then met 26. Then Josh introduced me to TeamPhased and i introduced 26 to them. So about a week or 2 ago i had a dream which with some additions and minor editing i made it into the first book. Anyway he has a robotic arm which grants him to form Energy Spheres which he can use to destroy enemies. It can also generate a forcefield by using an energy sphere in his glove. After absorbing a fire sword in book 4 HeroBrine's revenge he has pyrokenesis which is the ability to control fire. His red fire turned blue and became stronger during the fight with the Android. Anikan now serves as a mentor to Brianna and is training her to use her powers. In book 8 he realized getting fire powers earlier was his destiny and if he had not they would have died. Brianna and him went to train with Alyssa at the Temple for a year after book 8 and returned in book 9 as his company was hacked and they went to get to the Aether dimension and met AronChupa (A famous real life Record Producer who i like). He found Skyler at Block Vegas along with Nadia and Snake and trained them to be heroes too. Possesions: Golden Pocket knife that turns into sword, GalaxyWrecker blaster, broken wand fragments, brown leather jacket seen in book 8&14 cover, Golden Desert Eagle, black backpack, elytra and bracelet shield

Andrew/ AWiiGii

Andrew is the leader of TeamPhased and is one of my friends. In real life he occasionally goes crazy and when u don't listen he'll be like "Now do (whatever he wants u to do) or i'll kick from TeamPhased!". He's crazy but sometimes comes through. In the story though he is less crazy but i will be devoloping the characters from book 8 to 13. Brianna was developed more in book 7 though and Andrew will probadly be developed in book 8 or 9. He is best friends with Hadyn and has a rivalry with Konrad and there will be a showdown between the 2 in book 16. Also Andrew is a shadow knight and was born with super strength. He lost his strength for an hour after Z-64 broke his beacon of power. He cares for Hadyn and they take turns saving eachother from danger and are a duo. His possessions include: Diamond Battle axe, Dual Uzis, red backpack

Hadyn/ SwindleMachine

Hadyn is Andrew's best friend and is now part cyborg and called SwindleMachine by some people. He is encased in full body metal armor made from an exo skeleton and some parts of the old chromeo. He only has part of his face revealed which reveals his cyborg eye and thats it. He has a hand that can turn to a chainsaw, laser, robo hand and a claw. He escaped the SwindleMachine suit after a huge cruiser exploded and he saved Andrew's life when his powers of strength were temporarily destroyed. He is part of a duo with Andrew and they take turns saving eachother. He got the power of ice and is a Shadow Knight too since book 8 and usually saves everybodies lives when everything else fails. He fights with a spear made of ice he can summon

Josh/ JoshPlaysMCYT

Josh is the funny and awesome TeamPhased member who has the power of the Earth. Josh fights using a gold enchanted sword and his powers and uses it to control the Earth which helps the team alot. His best friend besides Aiden and Sean is Boomer, another Earth Hero who always hangs out with him and they love to play pranks and play SkyWars with their other brother Gem who is another earth hero. He follows Andrew wherever he goes and defends his friends with shields of stone He loves eating pizza and just hanging out. His youtube channel is JoshPlaysMC and his weapon is EarthBreaker which is a sword made of enchanted stone

26/ CoolDudette26

26 is the only girl in TeamPhased which is why she is so important. She has extreme speed after crashing into a tube of glowstonian. She was being shipped with Andrew to make #CoolWiiGii26 but in the first book she kissed Andrew so he wouldn't set off the explosives vest and kill them all. After that she declared the ship dead! There will be a relationship between her and another cool character near the end of the series (book 15 to be exact) which will lead to another relationship besides Brianna and Wes and the fire couple Anikan and Skyler. She was actually the Shadow Knight of speed but she got her powers early from glowstonian essence. She got the Wand of Destiny in book 15 but it was destroyed by Konrad. 


Sean/ Sean12345678908

Sean is one of the members of TeamPhased and is the crazy one. He is writing a book as in the last 2 or 3 stories it mentions him writing in a book or journal. Those mentions will lead up to something very soon that will save everybody in the end. In book 2 he griefed the creeper kingdom which almost created a huge war between TeamPhased and the creepers but made up for it when he recreated peace. He obtained the power of thunder and lightning and used it to fight for books 8-11 but lost it when he sacrificed his powers to save 26 (Which was pointless as 26 was a shadow knight with 2 lives and would come back in a few minutes) and instead got the powers of plasma which is very similiar to his thunder powers as he can shock and electrocute things. His book became a magic tome when he spilled enchanted ink on it. Possessions: Journal, gold lightning sword, comm set, elytra

Aiden/ AidenPlaysMC 

Aiden is another member of TeamPhased and has the powers of nature. He fought with TeamPhased through all the books and is best friends with Sean and Josh. He gained his nature powers in book 8 and is able to summon vines, leaf storms and nature spirits. He tried to heal the crystal of life as only the master of the Earth can do it and was drained of his energy. Josh then sacrified himself and saved the planet. Aiden's sword Graser which was the sharpest blade of grass (stronger then diamonds) was destroyed when he died in book 14. He was killed by a zombie and his sword was turned into a dead grass sword and destroyed in a fight. He then used the bronze sword he was killed with which doubles as a pen (Reference to Percy Jackson) and was ressurected

Dylan/ ClickThisLink/DreamCraftYT/ Creeper_Farts

Dylan is a member in TeamPhased and is the hero of Physic. He has basically extended telekenisis powers and can confuse enemies and can apply pressure and crush things. He can make things float and can ocasionally see the future. He is the friend of Josh and Aiden and the trio usually fight together. Dylan gained his powers in book 8 and became the physic hero. He didn't have much of a purpose in some books and never had much character development. He likes hanging out with Aiden and Sean and he usually pulls funny pranks using his powers. His posesssions include a Sapphire blade that he fights with and a blue backpack


Commander Toast

Commander Toast is a half member of TeamPhased and one of Anikan's pets. Commander Toast is married to Cheesely/Sam another white rabbit and has a son Jr. Toast. Commander Toast leads the bunny army, an invincible army capable of taking down a group of shadow warriors and a tank. Commander Toast existed before the stories was made and is Anikan's pet using a plugin on his server. Commander Toast wears a bullet proof vest around his vest and has an extendable cannon on it. .


Brianna (Not actual person. Fictional character)

Brianna is the girl who's parents were killed in book 6: Legend of the Shadow Wither. After that Anikan took her in and trained her to fight and defend herself. She then got a robotic hand and leg after in book 7 she was injured when the tech room in the lab caved in and she was crushed by rubble. Her character was developed alot in that book as she tried to defeat the Android in a training simulator and kept failing and after she was almost killed when Anikan's ship was almost destroyed by the hooded figure. She got the powers of water when she was ambushed by Z-64 and it was an early power as she was the Shadow Knight of Water. She befriended the Aether dragon and was the main hero for book 9 and became her own person by becoming the leader of the Water Cabin


Skyler (Fictional Character)

Skyler is a hero of fire but not a Shadow Knight. She was almost killed in a fire when she was younger and when an oil tank caught fire the explosion gave her the powers of fire making her one of the only few heroes not decended from a Shadow Knight. She then traveled around with Snake and Nadia trying to survive on their own. She was rescued from a demon by Anikan and Snake and she used her powers of fire when they stopped to refuel at the castle wreckage. She was devastated when Nadia was killed and Snake disappeared after finding out he was a hero of Darkness but chose to stay at Romans Ridge with Anikan and Jason another fire hero. She went with Anikan and Jason to find Snake in the Nether and was almost killed by him. During the battle of Darkness and Fire Anikan was killed and lost his first life and only Skyler stayed when he wouldn't wake up. He awoke and they kissed and started dating after the battle. Skyler went with Anikan into the underworld and was taken by the goblin king. Anikan saved her and they escaped the underworld.




TeamPhased Castle

TeamPhased Castle is the base for book 1 when they leave hypixel they go there for a while and book 2 it's where it starts and also where the battle between TeamPhased and the creeper army takes place there as well. It will be featured in a few other upcoming books. The 1st pic is a view of TeamPhased castle and the villages around it. the 2nd is the entrance to the first floor and the 3rd is the throne room. (The explosions and holes that u may see if u zoom in are from the battle between the creepers and TP and also because of something else in the future)


Anikan's House

Anikan bought a mountain using part of his money as his company Awesomeness Industries made a treaty and got some money after sharing some research including robo arms with the creepers. He has another 2 houses on their one of which is a small guest house and the mountain also houses his watch tower, movie theater and roller coaster ride. His main house has 3 floors plus the roof. Theres a proton cannon built into the side of his house and a shield generator plus several consoles inside. The 1st pic is his house, the 2nd is the inside of the 1st floor. The 3rd is his 1st floor console and the 4th is his balcony with hot tub he built with the help of 26. The 5th is 2nd floor, 6th is the pet room including his dogs Gizmo, Lucky and Tomato, the 7th is his room. 8th is tv room/ 3rd floor and 9th is roof


Anikan's Lab

Anikan's lab from the story is hidden under his house. Most of the TeamPhased members know about it and it's used in many ways. The 1st pic is the entrance to it, 2nd pic is the console, 3rd pic is the lava tv and the nether portal josh was messing with in book 6 and the one almost everybody in TP was sucked into, the 4th is B2 which holds the guardian tank and stairs that lead to console room (Left) Expiriments room and Brianna's room (Right) and the medical wing (straight left). The 5th is the medical wing. 6th is the entrance to Brianna's room (Downstairs) and the expiriments room, 7th is the experiments room with Carth and Adam and 8th Brianna's room. 9th is the tech room and 10th is the mini library


Andrew's House

Andrew's house is a place not visited much and was only seen during 3 where the lightning guy took 26 and 5 where 26 and Blake were hanging out and when Anikan and the others were making 26 breakfast. Pic 1 is the kitchen and pic 2 is the tv that the peoples were watching the show on and also the wall that the lightning guy blew down. and pic 3 is there house from a distance


The SkyBomber

Anikan's special project which debuted in the 4th book: HeroBrine's revenge. The SkyBomber is their main vehicle throughout the series and has survived basically everything. It has the option to form an air bubble around it so they wouldn't die in space and it has crashed into several places lots of times. It was mostly destroyed when they were flying to the Evil Shadow castle but rebuilt in the next book1st pic is the ship from a distance, 2nd is the mortar and 3rd is the weapons room




The Android/Blake

The Android was an enemy that was in book 5 and tricked 26 into falling in love with him. He then decieved everybody into being a normal guy while secretly kidnapping the teamphased members. He also had fire powers like Anikan and they were matched until Anikan absorbed his power and has his pyrokenesis upgraded. He was then crushed with rubble because of Chromeo and his final blast almost killed Andrew. What was left of the robot that was trapped under the rubble was rebuilt by his creator the Shadow Emperor and became the Assassin Z-24. He was revealed to be the Android in book 15 and tried to kill them. He fought with the Shadow Empire till the huge fight in the end where he was destroyed and his final shot proved fatal to Hadyn and his broken body broke apart and his pieces were left in the end.



HeroBrine was a virus created by notch who went rouge and eventually kidnapped Ethan to try and take over Mojang. But TeamPhased was able to defeat him and HeroBrine barey escaped with his life. He then got a robotic upgrade and went to take revenge. He was eventually killed by Anikan and Notch and his fire sword was absorbed by Anikan giving him fire powers. HeroBrine returned as a ghost to fight Hadyn in book 15 and he passes his test and escaped the ravine of darkness. He then came back to save Anikan who sacrificed himself and was trapped in the void. Anikan and Charmander escaped because of him and he became a hero even through he threw Hadyn into a volcano


Shadow Emperor

The Shadow Emperor was the leader of the Shadow Empire which was their main enemy from book 7 to 16.


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