Desperation- will it be to much?

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( this is a script but i wanted to add each scene as a chapter so i said its a novel.)4 girls just started there first year of high school. They have been friends for ever, and they think this year will have no effect on them. Apparently they don't know high school. Will there friendship thrive against all problems they come to face? Or will something be to much to handle? ( btw this is a first draft so there is a lot of mistakes and text language.)

Submitted: July 26, 2012

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Submitted: July 26, 2012




Anna: Ok here goes nothing. Well I’m not really sure how to start this. (Nervously laughs). I’ll just get to the point, I’m ganna try to tell u the story of a dear friend of mine and I’m just ganna prey that u listen all the way through , cause you know what I’m tired of shutting up. This is something that everyone should acknowledge. (Starts tearing up) sorry, (whips tears then smiles) it’s just been so long.

Scene 1

2 girls at school, near lockers. Anna walks up to her friends. They hug one by one. Anna smiles, pulls glasses up then turns to look at clock.

Anna: Guys we’re ganna be late for class.

Elle: you’re the one that was late, and we have to wait for lea. Come on, it’s the first day of school everyone is late it’s not that big of a deal, they probably won’t even take attendance.

Phoebe: (laughs) guys give her a break, u know how she is. O god I missed u guys so much, come here n’ give me a hug.

Hug phoebe.

Phoebe: I don’t know what I’d do without you.

Lea starts walking up to them. Sees them hugging, then smiles.

Lea: What’s going on here? Did someone just die?

Bell rings

Phoebe: Lea.

Phoebe comes up to her and gives her a hug.

Lea: oh alright.

Lea hugs back.

Lea: you know I’m only ok with this cuz I haven’t seen u all summer.

Anna: OK ok now that we are all here can we please go, we are already late.

Lea: I missed u too Anna.

Elle: She’s got a point. This is our first day of high school after all.

( All shriek)

Phoebe: finally high school, we’ve been waiting for this day for like forever.

Lea: Yes we have now let’s rock it.

(All grab bags, and walk down the hallway into a room.)

Scene 2

Elle is in a room painting. The girls are looking for her, see her in the room. They stand at the door and look at her picture astonished.

Lea: Hey el, come on u can finish that later.

Elle turns around and sees them all waiting at the door, she has paint on her face and everywhere else.

Elle: k just a sec I’m almost done here. U guys go ahead ill catch up.

Phoebe: els, u forget how to tell time when ur painting, nuh uh we’ll stay right here till ur done, we’re not taking chances.

Elle laughs, then turns around and continues drawing.

Elle: There, see I told u it wouldn’t take long.

Lea: sooo aren’t u ganna show us already?

Elle grabs her painting and hides it behind her back.

Elle: NO, you’re just going to have to wait like everyone else.

Lea and Phoebe together: Oh come on. We are your best friends shouldn’t we get the privileged of being the first to see it?

Elle: why should u? U were always rushing me and said it isn’t that important.

Phoebe: we were kidding cant u take a joke?

Elle: No means no and I won’t change my mind no matter what u say.

Lea: what if I sing( says in a sing song voice) OH please, please, don’t leave us hanging, we won’t keep on begging, Your killing us, Phoebe joins in) killing us. We might lose our trust. ( oh oh, and u don’t want to see us rust).

Lea: those are the worst lyrics I’ve ever heard.

Phoebe: Don’t blame me, blame my teacher.

Lea: yup, that person should never, (pauses to think) hey that’s me.

Anna, Elle and Phoebe start laughing.

They look at Elle with puppy dog eyes.

Elle: sorry but I still have to say no; come on u guys don’t make this hard on me. u’ll see it tomorrow now let’s go to celebrate.

Phoebe: Now that’s what I’m talking about. Where should we go?

Anna: I heard of this new vegetarian restaurant. They say it’s really good let’s go try it out.

Lea: where do u hear about these places?

Phoebe: ya when did we become a bunch of tree huggers?

Lea and phoebe start chuckling.

Anna: if u don’t think it’s a good idea then never mind.

Elle: No it’s a wonderful idea I love vegetarian food, come on Anna don’t listen to these jerks.

Lea says sarcastically: Jerks? Where just point them out and ill give them a piece of me.

Phoebe hits Lea on her head

Phoebe: they are talking about us u idiot.

Lea: Ahh us, no that’s impossible.( keeps on acting stupid)

Elle and Anna walk away.

Phoebe: hey where are u going, wait for us.

Takes Lea’s hand and drags her with her as she runs after Elle and Anna.

Lea: wait Elle ur going out like that?

Elle turns around and looks at the two quizzically.

Elle: could u just stop being so annoying, ur doing this because I didn’t show u the painting right?

Anna: Um el, u’ve got paint on your face.

Elle: really? Then I better go wash up. Why didn’t u two bozos tell, me earlier? See we are ganna be late now.

Phoebe and Lea look at each other. Anna starts to chuckle.

Phoebe: ya, it’s always our fault.

Elle: glad u finally understand. (Smiles then winks at them. She goes into the bath room.)

Scene 3

The girls are at an art exhibition. The final piece is covered. Elle is standing next to it and the girls are walking around looking at the other paintings.

Anna: Elle’s is so talented. She’s sure going to become a famous artist when she grows up.

Phoebe: ya I know, and she’s so modest about it. I wish I was half as talented as her.

Anna: Phoebes, you’re the best basket ball player I know. And you sure know how to make anyone laugh.

Phoebe: ya your right, im awesome.

Anna starts to giggle. They heard someone knocking at the door, loudly,

Phoebe: Lea probably decided to show up, lets go let her in.

Anna: k, when is that girl going to learn to be on time?

Lea is at the door looking very irritated .She sees Anna and Phoebe.

Lea: Anns,Phoebe’s let me in.

Phoebe: Who are you?

Lea: oh please don’t start that phoebe. Look im sorry im late. Whatever Phoebes. Anna u let me in.

Anna: where is your pass? (She tried to keep a straight face)

Lea: oh come on not you too. Hahaha real funny now cut with the act and let me in.

Anna starts looking at Pheobe not knowing what to do next.

Phoebe: where is your VIP pass? If you don’t have one ull just have to wait till this gallery opens im sorry.

Lea rolls her eyes, then starts banging on the door again.

Lea: I lost it ok.

Elle eventually comes out after she heard the door.

Elle: what’s going on? Why’s she outside?

Pheobe: elle we are just having some fun here.

Elle opens the door and lets lea in.

Elle: This is my first gallery ever and u guys are just playing around. You don’t get how important this is. We all have to be at our best behavior.

Lea: don’t sweat it, im sure everything is ganna be great.

Phoebe: and hey even if it’s a total disaster and everyone hates ur work well then u can go back to being a talentless kid like the rest of us.

Lea and phoebe giggle.

Anna: Its not funny. You guys can’t you see she’s nervous. There’s already enough pressure on her as it is don’t make it worse.

Lea: look who just got her tongue.

Anna looks at her shallowly then says sarcastically: ha-ha I’m cracking up here but the time for jokes is over, can u guys just be serious for tonight? Please for elle.

Elle fold her arms and turn around: I don’t even know why I’m friends with you guys?

Pheobe: oh come one, ur friends with us because we are the best people on the face of this planet u know that, n listen for you we’ll be serious tonight.

Lea looks at Phoebe and gives her a look as if asking if she was serious. Phoebe nods. Lea frowns then sighs.

Lea : ya we’ll behave. We promise.

Elle: k then but u better not break this promise or I might not forgive you. This is really important to me.

Elle looks at them and sees them crossing their hearts she smiles.

Elle: kay now that we got that over with let me show u my prized painting.

Anna: Finally, I’ve been dying to see it since yesterday.

Elle: well u wont have to wait any longer.

Elle goes up to painting and takes white sheet off. She turns around and sees her friends stunned faces.

Elle: This is my dreamland. (She says with a huge smile on her face.)

Lea: wow

Phoebe: this is incredible.

Anna: beautiful, just beautiful.

Scene 4

Start narration as we show some of ells other paintings( Emma c) and the girls laughing together.then black out.

Anna: life was perfect; I had the best group of friends. Ya we went through some tough times together but we always overcame them. But then something happened, something none of us saw coming and it changed everything.

3 girls are in park waiting for Lea to come. Elle and Phoebe are on the swing while Anna is standing next to them.

Phoebe: wonder what Lea has to tell us.

Elle: she said it was really important.

Anna looks beyond swing and sees lea walking.

Anna: Guys she’s coming.

Elle and phoebe get off of the swings, then stare quizzically at each other

Elle: I’ve never seen her look so nervous.

Phoebe whispers: me neither. Then sighs.

Lea trys to put on a smile but everyone is able to see through it.

Lea: Hey guys.

Anna smiles: hey.

Phoebe: ya enough with the formalities wats up? Ur scaring me.

Lea: Pheobes just give me a sec.

Elle: Lea?? Is everything alright.

Lea looks down at the floor takes a deep breath then looks back up at her friends.

Lea: guy, theres something I gotta say but I don’t know how.

Lea starts tearing up but quickly wipes her tears away.

Anna: just go out and say it, don’t worry. (she gives her a genuine smile)

Pheobe: ya we are here for u.

Lea takes another deep breath, looks up at the blue sky then stares at her friends one by one.

Lea: k that’s wat ill do ill just go and say it(lea thought aloud.)

Everyone waited in silence while lea spent the time gathering her strength.

Elle: le ( lea interrupts and quickly blurts out)

Lea: ive got HIV

Everyone goes quite. Girls just stand there looking dumbfounded at Lea.

Pheobe begins to laugh.

Pheobe: good one Lea I actually believed u for awhile.

Lea turns to Pheobe then begins to cry.

Lea: im not kidding. I wish I was but im not.

Phoebe backs away and stares as lea covers her face and lets the tears flow. After a while Anna goes to her and hugs her then elle joins.

Elle: we are so sorry.

Lea looks up at her friend then smiles.

Lea: sorry for what? U haven’t done anything. Or are u implying that ur sorry for me?

Shame acclaimed ells face.

Elle: I didn’t mean it that way. Its just that…..( elle stutters for words then starts crying as well)

Lea: No, please don’t elle,im alright I promise please don’t feel bad.

Pheobe is still standing away from the group just observing.

Phoebe: u have got to be kidding me ( she finally manages to say)

They all look at her and see her eyes swelling up.

Lea: it’s the truth. (lea whispers)

Lea whips her tears yet again and starts walking up to phoebe.Phoebe begings crying as lea talks .

Lea: its alright.

Phobe: get away from me.

Pheobe stares Lea in the face for a while then starts wailing and runs away.

Lea: this is all my fault.

Anna: she’s just in shock.

Lea: aren’t u? aren’t we all. I shouldn’t have told u.

Elle: No Lea, u didn’t do anything wrong either.

Lea: I wasn’t planning on saying anything it’s just that, its…… I felt so alone. (she finally said.) I felt so alone.

Anna: im sorry.

Lea : stop saying that.

Lea screams, then sees them both start crying

Lea: just stop. (she practically whispers)

Scene 5

There is an awkward moment of silence as lea sits down and really starts crying. Elle and Anna come and sit next to her but don’t dare to say anything and they sit there waiting till she gets everything out.

Lea: I was in the hospital with my mom. ( she suddenly says)

Lea:I was having a regular check up when they told me I should lie down for a while. I didn’t know why, but I guess id looked tired, it was Friday after the big game we had and I was exhaughsted.

Lea looked up to find her friends there listening intensly. Elle nods, then lea continues looking at her and continues.

Lea: A nurse comes up to my mom and tells her that she wants to ask her something. I get a bit worried at that time, but I shrugged it off like I always do.

Lea turns to look at Anna

Lea: so I try to get some sleep but then I hear my mom whailing. I instinctively get out of bed and run down the corridor to find her.

Lea turns then looks back down at the ground

Lea says in a very soft voice.

Lea: she was in an office and she was crying I called out to her she looked up at me, but there was this look.

Lea looks up.

Lea: this look on her face u know, sorta like phoebe but it was worst, and it scared me. I stood there, I didn’t know what to do. I just could comprehend why she was looking at me like that, I didn’t even know what that look was. This was the first time I saw her like that.

[Lea sighs].

Lea:I finally go up to her, and call on her again. I ask her whats wrong, but she cant stop looking at me.i was scared to death at that point, so I look up at the nurse but she quickly looks away.i realize that im not wanted there so I storm out and go back to the bed I was in, I just couldn’t handle my mom looking at me anymore I felt like I was choking I needed to get away. I had to get away( she whispers)

Lea: so another nurse comes up to me then starts crying, and im so confused I just want to know what was happening. She starts with all the ‘im so sorry’ nonsense, then eventually spills it. She tells me, and then I get that look my mom was giving me it was fear and disgust she didn’t want me to go near her. I was shocked when I heard the news but I was devastated by my mom. I started to tear up and the nurse left.

[Lea looks at Anna then Elle].

Lea: my mom, my own mom.( she finally said)

[Lea stops and finds both of her friends crying; she starts to extend her hands to hug them then decides not to].

Lea: I didn’t see my mom for the rest of the day. ( she states plainly)

[Lea takes a deep breath and sees her friends’ desperately trying to stop their tears].

Lea : after a while I got bored so decided to roam the hospital, ever room I went into there was always someone there, someone standing beside the bed, telling the patient that it’s alright. Someone crying, someone screaming, someone looking totally bored but at least someone. (She says as she starts to tear up again). Except me. I was the only one that was alone…….

Lea took a deep breath then gave a crooked smile.

Lea: but hey im me after all. Since then ive been going home to nothing I feel like, like I just sit there broken inside u know. Like im not really there, like im in a house all by myself, and u know what I felt lost, lost, angry, sad, but most of all shocked. The thing I feared most was becoming a reality. I was alone or at least I felt that way.

Lea: God, I was afraid to tell anyone, I didn’t want to say a word but I couldn’t. I knew u guys would react this way so I wasn’t one bit surprised when Pheobe walked away I was expecting it actually.I don’t know why I had to tell you, I just did. Guys I just want to thank you for listening and don’t worry if u totally want to leave me I wont blame you.

Lea got up dusted herself off, looked back at her friends still sitting there hands in there palms, smiled than walked away.

Scene 6

Elle looked at Anna who was still crying.

Elle: sudden right?

Anna nods.

Elle: I still cant believe it.

Anna: I don’t think we ever will.

Elle pulls anna’s hair away from her face.

Anna turns to Elle eyes teary.

Anna: but we have to. This isn’t something we can ignore.

Elle: Ann, did u see her? Did u see lea?

Anna nods.

Elle: its just, why her?

Anna: Cause, this is her fate n we all have to deal with it.

Anna takes a deep breath than continues.

Anna: its so weird to see her like this. Shes always the one that is always strong n to see her cry like that, that’s wats so unbelievable.

Elle looks into Annas eyes for a while then nods.

Elle: that’s it isn’t it? But phoebes, why why did she do that?

Anna: she simply didn’t want to listen cuz she didn’t want to believe. She cant acknowledge the fact that her best friend is sick, phoebes is very sensitive even though she pretends to be tough.

Anna says with a smile.

Elle: but its alright, everything is going to be fine right?

Elle asks in total desperation.

After a moments of silence she hesitates the states again

Elle: Everything is going to be alright?

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