The Omega Event: The Spencer Chronicles - V1

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

Soon after the war between the Alliance and North Korea ends, True Korea is formed as the capitol of the new world. While the main group of Anikan, Andrew, Jaxi, Kailey and the others choose to
rest, one does not. Spencer decides to live his life to the fullest, even if it means almost killing himself so many times. Along with Katie, Eurie, David and many others, Spencer goes on many
adventures to accomplish his life's goals, even if he ends up blowing up half the city in the meantime!

Table of Contents

The Spencer

A long time ago, across the world in a small town on the coast of California, a boy grew up to be the stupidest yet amazing person ever... Read Chapter

The Cape

The sun rose up into the sky, sending beams of glorious sunlight through the smudged glass window outside of Spencer's bedroom. He groa... Read Chapter

A hundred Succubi, One Spencer

A young boy laid on his nintendo couch, fast asleep as the sun began to rise. He was dreaming of many things, including his reccuring d... Read Chapter

Two Spencers and a Baby

A cold afternoon, when the fall winds were finally beginning to mark the end of summer, Spencer was sitting on his couch on the phone. ... Read Chapter

Lilitha and Spencer's Ottlon Quest!

A young boy laid in his bed, sleeping through the storm brewing outside. Thunder rumbled and lightning exploded in the sky, and even th... Read Chapter

One Spencer, Two Spencer, Three Spencer, Four!

Another beautiful morning in True Korea, but things didn't seem to be as good inside of Spencer's apartment. Through the closed shades ... Read Chapter