The True Evils

The True Evils The True Evils

Status: Finished

Genre: Religion and Spirituality



Status: Finished

Genre: Religion and Spirituality



What happens, when I find out, something out of the ordinary.
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What happens, when I find out, something out of the ordinary.

Chapter1 (v.1) - The True Evils

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What happens, when I find out, something out of the ordinary.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 12, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: November 12, 2012



It was a normal sunny day. I was up and around the house as always. Moving house here was stressful. Very might I add. Well, moving in here and going to a new school seemed like an exciting plan. If only I knew what was coming.

School started in no time. I made friends, hanged around with them, anything a normal teenager would do. Only what was to come, wasn’t so ‘normal’ after all.

“Hey! Sarah! You know we have 5 tests this week and 2 quizzes?” shouted my friend, Joan, to me as I sat down next to her in the crowded halls.

“Shit. Of course I know. What do we have today?” I asked.

“Biology second lesson” she smiled.

“Oh jolly” I remarked and took out my biology book. I did learn. I swear I did. Only the point was, I couldn’t remember most of the stuff. In this school there was a totally different system and I was not used to having 2 tests every day. Going to sleep at 12am started to be a habit. Even then I barely remembered anything, since I was not prepared for this kind of school. Days passed on, and stress piled up liked a pile of books.

“Isn’t this exhausting? We’ve still got two tests today” said Joan. It was the second month of this new school. Already I had bags under my eyes.

“Yeah yeah I know, Geography and English” I moaned taking a not enthusiastic bite of my sandwich. Going back home every day I had to study, and that was basically all I was doing for the next year. I started to be a walking stress ball. And this was not ANY school. I dealt with studying at my last school and had good grades. This however was like a damned school for the elite which I had to go to since there was no other school for me.

“Oh. My. God.” I frowned sitting at my desk flicking on the light. Another night of studying. Study. Study. Study. I developed a habit of listening to music while learning, not long after I started to try and make more focus on the music then the boring textbook in my face.

Not too much later we had a school trip, before the holidays, that’s when I found out the REAL personalities of my friends. They picked on me, closed the room we were all supposed to be sleeping in, in my face and made me wait outside. They wouldn’t shut up and kept ignoring me or picking fights. One of the ‘friends’ I was sleeping with in my room stole my robe and gave it to another girl. I didn’t get it back till 2 days later. They were the meanest people on earth back then. At one point I locked myself out on the balcony of my other friend’s room’s an just cried. I still had 9 days to spend with them. They were all Christian nevertheless.

“Brilliant” I said standing outside the closed door of our room in my face. I knocked on it. Giggles surrounded the room. For FUCK’S SAKE. Then, Marie, who closed the door, shoved my uniform in my hands and closed the door. Truth was we had assembly and I had to change. Where the heck was I supposed to change now. I stood there and then I heard a voice from behind.

“Hey, you can change in our room if you want. We have a bathroom” said one of the upperclassman (Mark) who was with our class on this trip. He also had a friend. Luckily he had a room diagonally to ours. I smiled. His friend (the other upperclassman (John)) said something to him. “She can’t change here!” he commented. Then they started arguing.

“Thanks, but I think I will go to the bathroom’s” I said pointing to the public bathrooms. Mark just smiled and waved.

A few days later, before lunch, Mark came to our room. Mine, Marie’s and Joan’s. He knocked, and since I was facing directly to the door on my bed, I shouted ‘Come in’. I was playing my acoustic guitar at the time.

“Hey, mind If I come in?” he asked sticking his head through the door. I shook my head.

“Nope, go ahead” I said putting my guitar to my side. He sat on Marie’s bed in front of me.

“Soooo, whatcha doing?” he asked. I just smiled.

“Nothing much, playing” I said pointing at the guitar.

“Reading” said Joan on the bed next to him and continued reading a Manga on her phone. Mark then noticed my anime plush by my bed pillow.

“Hey! You like Anime?” he asked and asked me to throw him the plush. I threw it to him and he smiled.

“Yeah, I love it” I said. I could see Joan eyeing me with hateful eyes, I knew she was just aching to join the conversation to get his eyes off of me. Too bad he knew she locked me out that door.

“So waddya watch?” he asked. Then started a long conversation, at least 10 minutes, with no Joan, with just me and Mark talking about Anime. This trip started to get interesting.

“Well, time to get going, lunch in 2 mins” he said looking at his watch. I nodded and he left the room with a little wave. Joan was silent. ‘In your face’ I thought. Finally I had someone to talk to.

Later he came to our room occasionally. When at 6:30am he and John where supposed to knock on everyone’s door he always came in to ours sticking his head in telling us the time. With the other’s he just knocked on the door. One time after lunch I was heading to my room and encountered John struggling to open his door because he was holding some cookies. I laughed inside. To my BIG surprise, just as I was outside my door, he asked ME to help HIM. I smirked.

“Can you hold this for me?” he asked.

“Sure” I said taking the cookies from him. I supposed the other was Mark’s who decided to wander off. He then thanked me and I went to my room. In the next days me and Mark and John grew closer. When we went to town, I hanged around with them and not Joan and Marie. John bought a chocolate bar and looked at me.

“You guys want half?” he asked an gave it to me.

“I guess, thanks” I said and turned to Mark on my left.

“You know how to split it in two?” I asked.

“Not if I don’t know where half is” he laughed and broke it in two giving me half.

“Thanks” I smiled and threw it in my mouth.

That night, something happened. Something I was definitely NOT expecting out of a school trip. It was 9pm and we were all supposed to be in bed by 10pm. Teachers especially came into our rooms to check if we did so. In my case, Mark came to check up on us. Pushing his head through the door he saw me standing in my short-sleeved t-shirt and pyjama shorts.

“Bed, now” he mused and I just waved my hand playfully. I wasn’t sleepy, but I knew he would come back later, so I cuddled up in my bed. Then, maybe 20 minutes later, I felt the urge to pee. My timing was impeccable. I got up and opened the door quietly. All the teachers slept downstairs, only Mark and John could hear this. So I tiptoed to the bathroom. It was sooooo dark. I done my duties in the bathroom and just about as I was to enter back into the room I already heard Marie snoring, but besides the snoring, I heard...vibrations? I closed the door of my room again and followed the sounds. It led to Mark and John’s room. Going in so late would be weird...but I could hear some chanting. I thought that since Mark came into our room, I could once go into his room. I knocked and I heard something fell over. I pressed the handle of the door. Just as I opened it, I saw two candles. One blue besides Mark and one Red besides John. But what was standing right as I opened the door was much more than I could comprehend.

“W-w-w-w“ I started to stutter. I was seeing a figure, no less In front of me dressed in a white robe. He had black hair. When he turned around to look at Mark and John I saw his long black braid way down by his shoulders and I was opening and closing my mouth.

“Can she see him?!” shouted Mark in a hushed tone to John.

“You dumbass can’t you see ?!?!?! She is staring right at him!!!!” shouted John in a hushed tone and quickly jumped up and pushed me inside with them. The black haired figure moved away a bit to the side of Mark. I was basically gaping at them and they had their hands over their mouths.

“Oh my god we are doomed” whispered Mark. I was still not comprehending what was happening. True, I had some JOS experience but I never got farther than the dedication page and first page.

“Alright. Let’s sort this out in a civilized manner. Can you see this man?” asked John coming up to me pointing at the black haired man. I raised my eyebrows. ‘Duh’ I thought.

“Y-yes” I said and John turned to Mark.

“How is that? Are you a Satanist?” continued John.

“No...” I whispered.

“Mark? Care to explain?” said John with his arms crossed.

“Don’t tell me you haven’t read about this? Some people have powers from past lives, we can only guess she is one of them” said Mark standing up. The black haired man stood up.

“Brothers, I will take over from here, it seems this one is in quite a shock” he said in a deep voice. He turned to me. He was basically glowing with energy.

“Alright Asmodeus, we are counting on you” said Mark and John eyed Mark.

“Well this definitely ISN’T was what supposed to happen” he said.

“You wanted to do it this way” said Mark.

“You’re the one who said we had to do it in the hours of Saturn!” snapped back John.

“I also said we could do it in the hours of Mars!” shouted Mark.

“I-“ started to say John but Asmodeus stepped in between them.

“Father doesn’t like when we fight” said simply Asmodeus and turned back to me. He gestured for me to sit on the bed he was pointing at.

“We are of Satan. I know this may come by as quite a shock, but I am a demon. I work directly under the command of Satan and I come from Duat. What you are seeing now is an astral projection of me, which means my conscience is here but my body is in Duat.” He explained.

“Right...” I said trying to put all this together.

“Ironically she had to come in just now!” hushed John to Mark.

“It’s not her fault! You’re the one who wanted to do ritual now!” snapped back Mark.

“Brothers.” said Asmodeus in a much firmer voice. He didn’t take his gaze of me though. Mark and John immediately stopped fighting. This guy had to be powerful to just break them off of a fight like that.

“I will explain all this at a much more suited date. Brothers, take care of this one. I will take her back to her room” Said Asmodeus. He stood up and reached his hand to me. I took it and he helped me up.

“Come, show me your room” he said and I walked out of their room and showed him mine. He gestured for me to open it. I slowly opened it.

“Go in, they can’t see me” said Asmodeus and I sat down on my bed. I didn’t know what was happening.

“Will I get thrown out of school?” I asked at the verge of tears.

“No, no, you just can’t tell anyone.” He assured putting an arm around me. I started to really cry at that point. I don’t know why. He was hushing me pulling me to his chest.

“Go to sleep” mumbled Joan through her sleep.

“It’s fine, just lie down” said Asmodeus. I nodded and went under the covers. He pulled them over me and kept stroking my hair. I fell asleep in no time.

In the morning I snapped up. I saw Mark near my bed. He was showing me to hush and pointed to the door for us to go outside.

“You can’t tell anyone about this. Promise me.” He said in a serious tone when we were in the hall way.

“I promise” I said. He smiled and roughed up my hair.

“Since this happened it must mean Father Satan wanted for it to happen” he said and went back to his room were John was in the doorway with his arms crossed eying me.

“Don’t worry about him, he doesn’t trust you yet. Don’t get him wrong, he’s been through a lot” said Mark and slid his hand to my shoulder. “Come by our room after lunch, we will talk” he said. I nodded and went back to my room. Joan was sitting up on her bed tying up her hair.

“What did he want?” she asked in a supposed ‘I don’t care’ way.

“None of your business” I said proudly and I could feel her hateful eyes just craving for me to tell her.

“I don’t care” she mused.

“If you didn’t care you wouldn’t ask” I remarked and then I could feel her hate burning up. I don’t know why she stopped liking me, but at that point I didn’t care.

After lunch I went over to Mark’s. He opened the door. He showed me in. John was in the bathroom washing his face. He came in looking at me.

“Stop it John, she won’t tell anyone” said Mark glaring at John.

“That’s the same thing that Rat promised” snapped back John and threw himself on a chair.

“Stop it. If you can’t communicate with others you might as well leave. Asmodeus seemed fine with her, so that should tell you enough.” Snapped back Mark.

“Anyway, we are Spiritual Satanists. We fight for Satan. He is our true original creator God. Christ and all connected with Christianity is bullshit. Jews are our enemies. As well as Greys. All of Satan’s enemies are our enemies. We meditate to empower ourselves and reach Godhead.” Explained Mark and I nodded. This actually had the vibe of truth. The truth I have been looking for.

“Wow” I said.

“Asmodeus is my Guardian Demon” butted in John.

“Yes, because you need to learn to be a gentleman like him” said Mark.

“Shut up, I’m fine” said John. I smiled. When we finished talking I went to my room. Joan was there on her phone. This night we had a disco. I didn’t want to go, I dressed anyway because I was wet from the rain outside when we were coming back from lunch. When Marie and Joan left the room I just threw myself on my bed. I went outside in the hallway. I saw Mark leaning on the wall and telling everyone to go to the disco.

“Go to the disco” he said pointing to the stairs.

“I don’t think so” I smiled and went back into the room. Then, maybe half an hour later I realised something. At the disco they had drinks and I was so thirsty. I went outside the door. To my surprise Mark was STILL there telling over people to go. He looked at me.

“I have an umbrella” he smirked. I just scoffed and waited for him to lift himself off of that well and bring that umbrella. Walking to the disco we walked under that umbrella.

“Who is your Guardian Demon?” I asked out of pure curiosity.

“Seere” he said.

“Oh. How is that? I mean how do you find out who is yours?” I asked.

“You have to be dedicated. They contact you after a while” he continued and I nodded.

“What do you mean dedicated?” I pushed.

“It’s when you make a commitment to Satan to fight for him and to be by his side.” He smiled.

“That’s amazing” I awed.

“Wow. You are incredible, normally people would freak out.” He said.

“I read some of the JOS. Only the first and dedication page though” I added. “I’m guessing you are affiliated with that?” I continued.

“Yup. That is us. Directly members of JOS” he said. Then we reached the disco. He went over to the DJ, and since it was the change of shift it was his turn. He told me to tell him some songs as he wasn’t quite sure what my class would enjoy. I told him a few songs and sat on a table with a drink. On the other side of the disco hall I saw John. It wouldn’t hurt to talk to him.

“Hey” I said sitting next to him. He quickly eyed me and made a quick nod.

“What did you mean before? About a ‘Rat’ or something?” I asked.

“A Jew pushed themselves in on us pretending to be one of us. He asked everything and then summoned Asmodeus in the most disrespectful way you could ever imagine.” He said. “I done a destruction ritual on him and we never saw him again” said John and turned to look at me.

“I’m sorry” he said. I shook my head.

“Trusting people in your case must be hard” I said turning away taking a sip of my coke.

“Thank you” he said. I smiled. Then I heard my favourite song come on and involuntarily smiled.

“Care for a dance?” asked John. I just smirked. For the first time ever I saw him smile.

Back in the room, I was about to go to sleep. I forgot to take off my clothes from the balcony however. I got up opening the balcony. I swear I saw a figure lock the balcony door behind me but I fought it was just Joan coming back from the bathroom. As I took the clothes off I couldn’t open the door. It was locked. I tried harder. Marie was sleeping downstairs and there was no one in the room. My heart skipped a beat and I widened my eyes seeing a grey figure slowly disappearing in the room. I was fighting with the handle by now. I gave up and looked down at the ground. This balcony was quite a far way up. Jumping down would result at least in a broken leg, arm and maybe something more. I decided not to risk it. But someone else decided to do it for me. I felt a push. I dropped my clothes and I swung over the balcony by another harder push. I was desperately clutching onto the railing of the balcony.

“MARKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I screamed but suddenly my voice was quiet. I tried again. I saw someone open the door and it was Mark. He ran up to the balcony door and my finger started to slowly let go of the railing. He was pulling the handle and when he tried to smack the glass it turned out it was plastic. I was slipping. My right hand slipped and I was holding with my left hand. Mark was now kicking the door and wrestling with handle and then I saw John in the hallway. He shouted something indistinct to Mark and then, I let go. I fell. As I felt the wind in my hair I was waiting for the impact. Only I never felt it. I felt arms surround me. I had my eyes closed and when I opened them, I saw a male holding me in his arms. I was floating in the air along with him, only he had wings. He had shoulder length blond hair and a white robe. He lifted me back on the balcony and Mark and John were there with their eyes wide open. Mark said something indistinct which looked like ‘Father Satan’.

“It’s okay child, you are with us. We will protect you.” He said and I just stared at him. I jumped at him embracing him in a hug. I could hear a small chuckle and he put his arms around me.

© Copyright 2017 Anike Seth. All rights reserved.


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