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this is a story i wrote for a contest, not one of my best pieces because it was kind of rushed. Hope you still like it. A boy gets stuck in this fantasy world with an odd dragon, see what happens.


Game over

Part 1

  I felt heavier than usually, so I looked and found myself in full bronze armor. Trees were surrounding me. There was no sun but it was still warm. I didn’t know if it was day or night but I doubted it would make a difference. This place was beautiful. I seemed to be alone, but that couldn’t be, such a magnificent place was meant to be shared. I decided to look around; there must be something out here. After a couple minutes, I started to hear footsteps coming from behind me. I turned around to find a huge silver scaled dragon. It looked hungry, that isn’t good. “You,” I heard someone yell. Where was it coming from? Could the dragon actually speak? And if yes where was I? All of a sudden a maiden in silver armor jumped off the dragon. She had a sword. I stepped back, terrified by the look in her eyes.

 “What are you doing here bronze?” She asked firmly.  “I umm” I mumbled as I tried to think of something to say. You see I’m not the smartest tool in the shed and just finding myself in a place like this was too overwhelming. “Speak or do you wish to be beheaded?” Beheaded seriously? God this place is weird. “I’m visiting a friend” I replied. Wow that must be the stupidest reply ever like she was ever gonna buy that. “Pshh, what kind of fool do you think I am?” Ugh didn’t work, I can’t believe I actually thought it would for a second. Now what was I going to do?

  “Bronze, you are weaponless, and alone. Give me one reason not to finish this now.”It was a long shot but it was the only thing I could think of. “I don’t know where I am or why I’m here.” I stated in blunt honesty.  This is never going to work; I’m a dead man walking.

  A series of laughter broke my strain of thoughts. It wasn’t the girl, it sounded deeper, older, further. That’s when the realization struck me, her dragon was gone, it was him. I tried to locate him, but he was nowhere in plain sight. All of a sudden I saw him swooping through the trees but he wasn’t alone, he brought reinforcements. Oh my, this wasn’t good. What did I do to disserve this?

  The other dragon was huge. I could make out six legs, a long tail, and it seemed it had a horn coming out of his nostril area. I was doomed. As they got closer I realized how much bigger it is form the silver one, it was darker too. I was frozen in my place. As it landed I noticed that its wings stretched from its shoulders to the middle of its endlessly long tail. It was unlike anything I’d ever seen.

  I was petrified, amused, stunned, shocked, disturbed, all at once. How could a being of such magnificence exist?  I knew then and there that I was going to be killed by this beast, but somehow I didn’t care. It had creepy mirror like eyes the color of fresh blood that I was instinctively attracted to. My brain was sending impulses to my legs, telling them to run but curiosity got the best of me. It started walking towards me, I was easy bait. As it got closer, it got smaller until it was standing inches away, and we looked each other eye to eye.

It had these odd looking tentacles coming out of its chin. I wanted to feel them, where they scaly or smooth? My better knowledge told me not to; they might be toxic. It had an abnormally large mouth that started to open as it said, “You fellow bronze are under my protection.” Its scales immediately started changing from black to bronze. It was so much more beautiful like this, and looked twice as deadly. Then it hit me, what did he just say? I was under his protection? Did I hear that right?

  I looked back at the girl to find her hoping onto her dragon. The same dragon that was just seconds ago smiling and laughing with the one in front of me was now looking at us, disgust in his eyes. “We’ll let you go this time.” The maiden shouted as she flew off. Now this was way too much to take in, just awhile ago she was ready to ‘behead’ me, and now she’d given me a dragon and let me go? Oh well I guess I shouldn’t push my luck.










Part 2

“I sacrificed everything for you. You better be worth it.” The dragon began but this time his mouth wasn’t moving. “You can hear my thoughts, and I can hear yours” it answered my question before I even asked it. This was so cool. “Listen closely I was a neutral, but now because of you have become a bronze. We are in the land of the silver, we need to leave immediately, we are in grave danger.” It paused taking in my appearance.

  “Why are you here anyway? If I hadn’t come you’d be dead by now.”

 “I umm, I don’t know actually, I just showed up here like this. I don’t even know where I am.”

“You are in the realm of Droncas; it consists of 3 main kingdoms, Silver, Gold and Bronze, Bronze being the smallest. The kingdoms have been fighting for centuries. I am abided to believe that this war will never end.”

“Wait, so I’m not on Earth anymore?”

 “What is this ‘Earth’ you speak of?”

“It’s a planet, you know forget it,” I said realizing how clueless this conversation would be, “If all your saying is true than did you help me? You were neutral right, so you were living peacefully, why jeopardize that for a stranger?”

He stared at me for awhile then finally whispered, “I was tired of living in peace while the world around me was in war. I did it more for myself than for you.”His nostrils flailed open. They were unusually located at the back of his nose. “I still don’t get it” I blurted. “You will, all in good time” he said.

  He knelt down then asked me to climb on; I did as I was told for this dragon was my only hope in this strange place. I barley fit at first, but as he began to fly he also began to grow until he was the size I’d first saw him as. At that moment I knew my life was changed forever. He had a turtle like shell on his that was very uncomfortable.  Every time I looked around I found something new on this extra ordinary beast.

  There was one thing I still didn’t understand, why would he decide to go to war, I mean he didn’t seem to be bloodthirsty, who in the right mind would willingly go to a place of such pain? There was sadness in his eyes that made me pity him above all else I felt. My life isn’t the only one that changed, I thought.  “No, no its not” Oops forgot about the mind reading thing. This is so embarrassing. “So what’s your name?” I asked trying to change the subject. “Luke” he replies with a smile.



  Part 3

  Luke and I had come to trust one another. We ha do move through the land of the silver into the gold to finally get to bronze. And let me tell you this, he wasn’t kidding when he said it’ll be dangerous.  He taught me how to use a sword, search for food, and how to interact with the people of this world to draw no suspicions. He always had my back and I had his. He was the most furious of all the dragons out there, or at least all the ones we met on the way.

  Luke saved my life on numerous occasions even though it was obvious he didn’t really like me. I’ve learned to stop asking questions, if he wanted to talk he’d do it on he’s own, after that he started respecting me more. The oddest thing was probably when the trees around us began to attack. Luke said he’d never seen anything like that before. I was frozen in fear I mean how was I supposed to defend myself against thousands of trees? Like started using the spike at the end of his tail to start cutting them, after they realized we wouldn’t hesitate to continue they went back to their motionless state.  

  It was a fun journey in some sort of way. I’ve learned a lot and have grown in these past days. We’d come to the agreement that I provide the food while he protects over our camp site and that’s exactly what I’m doing.

I saw two purple eagle-like birds on the forest ground and decided to take them. Luke probably wouldn’t allow it, he always tells me not to take the easy way out of things. We never get along when it comes to this, but even taking all our differences into consideration he’s still my best bud, I don’t know what I’d do without him.  

  “Hey Luke, found two delicious lookin’ birds.”  “Found?” “I mean like hunted, you know.” “Eric, it’s dangerous to eat just anything if it isn’t freshly killed by you own hands then it isn’t yours. You’ve got us into enough trouble already.” He lectured, “We are nearly there Luke do you think I’d jeopardize our freedom over two birds? Wait don’t answer that.” I quickly added. He gave me ‘the’ look, the ones your parents give you when they know you’ve done something wrong, then nodded and turned away.

  I made the fire, took the feathers off the large birds, which is easier than one might think, then began to cook ‘em.  Luke like meat raw so he got his first, he looked me in the eye expecting me to say or do something, “Don’t worry,” I yelled, “it’s perfectly clean.” Upon hearing that he swallowed the bird whole.  “So how is it?” “Eric, this is unbelievable.” “See I told it was good.” I took mine from over the flame, pulled off a leg and was about to take a bite when Luke shoved it out of my hand dropping it all on the ground.

  “Hey what did you do that for?” “Eric, you fool.” He screamed, I’d never seen him so mad, and trust me I can get easily get under his skin or should I say scales. “What?” I protested.  “You never learn do you?”  “I didn’t do anything I swear.”  “Those birds, they were poisoned. We are still on the borders of gold, you shouldn’t have put your guard down you idiot! Look what you’ve done!” “Poi-poisoned? That’s why you stopped me from eating? You were protecting me?!” “You don’t disserve it but it’s my duty, listen I need to ask you for a favor.”  “What is it? I’ll do anything” “Kill me” “What are you crazy? I take my word back, I’m not goanna do that, no way.”  “Listen Eric, the toxic is turning me into a dark one. I won’t be able to control myself, I’ll go on killing people heartlessly I can’t let that happen to me.” “What are you talking about? You’re fine.” “Look closely, my scales are slowly turning white. It doesn’t happen instantly because I’m trying my hardest to resist but I can’t keep this up for much longer. Eric do this one thing for me, I don’t want to die a monster.”

  I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. This is entirely my fault, I was too lazy to look for something on my own, I should be paying for this not Luke.  “You will, you’ll have to live with my blood on your hands, and if you don’t then it’ll be the lives of many others.” He whispered.  He was half white now, I knew he was right but I just didn’t have the guts to kill him.

  “I, I can’t” “You have to. Proceed west afterwards, you’ll make it to bronze I know you will.” I shook my head, no this wasn’t happening, this couldn’t be happening. Those were the last words Luke spoke now he had changed. He was completely white and his eyes reflected a dark black. I took a step back, this wasn’t Luke anymore. I could see the thirst for pain in his eyes, my pain. That’s when I did it. I unconsciously took out my sword and started stabbing him in all his weak spots, the same spots I had protected not long ago, over and over again until he fell.

  “I’m sorry” A tear raced down my face as I stared at the motionless corpse that once belonged to my friend. His scales quickly changed back to bronze, black, silver, gold, then white again. He had battled in all sides of this war, that’s when I noted 4 on each stocky leg, just above his short claws. Everything went black.

  “Your 3 hour’s are up, so how was it?” a familiar voice said as he opened a door allowing the light to stream into the dark room. I quickly whipped the tear, “extraordinary,” He grinned, “Destroy it.”I finished. “Whaa... What?” “I said terminate it, it’s too real to be a game no-one should have to go through that.”  I said as I walked out and never looked back.



Submitted: July 20, 2012

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This is an interesting story idea and would make a really good book I really like how even though he know it was a game it still felt like real life. Its interesting what happens when reality and games get mixed together it really shows that reality is what you think perceive to be true

Sat, July 21st, 2012 3:55pm


Exactly my point, nowadays everything is getting so high tech that pretty soon we won't be able to tell the difference. N how can you define what's reality anyway? If you can see it, hear it, feel it then what stops it from being real?

Sat, July 21st, 2012 1:59pm

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