The Chase

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Its A Poem, A Good author lets the reader figure it out themselves :)

Submitted: February 03, 2014

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Submitted: February 03, 2014




The wolves are howling tonight 

The beasts are going to fight 

The rage goes on and on 

The blood keeps shedding all night long 


They growl and snarl their claws stained 

Not even one was in pain 

They were after the girl in the red coat 

They were after her precious note 


She ran for her life through the woods 

She did run as fast as she could 

If only she listened at home 

About not going where the pack roamed 


They were gaining on her 

She could almost touch there ragged fur 

She had one last chance to live 

It was all she had to give 


She took out her bow and nocked it 

She shoot them and they threw such a fit 

Down they went finally free 

They are beasts why didnt she see? 

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