We are of Father Satan and the Demons

Book by: Anike Seth


Ever wondered, what is the truth ?This is a fraction of it

Chapter1 (v.1) - We are of Father Satan and the Demons

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Ever wondered, what is the truth ?This is a fraction of it

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 26, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 26, 2012





2. Beginnings.....................5 
3. Enemies.........................8
4. Guardian Demons........12
5. Past lives......................14 
6. Christian and Jews.......15
7. Views...........................16
8. Rituals..........................17 
9. Music...........................18
10. Angels........................20




Many of us, ask ourselves where are we from. Some go as far as doubting themselves, and asking who they are. Other questions, like why are we here, what is our purpose and so on also get asked. Getting the answers, well, at the beginning we are probably sure there is no point to anything. Then, some of us, after years, find the answer. The answer is Father Satan, Satanism, Demons.
Many of us can recall at a young age, not caring for anything. Then years later thinking how easy it was before, not thinking about anything. All we cared about then was child’s play. Later, more of us started thinking the questions mentioned above. Most of us were looking for an answer. Some found it earlier, some found it later. But we found it.
We somehow found the JoyOfSatan website, and we were meant to. Doesn’t matter how, we found it. Maybe we were guided. Once we entered the website, most of us could fell still drawn to it after we forgot about it. Checking it from time to time, reading up. Then after some time, reading all of it in one go, that’s what happened to me. Well, sometime later we probably entered the E-groups. Learning, reading the website over and over. Sometime later we dedicated and here we are today. Our answers given and meditating. Some of us probably new, still haven’t felt much of anything, or seen something extraordinary. From what I read, it comes with time and continuous meditating. Being one of the newbies myself, dedicated, writing this is more of what I read than my own experiences, but I will include some of mine as well. I hope you continue reading, brothers and sisters.



We probably all know, what our element is by now. Air, Water, Fire or Earth. It’s the element we feel much drawn to. After I decided that I felt the most drawn to Water or Air, I discovered my birth element is Air. Birth element as I call it, is the element you are born with.
I remember being inexperienced and looking at JOS, when I haven’t even read it through, and I tried to do Telekinesis (moving things with your mind) and to put it simply I failed miserably. I tied a pencil to my desk lamp, put my palms on each side of the pencil and tried to move it. At that stage not knowing anything about energy or meditating, you can guess I failed to move that pencil.
Most of us unaware of the power within us, our chakras, go through life not seeking answers. Just going with the flow.  But us, we didn’t want to agree there was no point to us. We knew there was more to this, and so we found the answers others bluntly ignored. Finding out, we have power sealed within us is amazing. The fact that it was sealed away, is tragic. Christianity has been working on this since ages, to keep us unaware. Of course other people seeking answers turned to the false Christian god and Jewhova. Those people were then taught to stay away from out true creator, Father Satan. We however broke that barrier and returned to out true god, probably feeling a tie to him. Maybe from past lives, or maybe for some other reasons.
Being taught at a young age about that Christian bible didn’t at all help us to discover our true god, but we broke through the lies and saw the truth. I remember at a very young age being told if I don’t want to believe in God I don’t have to, by my family. Thankfully, most of my family were not Christian so I was not forced to be any kind of religious. When I got told, that I have the choice to believe in God or not, I bluntly said ‘No’. I was what, 5 ?Something in me probably felt the need to reject, and I did. I don’t really know.
Later on, after actually taking my time to read most of the JOS I finally understood. Not a few days after I dedicated. Before I did, I remember going through the Demons web pages and being fascinated by them and I re-read those pages heaps of times. I really fell in love with this path. I looked over the meditations, stupidly I thought I couldn’t meditate until I dedicated. I have no clue where I got that idea from. Well, anyway, I dedicated at night and at the end of the dedication ritual on the website it said to meditate after your dedication. So I weirdly sat there with closed eyes, trying to do something similar to meditating. What was annoying, was that I had a mosquito in the room, I could actuallyhear it smacking against the walls, so I kept getting distracted. Otherwise, the dedication went well. I recall later doing two more rituals the same week. I did a normal ritual, where I forgot the last bit of the invocation, probably because I learnt it a few hours before I did it. I was sitting there, in silence trying to remember the last part. When I finally stuttered it out I went on to the rest of the ritual.
The next day in the morning I had no way to dispose of yesterdays ashes from the burning, and I flushed them down the toilet, I had no clue what I did. I then read some e-mails from the e-groups and someone said something about flushing down ashes from a ritual and I thought ‘oh great, so it’s fine, I’m so glad it wasn’t disrespectful’ then I read on and the person said to flush down ashes of the prayer in a destruction ritual so it can be as disrespectful as possible. I was petrified. I was worried all day and the following night decided to do a Thanksgiving ritual. I done it, meditated, and then talked to Father Satan out loud, mostly apologising for my insolence.
Beginnings are hard especially when we don’t know what to do and what not. Later I started meditating (properly) and I done the beginning meditations.


Not too long ago, after a few days after I dedicated I decided to make an Ouija board and find out who my Guardian Demon was. It was very stupid of me I must say, since I haven’t meditated even for a few days yet. Also, how could I see him if I haven’t developed my astral vision, or any kind of power for that matter. Looking back now, even though it wasn’t that long ago, I feel I developed much more. Well, I done that and to my surprise, doing the session at night, I asked who my Guardian Demon was it spelled out P-A-I-M-O-N and I went all happy because I read about him on JOS. Then he said ‘Welcome to the dark side’, then he said ‘Not many join us’ and ‘Was I petrifying’. So we talked and I asked him what element he had. He said Earth. Then since I had my computer open I checked that out and it said Air. So I asked him again, and he said Air. So I was beginning to grow weary then but discarded it. I asked him is he in this room, and he said yes, then I asked if he was in front of me, he said now, and he said he was standing behind me. So I turned around and saw nothing. Then the next day I used a pendulum to communicate with him. He said he had short black hair and green eyes. May I now add, that neither the Ouija board nor the pendulum were blessed by Father Satan in a ritual. So then I asked him if at 6pm he’d like to watch Lord Of the Rings with me. He said yes. (I now know that a Demon would most likely be busy and not have time to watch something, I was stupid to ask even if it wasn’t a Demon, I was new, so please forgive my bluntness, I grew much from that time)
So at 6pm I went down and watched Lord of the Rings. Days later, I started to feel an entity that was around the house since I can remember. It wasn’t a Demon aura, I could feel it many times standing behind me. I was doing something at my desk and I had to turn around every now and then because I was sure someone was there. But there was no one. So this continued, and I felt really weak. I felt like energy was being drained from me and I couldn’t do anything.
Maybe a few weeks later, I was watching Ghost Adventures on my laptop at night. I was half turned so I could see everything in the room with the corner of my eye and I had my hand hanging off of my knee. So I was halfway through the episode and I seriously felt something enwrap around my hand like cold air. I looked at my hand, seeing nothing I discarded it. I was sure the window was open and there was a draft. So then I checked and the window was closed, as well as the door. I ignored, of course. I went back to watching and felt it touch me again. I didn’t move but I picked up my hand and felt a cold air right where my hand was. Then, something like a ball, or orb rushed past my eyes, somewhere above my chest and man did I freak out. I stood up and moved away. I swear, I could feel that entity standing right in front of me staring at me. I basically refused to move forward to walk into it because I needed my MP3 charger from the shelf next to it. It took me good couple of minutes to quickly stand next to it, get the charger and flee to my bed, far in the corner. I took my laptop, and I was so scared I actually watched Winnie the Pooh to calm myself.
I heard about The Greys, I have not seen one I don’t think. The entity I encountered before I rather think was a ghost. First, the house was near a graveyard and second, apparently when I was little I saw a woman ghost in the living room and I ran down to the basement to my auntie who was doing the washing and apparently I was scared out of my mind. Though I have a weird feeling the ghost I encountered was a male man.
Some time later when I was little, I was apparently sleeping in my crib in the living room. Above me were two paintings, one a bit lower than the other. They never ever fell down. Only when I was put there, one of them fell down right next to me. Of course being so little I doubt I noticed, but I got told this story and found it interesting.
Some time later after that incident, I was sleeping in a bedroom upstairs and a bit to my left there were two shelves drilled into the wall. You know, like the ones where you put your books on. They never ever fell down, only when I was there, and I was sleeping, one of them fell right next to me. Also, I doubt I noticed being so little, but once again I found this story interesting.
Another one I heard some time recently was that when I was little I saw a gnome. This relates to the conversation we were having about the nature spirits on the e-groups now. I got told this from my grandfather. Apparently, somewhere in the same place where I saw the female ghost, I saw the gnome on the stairs. I ran to my grandfather shouting and pointing at the stairs being positive that there was a gnome there. Again, I don’t think I remember this, but I found it interesting.
Coming back to the Paimon incident, days later I used the pendulum again, this time after pondering on the question is he my Guardian Demon, he finally said no. So it was an enemy or angel. I’m still not sure.

Guardian Demons

The topic I am really into, is Guardian Demons. Which explains why I carelessly tried to find out who mine is after few days after dedication. I now understand I did wrong. I learnt that they will come, they will show themselves as I become more open. Anyway, I read loads of interesting posts about guardian demons, hopefully I can include some here later.
The definition of Guardian Demons I think I don’t have to explain. Most of us I think read the JOS, if some haven’t we all direct you to do so.
Helping us develop and help us through our meditations, even solving problems for us if we ask them to. I wish I could write more on this topic, but now with the lack of experience I don’t want to rant about what you already know.
Some posts I read recently, include one of our sisters who didn’t put her black robes on and instead dressed all black and put on tight jeans. Which then ripped and I read at night when she was doing her meditations with her guardian demon, he had a good laugh.
These kind of experiences when you read them, make you want to develop yourself more, so you can work with your guardian demon, as much as sometimes having a good laugh with them. This of course goes to us newbies not yet experienced.
Overall, I have not much to say about demons as I have not encountered any. I can only share others’ experiences.

Past lives

Most likely, we all had one. I read a post about a our sister saying she gets feelings and flashes from when she was learning about witches at school. Chances are, we were all into the occult in the past. Some of us completely new, but most of us have had some kind of experience.
I myself developed a thinking that maybe I was involved in the Third Reich. I have had a fascination about the older history, like Rome and others but not too long ago I started to really get into  WWII. Especially Hitler and alike. A few days ago I was meditating on the swastika image, from the Spiritual Warfare Training. I noticed I saw a blue aura, like a swastika in a swastika but with a blue aura. I didn’t see this with the previous images, and so far visualizing the swastika went the best.

Christians and Jews

One of the worst things about them is they try to force themselves upon you. No matter how many times you tell them to shut up they will still keep talking about how ‘Jesus is their saviour’ or else. Most of us have some manners and will listen to their garbage and will find it hopeless trying to get some sense into them. So we sit there quietly and reject everything they say. I felt this on my own skin. One of my friends, in school no less, for 45 minutes wouldn’t stop talking about Jesus. Every time I tried to butt in and say something from my side, she bluntly kept talking. She said that she can tell her priest everything, and she will go to him or whatever and that he accepts others’ religions and more. Later that day when it was nearly time to separate and go home, she told me to tell her about my views. I told her Satanism. She said that it’s like being punk and emo. I just looked at her and said that it’s not a music genre. How dumb they can be just goes over the top sometimes.
Jews, I don’t think I knew any. The only encounter I had was when I watched WWII movies. TV shows, like entertainment shows sometimes included them. Some dining show had a Jew and all he cared about was winning and he couldn’t stop criticising others.
I don’t know was it just a vision or thought. Anyway, I was thinking what it will look like when get rid of the Christians and Jews and other corruptions. I came up with this vision, of how cool it will be when all of us will be walking around, with our Guardian Demons and we can all see them. We can communicate with each other like brothers and sisters and we can all help out each other. Just being free.


I know some of us just don’t have a way of doing them. Either underage or other problems. For example I haven’t, or more like couldn’t do any since the time I dedicated. I have no way of doing them right now but I try to meditate as much as possible.
Positive auras or energies or happenings after rituals have experienced most of us. I myself after the next day after the dedication felt quite normal, I went to sleep normally. Well, anyway, I was sitting at my desk and looking for the needle I pricked my finger with. I could not find it. Not at all. I was a bit worried that I lost or that I would step on it. Sometime later, the same day, I was doing something and I turned around and I saw the door was open. I am sure I closed it, it’s nearly always closed and I stared at it. I got up and closed it, coming back to the desk I saw the needle on the floor. I picked it up, I think a demon opened the door, or Father Satan. The point is, I probably had bare feet, and it was right where I could step on it.
Some people felt strong auras, or saw demons or Father Satan. It’s all different for everyone.


Most of us found Satanism through music. I found it through Metal. Of course by far my favourite genre. It’s easy to get attracted to the darkness of the songs and to want to know what they are about. I remember first finding LaVeyan Satanism. Probably the first type of Satanism we were all first acquainted to. I read on it on Wikipedia and find it intriguing and it didn’t quite fit to me to what the songs were saying. Of course for show Hardcore metal bands talk about slaying goats and other nonsense. The nonsense that Media Satanists do, basically not us. So reading about LaVey was ok, there were quite strict rules but I thought I could abide them. In the end I forgot about it. Still listening to Metal I wanted to know more, there had to be more, right? So once again I went on the hunt and found JOS I think and I read bits and parts, thinking it was cool. Then I discarded it again. Sometimes later I went on the website from time to time, mostly reading the Dedication ritual. Not going farther than that I don’t think.
Some time after I found the Marie Ravensoul website and I loved it. It was so intriguing, I read all of it. The next day I felt such a strong aura I could barely contain it. It was going everywhere after me. It was so warm and welcoming. Back then I didn’t know it could be a Demon or Father Satan. So I just had it for the whole day.
Later I think I was in a bad mood and angry, so the only thing I could think of to sort of rebel or whatever I wanted to do, I went on JOS. That time I read everything in one go. I actually learnt what it was all about, and that there were meditations. Then I dedicated, like I said before.


I remember back when I was smaller, to be fascinated by angles. Or more likely beings that guard you. The beings you can talk to. So I got this book about Angel experiences and read it through, then, before that I think I made up an angel for myself. Like an imaginary pal. The only difference was that I couldn’t let him be any angel, I made him a fallen angel. I called him Vassili. So I talked to him from time to time. Then I read that book and after that I read this article that fascinated me then and it was about a girl that talked to God to show her, her guardian angel. So she went to school and friends stayed away from her for some reason. Later she learnt from her friends that they stayed away because apparently she was with a ‘handsome’ guy behind her all day. I then said to God the same thing she said and it all turned out being bullshit because I didn’t have a ‘handsome’ guy walk around behind me. It was just an experiment, I didn’t believe in God anyway. 

© Copyright 2017 Anike Seth. All rights reserved.

We are of Father Satan and the Demons

Status: Finished

Genre: Religion and Spirituality



Status: Finished

Genre: Religion and Spirituality



Ever wondered, what is the truth ?This is a fraction of it
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