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Just a short conversation between Peter and Olivia.

Submitted: September 13, 2012

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Submitted: September 13, 2012





Rain pelted the Manhattan pavement, creating an almost rhythmic sound as people rushed to get some shelter from the never-ending downpour.

Traffic is light this time of night and streetlights glowed over the wet pavement, making it shine different colours. In an apartment, not far away, two people were curled up together in their warm bed. After all they had been through, all the danger, the never-ending questions and wondering what would come next, all while trying to save the world, they were finally happy. How long would it last is a question left for tomorrow, for now this is all that mattered, them.


Peter looked down at Olivia, her golden locks spread out around her and pale moonlight shining over her face.  This is perfect he thought as he ran a silky strand through his fingers. It had taken him four years to get to this point and she was worth every moment of it. This is not how he had imagined his life when he was in Iraq, but fate has a funny way of doing that, changing unexpectedly. He knew this more now than ever, after all that they had seen, the enemies they had faced and that were still out there, but for now they were safe. Safe and happy. He wanted to stay in this moment forever, stay with her forever. He knew that with the dangers they faced, it may not be possible. That's when he came to a decision.


"Olivia," he murmured as he gently nudged her awake.

"Hmmm," she replied sleepily, a soft smile gracing her features.

"Do something for me," he whispered as he gently lifted her chin to look at him. Their eyes locked.

"Yeah?" she inquired, her brows coming together in confusion.

"Not now, but soon. Promise me something. Promise that we can spend the rest of our lives together. Marry me, Olivia"

"I – yes, Peter" Olivia said as she threw her arms around him and kissed him deeply.

Everything was perfect.

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