Why the Wolf Howls

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Why the Wolf Howls - and the Raven Caws

Wolf had a beautiful voice. She'd sing under the moon and stars every night and all the animals of the forest would gather around to hear her. Raven had a voice that the animals liked a little. He could sing, but not as good as Wolf could. All the animals prefered to hear Wolf instead. Raven, was jealous of Wolf.

Raven thought of a plan. He went to Mother Nature. "Wolf mocked my voice, and said I couldn't sing. She said I should fall of the face of the Earth, and she's the only one in the forest who can sing good!" he lied. Mother Nature believed him, "Than I shall take Wolf's voice away. She won't have a nice voice anymore! I am gining her, the 'Caw'!" she raged.

That night, all the animals gathered around to hear Wolf sing. Finally, Wolf came out of her den and sat on a hill. She lifted her head and sang. Though, it wasn't what the animals expected, what they heard was, "Caw Caw Caw!"  Raven's plan had worked. Wolf couldn't sing beautiful anymore, it was a sound that frightened the animals, and they screeched at it in hatered.

Later that night, wolf went to the lake. She was sad. She looked at her reflection and said, "Why me?"

Lightning and rain filled the sky. Thunder filled her ears. Mother Nature appeared beside her. "Mother Nature?" she asked, "Why have I lost my singing voice?" Mother nature patted Wolf on the head. "You've mocked Raven of his voice. You said that you were the only one in the forest who could sing well." she told Wolf. "Who told you this?" Wolf growled. Mother Nature dipped her finger in the water of the lake. Raven's shape appeared into the water. "Raven..." Wolf growled.

"That is why you can no longer sing well." Mother Nature pointed out. Wolf shook her head, "I never said that..." she said with sadness. Mother Nature looked surprised. Had Raven lied to her? She summoned Raven. From the raining sky, flew down Raven, "Yes Mo-" he stopped at the sight of Wolf. Wolf looked angry with him. He began to shiver.

"Did you lie to me about Wolf?" Mother Nature said with rage. Raven hesitated, "Uh... uh..." "Answer her!" Wolf demanded. "Uh... n-" he froze at Wolf's growl. He sighed, "Yes..." "Why?" Wolf questioned him. "I-I was  jealous." he admitted. Wolf turned to Mother Nature, "Can I still get my voice back?" wolf begged.

Mother Nature hesitated, "Well," she said, "No, but I can give you an other voice, just as beautiful." "Why can't I get MY voice back?" she asked in a worried voice. Mother Nature looked down, "I'm sorry, but it is lost forever." Wolf looked disappointed. "You can still have a beautiful voice though... but first... RAVEN!" she scolded him.

"You Raven," Mother Nature said with anger, "You have disapointed me, you will now be known for the the sound, 'Caw'!" Wolf's Caw moved into Raven, and now Raven had the horrible voice. "Now," she said, "Wolf, I present to you, the 'Howl'!" Suddenly, Wolf felt a jolt in her body. She opened he mouth wide, and gave a big howl!

Every night, the animals gather around to hear Wolf sing, or what is known as, the howl. Raven is stuck with his caw for his punishment, forever.

MORAL: Be happy with who you are / Don't be jealous of others


Submitted: May 23, 2010

© Copyright 2022 AnikaYoung. All rights reserved.

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